You turn my whole world misty blue

by: Sara Biljana Gaon
winner of the Viewer's Choice award of the competition: Black & White Photography -94- (2 images only!)

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You turn my whole world misty blue

You turn my whole world misty blue “The straight line, a respectable optical illusion which ruins many a man.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables ...

Trollstigen Sunset

Trollstigen Sunset Well its been a while since I've posted on here, so figured id better start showing my ugly mug again & perhaps share a few of latest images from a fairly intense & shortened 10 day 6000klms road trip from south to north scandinavia . Basically from the far south of Sweden where I'm located to the north of Norway. Trollstigen 10% incline and eleven hairpin bends with a waterfall that drops 320 mtrs (Stigfossen) In terms of the water volume that was here a couple weeks back it was relatively little,it hadn't had rained for a looooooong time until I showed up! 2 days later my rain dance opened the heavens. I decided not to capture all of it in this & concentrated on the sunset & the light in the valley. I intend to drive back here in early may/june for the full volume of water. ...


Untitled Kids playground are limited these days, so they play in the train. ...

Mom's eyes

Mom's eyes How many things can you read in Mom's eyes? ...

I am not the only one

I am not the only one How much is left of that little girl my granddad portrayed many years ago? I choose to believe that spirit knows no time… ...

A City of Culture and Suspicion

A City of Culture and Suspicion The last in the series! I’d like to introduce you to Mr Mohammad Diwan, an Indian born but Belfast based shop owner who has been trading in the city for 20 years. His shop is called the Wee Carnaby Centre and he is a purveyor of fine goods. I’ll say no more than that! Believe me, this man is more frightening than any underpass :-) This was taken at North Street. Can I just say a big thank you to all my kujaja friends who support, encourage and inspire me, you make it all worthwhile...I have been truly touched by the reception these shots have received, it has far exceeded my expectations. By the way, I hope I don’t offend anybody with the music choice, but I’m a very naughty boy!! ...


Encrypted China ...

Pride Barcelona

Pride Barcelona In June of every year PRIDE-Barcelona takes place in the city, a series of events organised by different LGBT groups in which a range of different basic rights are called for. These include defence of the LGBT group’s rights and recognition of their identities in an environment of constant homophobic persecution, violations of freedom and cases of physical and psychological aggression. On the 28th of June 2014, two demonstrations were separately organised (but both with the same mission). The first demonstration was a protest with a clear political objective, fighting for equality for the LGBT group. The other, organised by the Barcelona Gay and Lesbian Business Lobby, which was less of a protest and more of a celebration. This photograph was taken at the first of the two described. ...

looking for the great escape

looking for the great escape Bad day looking for a way, oh looking for the great escape gets in his car and drives her away far from all the things that we are force a smile and breathes it in and breaths it out; he says bye, bye, bye to all of the noise oh he says bye, bye, bye to all of the noise hey child, things are looking down that's OK, you don't need to win anyways don't be afraid, just eat up all the gray and it will fade all away don't let yourself fall down Bad day, looking for the great escape he says, bad day, looking for the great escape on a bad day, looking for the great escape, great escape Patrick Watson - Great Escape Lyrics ...

Trillium Chopped Down

Trillium Chopped Down I couldn't return to Oregon & not venture to Trillium again. ( I was here in Oregon in April / May ) Most images from here are taken back further & the wider view of the lake, but quite frankly thats been done so many times it just doesn't do it for me Sure there are some elements in this id rather not have & could clone out, but would rather show it as it is. I have been informed by some of the local photographers from here since posting this image elsewhere that this tree was VERY likely felled by a beaver/beavers . So thanks Mr or Mrs Beaver for giving me a composition that had not been presented before & making things a little more interesting. ...

Half Lit

Half Lit I visited my uncle, and he was keen on showing me my cousins' recent passport size photograph which he (uncle) thought was not very nice. There was no electricity and to the right side was an oil lamp which provided light to one side of his face. I clicked the shutter while he held the photograph for me to see. ...

Hardy cacha

Hardy cacha This is Hardy cacha(uncle)...I don't know his real name, but that's what they call him. You can find him at the bou bazar street. Probably the most fun person around. Spent some quality time and took some photoraphs. ...

The Giant

The Giant I do not know why the old stories told us giants are bad. Whenever I meet one after all is a nice guy. ...


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