New years eve 1943

New years eve 1943 New years eve 1943
by: K J (from the set: Family)
In 1941 my grandfather was taken into prisonment from by the Nazis. He was transported to a prison camp in Kassel Germany where he had to work in a chemical factory. He was lucky beeing a so called "edel Germaner" blond/red hair, tall blue eyes . For he was for the Germans an edel Germaner he was put into a prisoncamp with less security and even without fences. In Kassel there were a lot of prisoncamps where prisoners had to work for the military industry and in most camps death was a daily thing.

One of the fellow prisoners had a camera with him and made this photo. After the war in 1946 he gave the photos to my grandfather.
It is a very rare photo, for there are hardly any photos made within the so called "Barracks". You can imagine photography was not important. Photos from the inside a barrack are hardly found. This photo is also hanging in small museum near the Hamburg airport. In this museum they still have 3 of those Baracks and they tried to rebuild the inside of the Barrack from spoken words. But now they know how it really looked like.
The 35 squar meter place was the home of at least 20 people. Try to imagine how that would feel like.

Everyday the prisoners were transported to the factories and had to work very long. My Grandfather worked in a chemical Factory (of course without pay and only getting a little too eat) and stole chemicals from the factory. With those chemicals he made soap. He also found a way to get out of the prisoncamp so he went to farmers in the neighbouthood with whom he exchanged the soap for some food and shared the little food with his prison fellows. He told me a lot of stories about his time in prison, but fotunately I was 8 when he died and most stories I forgot.

My grandfather is the person sitting on the bed in the back on the right side. The foto was made on 31th December 1943. New years eve.

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Marion VPutten
1 years ago
Eigenlijk viel mijn oog direct op deze foto, wat een prachtig en indrukwekkend verhaal , bijzonder dat je deze foto nog hebt!Hoewel ik veel indrukwekkende verhalen over de oorlog hebt gelezen, fims heb gezien persoonlijke gesprekken heb gevoerd met mensen die de oorlog hebben meegemaakt enz, is het niet te bevatten wat een vreselijke tijd het is geweest..zo bedankt dat je dit met ons deelt ! Reply
helena blanco
1 years ago
Amazing story...and he survived and was clever enough to make soap and to share it.
I can´t imagine how that felt...prisoncamps they still make as we so speak..sadly fact.
Thank you for sharing and glad you could meet him..even if you sure must miss him and ask him all your questions you wanted to ask him.....
leila raymond
1 years ago
amazing, thank you for sharing!! Reply
jamal ouguimi
1 years ago
what a historical photo. great this one kujaja Reply