all i ask of you

all i ask of you all i ask of you
Copyright Por: Dave Binyon, United Kingdom (from the set: CATS / ANIMALS)
feita para o livro: The Human Condition - Photobook Project

On March 28, 1838, Charles Darwin paid a visit to the London Zoo. At age 29, he was far from the scientific celebrity he would eventually become. It had only been two years since his return from his round-the-world voyage on the Beagle, and he was still methodically working his way through the heap of fossils and living specimens he had accumulated along the way. It would take more than two decades before he would present the world with his theory of evolution. In 1838, the theory was still in a primordial form in his mind. Darwin was struggling to find an explanation for how living things–humans included–got to be the way they are.

In 1838, orangutans were still frighteningly unfamiliar to Europeans. In fact, all the great apes were a mystery because they lived thousands of miles away, deep inside African and Asian jungles. Early European explorers would report encounters with fierce, human-like creatures, usually told second-hand. In the early 1600s, a Dutch physician named Jacobus Bontius who lived on the island of Java wrote of wild apes there called “Ourang Outang,” meaning “man of the forest.” The picture that accompanied his description looks like a woman with a lion’s mane.

And so, on that chilly spring day, Darwin went to the zoo and stepped into a cage with a young female orangutan named Jenny and we all know what happened then..

knowledge - she told him all he knew

June Tabor / Iain Ballamy / Huw Warren - All I Ask Of You (is to forever remember me as loving you)

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