We did a few photo events together on 500px. First we did a kissingday where all people made photos of "a kiss" which was our first success. About 50 photographers joined that day.
A little late we did a reflectionday which became our biggest success: over 134 photos were uploaded that day!
Our third event was dislikingday for we all, or most of us, really dislike the disliking button in 500px.

But now we want tot make a book together and you cann still join!

We did 3 votings about the theme of the book. The book will be about water and we will sell the book at blurb.com. The profit of the book will go to the wateraid organisation!

Curator of this competition:

End date: 2012-11-11
1. theme is water

2. make 3 photos with the theme water, all others will decide wich is your best of 3 photos.

3. the photos have to be big enough, take the highest DPI you can shoot with. It must be possible to print the photo a4/letter (8.27 x 11.69 inches) and even better would be a3 (11.69 x 16.54 inches). If its not big enough for the book it wont get in.

4. if you join the project it is NOT a fact that your photo will be in the book. I will take the privilege to finally decide which photo comes in the book (for example if the photo really doenst fit in it doesn get in). We have to find a solution for the amount of photographers. 2 possiblities, we remain with the amount of pages and photos with a lower voting became smaller in the book, or 2. possibility we make 2 or 3 versions of the book a small one with the best and one will all photos.

5. all who join have to register and sign the book imprint later on at the website I tell you. I will announce the URL over facebook, 500px and my homepage.

6. please dont publish mail or post me any of your water photos before the end date.

7. all normal photography rules rule of course. If people are on the photo you need to have the permission of the people you shot that they appear in the book. I dont want any legal problem with the book.

8. there will be some more rules but I cant think of any important things at the moment any more..

9. If you didnt join yet you still can!

I am happy the project now is really going to start and I am already very curious about your photos!!!

Meanwhile I am working on a website where we can all upload ours photos to and do the voting (there will have to be 2 votings, 1 for your best of 3 photos, and 2 for the ranking of the photo).
It might happen that I will be a little late but I presume I make it.
Ending date will be 29.October.2012
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