White Crab Spider in a Flower

made for the competition Macro -27-


We are a growing group of photographers who joined creative forces to realise photography projects for charity organisations.

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Solyanka street

Solyanka street Moscow, 2016 ...


Untitled Women in umbrella ...

Palm Tree

Palm Tree Miami, Florida ...

The Tree

The Tree Digital ...

Untitled Admiralty, Singapore. 2016 © Chit Min Maung http://www.cmmaung.me/ ...

Smilin while Workin

Smilin while Workin He agree when I permit him to take the picture. I admire him cause all the day he keep smilin to the people. ...


Green ...


Leaving The train is about to leave the station ...

Ukrainians playing cards in the centre of Odessa

Ukrainians playing cards in the centre of Odessa In one of the central parks in Odessa there is a place where men are playing cards or various table games. Some do not like being photographed. ...

Hurry !

Hurry ! This photo was taken just about the train leave the station, and these two guys trying to catch the train before its too late. ...

In action

In action Yes. Young skaters in MACBA of Barcelona ...


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