It has been a minute

by: Chris Wessells
2017-10-22 19:39:30

It has been a minute since I last visited My intent of my return wasn’t that of a prodigal son coming home to share his successes as he returned from a weary journey through the big scary world. I logged into the site with the intention of deleting my account. No, did not offend nor do anything wrong. My decision had little to do with the site and everything to do with me. I am stuck. I am stuck thinking that I need social media for art. I am stuck spending time looking at what others are doing and creating. I am stuck reading about how to make art. I am stuck watching “10 mistakes all photographers make,” on youTube.  I decided to cut my ties with the internet companies that want to show me snarky shirts, cool socks, and bad ass widgets that I end up buying. I don’t fault Facebook or Instagram for marketing to me.  I agreed to the terms of service, I knew what I was getting into. I fault myself for believing that I need all the crap. I decided that I want to make art. I want to write stories that entertain.

After logging into the site I looked through the photos I uploaded. I remembered every one. Most of the photos were from an annual San Francisco trip my wife and I take the weekend before Valentines day. I smiled remembering the vacation. Looking at the photos I quickly looked for the delete button. Not the button to delete the account, but the delete button to remove photos. I deleted 88 of the 98 photos I uploaded three years ago.  Three years ago my criteria to share photos was more liberal. So liberal that if it was in focus and it had a subject, it made the final cut. While searching for the delete button I enjoyed photographs from other artists and reading interviews. By the time I found the delete button I made up my mind, I want to participate in the community.

I don’t need social media to share my work. I don’t have to share my work. I love art. I love to look at art. I love to create art. I love to talk about art. I don’t spend as much time as I would like creating art. So I concluded, “Remove from your photo.” I do it with my art, I need to apply the principle to my life.  Remove the bull shit that does not tell the story of me and of the life I want. So I’m here for now. I will see if this helps me as an artist to share my work and to help those who can use my help. I am grateful that Guido and everyone else who takes the time to keep alive.

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