Fokion Zissiadis

Fokion Zissiadis from Greece

Fokion Zissiadis

fokion wrote
2013-12-31 21:49:23
Happy New Year to You Jo and to You K J !:))
fokion wrote
2013-09-18 00:35:21
Let me know when it will be ready ....... i will order some copies K J
kj wrote
2013-09-17 23:12:42
Hi Fokion,
that would be great wouldnt it to have the book offset printed. I will change things so this can be done in the future, perhaps not all will like this but I have a few idea to soften it.
At the moment I see no solution anymore and the book is now almost done designed in the biggest blurb format which isnt small I think.
I think it is stupid a bit to do blurb, and I must say I was really so depressed not seeing anybody joining in at indogogo I had to remove it. The total costs of a minimum of 300 copies inclusive packaging and mail delivery to 70 people would be 6,000 euros and this is too much for only a small group of people to pay, not knowning if we would sell with a profit at all.
Next time we will do better.

dear regards
kj wrote
2013-03-16 15:48:59

congratulations Fokion, "Gallery Award Rail Way to Neptum" is gallery worthy

the gallery photos I placed on the facebook website as top banner, is it okay for you if I upload a smal version of this shot for the facebook site?



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