monkus bimble

this day the wind came

this day the wind came This day the wind came, changed by stealth from yesterday. A feeling rearranged the furniture and lay a ring of brittle gold upon the grass, a scent, windows closed towards cold, while, we, our dreams ferment. A tidal furrow, ploughed stars swim the endless night, the moon hangs between cloud, a siren song in flight. But certainty decays and, blindly, seeds regrets; the wings of what now gaze where autumn casts her nets? ...


Triund ...

in spring sleep

in spring sleep In Spring sleep, unaware of dawn, everywhere I hear crows. Night came with the sound of wind and rain who counts how many flowers fell? 春曉 春眠不覺曉, 處處聞啼鳥。 夜來風雨聲, 花落知多少。 Meng Haoran ...


subway ...


busker ...


motion ...


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