Peter Ydeen

Peter Ydeen from United States
I photograph landscapes, mostly urban and now live and photograph in the city of Easton Pennsylvania. The series "Easton Nights", both one and two, includes photos of the Lehigh Valley after dark and before dawn. "A Commuter's Motions" is a series shot from 2013 thru the middle of 2015. Then there are a number of daytime landscape photos as well. "Waiting for Palms" is a series of photos taken of Morocco and Egypt in 2016 and 2017. Away is a group of photos taken on various travels around the world. Thank you for looking and you can find more on my website which is linked to Kujaja.

Prints, as I get them ready are available on - and a few on Saatchi Art

A note on my votes and favorites, I judge each photo against the other photo that same artist has done, not against others. I do not view it as a competition. There are some artists where I love almost every photo, but still do not favor all of them as I want a way of telling that person that compared to their other photos I like this or that one more.

I process my photos on a macbook retina screen at maximum brightness at 6500K, which has a blueish daylight tint. If your monitor is set to 5500K
or another setting than they will seem very yellow, and a darker screen much darker.

Peter Ydeen



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