Black & White Photography -97- (2 images only!)

Photo by Debarshi Mukherjee

Curator of this competition: Robert E Smith

Robert E Smith    Robert E Smith
Robert Smith is a professional UK photographer, illustrator, and writer who has worked with a wide range of international and media clients. Rob shoots both analogue and digital, work that combines traditional skills with the latest imaging techniques. Joined, the two dimensions add depth and narrative to photography and digital imagery. Smith has a proclivity for black & white photography which he feels is better suited for the expression of raw emotion without the distraction of color. In his words, “Color offers me a get out of jail free card. Mono makes me want to stay locked inside.”
His work is a combination of fashion, product, landscape, advertising, and portrait photography. A list of his clients include Waterlink and Pure Health Magazines, Espotel, LTI, and Zum Biespiel.
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First curator's choice
Congratulations Simone Sander!

behind the curtain

behind the curtain behind the curtain
Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith:Great use of the curtain to diffuse the light and create a dramatic space, a stage upon which we can conjure our own narrative. Wonderful.



Second curator's choice
Congratulations Sagnik Datta!


RItual RItual
Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith:I have absolutely no idea what is going on here, I guess it must be some kind of religious ritual which involves getting very wet. A powerful and compelling image.




Special Mentions

Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: I do love this sort of shot, where at first glance not all is as it seems - very well seen, although I might have been tempted to crop off the upper third to emphasise the effect. Good stuff!



Congratulations Batsceba Hardy!

Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: Just beautiful, subtle and very well executed



Congratulations jamal ouguimi!

Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: I do enjoy a simple image, it is deceptively difficult to do well. This seems effortless, a little surreal yet very effective and a beautiful twist to an oft repeated subject.



Congratulations Peter Ydeen!

Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: An image that made me stop, I love these places, pure roadside kitsch with it's pseudo Tudor wood beams, even without a huge plastic dinosaur it's a great subject - but I also like the documentary aspect to this, I don't know where it was shot, maybe the UK or USA, but no doubt it will quite soon be turned into something mundane or maybe just demolished to make a bigger car park.



Congratulations Vesna Stojkovic!

Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: I have absolutely no idea why one would pose thus, semi naked in a gas mask - excessive flatulence? Rotten feet? Some bizarre chemical based sexual practice?
I am not normally a fan of attempts to shock, there is probably enough shock in the world as it is - but I enjoy the comedy value.



Winner of the Viewers Choice award
Congratulations Vasco Trancoso!

Competition award People Are Strange

People Are Strange People Are Strange





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