Black & White Photography -110 (2 photos only!)

Curator of this competition: Robert E Smith

Robert E Smith Robert E Smith
Robert Smith is a professional UK photographer, illustrator, and writer who has worked with a wide range of international and media clients. Rob shoots both analogue and digital, work that combines traditional skills with the latest imaging techniques. Joined, the two dimensions add depth and narrative to photography and digital imagery. Smith has a proclivity for black & white photography which he feels is better suited for the expression of raw emotion without the distraction of color. In his words, “Color offers me a get out of jail free card. Mono makes me want to stay locked inside.”
His work is a combination of fashion, product, landscape, advertising, and portrait photography. A list of his clients include Waterlink and Pure Health Magazines, Espotel, LTI, and Zum Biespiel.
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First curator's choice
Congratulations Christopher Reuter!

We are!

We are! We are!
Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith:Choosing from so many superb Black and white images is always challenging, and this month was especially demanding.

While some images clearly stood out, I wavered back and forth between them - but this one consistently spoke to me.
Simple, beautiful and powerful, it embodies what Black and White imagery can do when you strip away the distraction of colour and simply focus on what is there, saying so much with so little while asking questions which outstrip the sum of its parts.

Thank you.



Second curator's choice
Congratulations Md Nahid Aziz!

An old Pandit

An old Pandit An old Pandit
Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith:I was really torn with this one, some may consider it something of a cliche shot, but for me it is a powerful image with a strong connection and that sense of timeless humanity that spans cultural divides with thousands of years of Human emotions etched into this face.




Special Mentions

Congratulations Katica Kapulica!
The Real One

The Real One
Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: Just beautiful, art is life, and life is art and all that stuff.


Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: I think we will be waiting for a while longer yet but at least we can ponder this feast of tones and texture


Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: Graphic art and a brief history of human excursions on a snapshot of road and footpath.

I daresay a few hours later it had all gone.



Congratulations Paul Hull!

Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: Utter minimalism and glorious tone, a place where Winston Smith wrestles with oppression while Big Brother scrutinizes human actions.

Welcome to 2018


Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: Juxta tastic. Climate change is happening



Congratulations Rafel Gaya!

Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: Beautiful minimalism and the everyday made special.



Congratulations Carlo Raineri!

Robert E Smith
Robert E Smith: Graphic pattern, diagonal simplicity, and pigeons. What else do we really need?



Winner of the Viewers Choice award
Congratulations Saman Ali!

Competition award Light and dark

Light and dark Light and dark





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