Street Photography wsp6 (2018 / 2019) - 1

Photo David Shokouhbeen

Curator of this competition: paulo abrantes

Paulo Abrantes Paulo Abrantes is 50, Portuguese, and lives near Aveiro City, Portugal. Mood and geometry are an integral part of his work. Both help him shape the abstraction in his street images. Paulo believes that when all the elements come together and the shot works like it should, the image can separate itself from its location and take on a life of its own.

This is the main reason Abrantes processes in black & white. His motivation is to present fluid images that might be taken anywhere at any time and he believes black & white works best in achieving these goals. With color images, he feels it is impossible to work freely and yet stay real at the same time. Paulo notes that only black & white allows the possibility to present every frame in such a close, abstract, and personal way. For him, black & white pictures always represent a very personal approach and vision of the world. That is the reason that black & white is his chosen path in photography.

Abrantes never uses presets or plug-ins. He always processes in Photoshop in a very basic workflow: curves, levels, exposure, and brightness values in separate layers for what he feels is the maximum personal interpretation of each frame.

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First curator's choice
Congratulations Borna Bursac!

The Red Stripe

The Red Stripe The Red Stripe
paulo abrantes
paulo abrantes:Disturbing picture. Everything in this photograph has the power to take the viewer to some place else in their mind. This could be anywhere just because everyone can relate this spot with some place else where he was before. Why? Just because it is a step close to a full abstraction feeling. The man alone in the set watching nothing but the void, the woman frozen "in" the vehicle, the empty street and the wet / rain, and the sense of departure impressed by the motion of the lights, are just separated elements working together for generating a full tension frame, like independent musicians from some orchestra, playing a beautiful tune together. Against all odds and against the classic colour composition rules, against what is supposed to be, the colour play with tertiary and primary colours works amazingly well and leads us to a cold futuristic sci-fi scenario of lonely people and self controlled vehicles.
In the other hand, because of the above, the relation with movies like “Blade Runner” is obvious and done at the same moment the viewer looks at it.
Is this the kind of picture I would hang in my living room wall? Yes, for sure.



Second curator's choice
Congratulations alain goulet!

Cowgirl in the snowstorm

Cowgirl in the snowstorm Cowgirl in the snowstorm
paulo abrantes
paulo abrantes:Great moment in time. Another cinematic frame. It could be the beginning of some movie or the last 10 seconds of the same movie. It´s for the viewer to play with it for sure and to make a choice. And why is that the viewer can play with? Just because of the chosen point of view. If the picture would have been taken 3 steps for the left or 3 steps for the right or even from the side it could never had the power to trigger the viewer’s imagination. Is the woman alone?, is she expecting someone?, is she leaving?, is she arriving?, and why is she standing there in the middle of a big cold storm?
Standing in the spotlight there is no question that she is the leading actress, in the triangle composed also by the taxi and the man riding the bike. The three of them in a depersonalized city.
The colour rendering is just mind blowing, the body language of the woman is for itself half of the message. Same question: Is this the kind of picture I would hang in my living room wall? Yes, for sure.




Special Mentions

paulo abrantes
paulo abrantes: Yes, it was like a red light for me. I stopped immediately for a while to see this one. So well composed, presented with such beautiful tones and ambience. Wonderful the sense of rhythm given by the traffic lights and the white stripes and their connection with the elements (the two visible men and the third person inside the vehicle). A classy night shot with a film noir touch and…, in colour.



Congratulations Chung Ho Wong!

paulo abrantes
paulo abrantes: Welcome to the consumer society. In a word: overwhelming picture.


paulo abrantes
paulo abrantes: An humanitarian picture, presented in a beautiful silky smooth black and white. A child walking near those tracks leading to somewhere in the future. There is hope here.


paulo abrantes
paulo abrantes: Disturbing in many ways and disruptive in many ways. The link between the living hands and the painted ones on the upper right is just mind blowing. What a photograph…!


paulo abrantes
paulo abrantes: Like the above, another strong message from the same author. Amazing visual impact. Not very often and usual the choice of two pics from the same author but these ones are for sure something new to see, as from presentation, as from composition rules. The joy of the child playing with her shadow safeguarded by her just sensed (through their shadow) parents makes an emotional sensitive street picture.



Congratulations Teruma Aoto!
Tokyo Stroll

Tokyo Stroll
paulo abrantes
paulo abrantes: Beautifully done in every aspect, from composition to dynamics and to black and white presentation. Again, there is a clear feeling and evidence of aesthetics coherency between content and the chosen modal presentation. The connection between the game of reflection and the divided set is what holds us in this picture.



Congratulations Erik Witsoe!

paulo abrantes
paulo abrantes: What´s going on there? Strange position of the head, strange light source. Is it a bus, a subway, a train...? where to and why? Really powerful one.

2 special mentions cant be displayed in the normal winners view those are:



Winner of the Viewers Choice award
Congratulations António CARREIRA!

Competition award The rain rails

The rain rails The rain rails





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