World Street Photography Awards 2016 - Shades and lights 5 - FINAL

Curator of this competition: Sally Davies

Sally Davies Sally Davies
Sally Davies was born in Winnipeg Canada. She moved to New York's Lower East Side in 1983, where she still lives and shoots.
She achieved her first public attention in New York City in the 1990s exhibiting her paintings at New York's OK Harris Gallery and then at the East Village's Gracie Mansion Gallery.
Davies made her move to full time photography with her sold out exhibit in 2000 at the Gracie Mansion Gallery, and has been photographing and exhibiting extensively ever since. Her photographs have been featured in the New York Times, Lenscratch, Huffington Post, the UK Daily Mail, and PDF online.
She is the author of the widely acclaimed "McDonalds Happy Meal Project" that went viral in 2010.
She is represented in New York City by the Bernarducci Meisel Gallery on 57th Street.

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Countless issues must be considered when judging a photograph. We all know what they are: composition, exposure, use of color, or the decision to omit color, overall balance etc. We ask ourselves these questions: is the photo weighted? Have I seen this before? How many times? Is this a new twist on an old subject? Does it make me feel something? Is it emotional in a good way, or is it corny and sentimental in a bad way? And then suddenly you click on an image, and all those questions fly out the window and you know you are looking at an one hell of a good photo. Sometimes I can answer the above questions immediately and know precisely why I am still looking. Other times its hard to pin down and it’s success remains a mystery. But either way, the wow factor is clear, and that photographers’ got their mojo working.
It wasn’t easy choosing so few from so many outstanding entries. Hats off to the winners, and congratulations to the honorable mentions. It was a privilege to spend time with every last one of them. Thank you!

First curator's choice
Congratulations Adrian Capusan!


ecography ecography
Sally Davies
Sally Davies:Sometimes less is more, as is the case with this photo. Although incredibly simple and uncluttered, it presents a narrative. We have such a mystery here. Is it the beginning of the story, or the end? Who is behind that drape? Items that would place it in a time/date zone are missing, and that adds to the mystery. The subtle use of color here is wonderful as well. It blocks out areas in the composition for us, but does not overwhelm the story. No grand standing with the lighting, again less is more here. Its perfect for this image. This photo got my top vote from the moment I saw it.



Second curator's choice
Congratulations Hervé Chatel!


Untitled Untitled
Sally Davies
Sally Davies:It was impossible to ignore the drama of this image. Perfect choice to go black and white here. The light beams are dividing the space for us. I love the placement of the person, and I love the person. His attire alludes to a different time but the light show is very modern. I didn’t want to look away.




Special Mentions

Sally Davies
Sally Davies: Its hard to pass up a photograph of a vintage car in black and white. The decision to shoot only the rear end here makes this a cut above the rest in the world of car images. The background is a huge part of this image’s success. Are those real mountains? Or is this a backdrop? It appears somewhat flat, especially in black and white. The contrast here is perfect for this photo. It has that 50’s - 60’s contrast, that we find in old media from that time.


Sally Davies
Sally Davies: This photo worked for me right out of the shoot. I had an emotional reaction to this before I even considered what they were trying to do. The time of night and color of the sky is very seductive. Lots of sensory action here-I can almost smell this rainy driveway. A very lonesome and intimate photo.


Sally Davies
Sally Davies: When it was all said and done, I realized this photo was taken by the same person as “Boscov Unloading Night” .No.5
It is successful in exactly the same ways-lonely, sexy lighting, beautiful reflections on the greasy pavement.



Winner of the Viewers Choice award
Congratulations DrakSpirit !

Competition award Loneliness

Loneliness Loneliness





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