hey you

hey you hey you
Copyright by: Dave Binyon, United Kingdom
Hey you! Out there in the cold
Getting lonely, getting old, can you feel me
Hey you! Standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles, can you feel me
Hey you! Don't help them to bury the life

Don't give in without a fight.
twoblackcats, Gallery, vinyl, man, pink floyd
Technical Information:
Camera : Panasonic DMC-TZ100
Focal Length : 25
Shutter Speed : 10/600
Aperture : f/2.8
Iso : 1000
Copyright : Dave Binyon
Taken : December 20, 2017, 2:49 pm
Uploaded : 3 weeks ago
Category : Fine Art
Favorites : 7
Views : 21
External Views : 59
Votes : 8
Points : 80.07
Facebook likes: 0
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