i only want to see you smile

i only want to see you smile i only want to see you smile
Copyright by: Dave Binyon, United Kingdom
I only want to see you smile
You know I like it when you smile
It's such a marvelous smile
And you know it's deep like heaven
I want to be your friend
I truly want to be your friend.

OK then, I'll put it up on Facebook
twoblackcats, Smile
Technical Information:
Camera : NIKON COOLPIX S9100
Focal Length : 25
Shutter Speed : 10/200
Aperture : f/3.5
Iso : 800
Copyright : Dave Binyon
Taken : April 8, 2018, 11:34 am
Uploaded : 2 weeks ago
Category : Animals
Favorites : 2
Views : 17
External Views : 31
Votes : 4
Points : 40.02
Facebook likes: 0
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