The Jumping Spider

The Jumping Spider The Jumping Spider
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made for the competition Macro -June-
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am, and have been a nature lover from a very young age. Animals of all varieties express their phenotypic traits differently from one individual to the next. Jumping spiders are extremely diverse. Their striking characteristics and witty personality is unmatched among the arthropods. Their 360 degree vision and ability to jump over 15x their own body length is what makes them such successful hunters. For around 2 years now, I have been capturing the beauty of insects and spiders through the use of many techniques after I stumbled, by chance, upon the work of Thomas Shahan. When I discovered the world beneath our feet, just waiting to be explored, I got to work almost instantaneously to capture every bug I could find in a new light. The first bug I wished to hold and study was indeed the jumping spider. On first handling these critters in 2011, I was amazed at their ability to twist and turn their body to look up, directly at the person handling them. I wondered how something so fascinating had slipped by through 17 years of my life, my passion in wildlife had been found.

I chose this image as it expresses the beauty of the jumping spider completely. The reflection of the lens in the lateral and medial eyes make it seem as if the spider is looking directly at you. As well as this, its other four eyes are shown in the image, literally a visual image of the phrase 'eyes in the back of your head'. Not only is this exterior beauty something to be fascinated by, the mechanisms this spider uses to jump are incredibly complex and should be appreciated as much as one appreciates the speed of a cheetah.

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