Curators choicefolding space 8

folding space 8 folding space 8
Copyright by: Andro Loria, United Kingdom (from the set: gallery +)
Curator's choice of the competition: Architecture - August -
the last one of the lot :) enjoy you weekend and sorry for spamming.
awesome place, free entry if anyone want to give it a go, anything wider the 21mm FF will do the job,
with 14-16mm FF probably be the best bet. ND filter will do nicely too as the place is lit with sun on nice weather.
taken at Wellcome collection, London'15

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Technical Information:
Camera : X-T1
Focal Length : 8 mm
Shutter Speed : 1/55 s
Aperture : f/1.0
Iso : 3200
Copyright : Andro Loria
Taken : July 30, 2015, 11:22 am
Uploaded : 3 years ago
Category : Black and White
Favorites : 7
Views : 32
External Views : 856
Votes : 10
Points : 100.07
Facebook likes: 0
FINAL Points : 80.06
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