World Street Photography 4

Cover photo by Ed Robertson
2019-03-07 17:17:18
FYI the last competition of the already 6th world Street Photograpyh photo book is running at the moment, you can join until the 23th of March 2019 23:59:59 CET
2017-08-17 17:44:23
Hi all
to all who didnt get their book yet and ordered or preordeded the book, it can take up to 6 weeks till the book arrives, it depends on where you are and the local post. All books ordered before the 10th of august have been send away . tracking the book send away by the german post mostly only tells that the book left germany over frankfurt. Pls have a bit of patience it makes no sence yet to resend the book already now.

@ajayan if an email is send like the newsletter and gets rejected out of any reason (also a full mailbox) we reset all email notifications of this email or try to reset as much as we can. pls check your notification settings in your account.
if any email gets into a spam directory pls mark the email as non spam.
Emails are send over the kujaja server but also over mailgun. Mailgun also notifies us if an email gets marked as spam, if it is marked as spam we also reset the notifications for hotmail, icloud, msn etc doesnt want to recieve emails marked as spam. If this happens too often emails dont get accepted.

have a great day!

Raja Mahanta
2017-08-21 03:59:27
Thanks a lot Gido!
I have received my copy this Saturday. Wonderful hardcover book with excellent quality of the print and the paper.

Cheers !
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2017-08-17 13:38:03
Dear Gido,

I had paid for this book. Not received so far.

Further I am not receiving any emails/notifications since 8th Aug'17.

Any issue ? Plz help


Ajayan Kavungal Anat
Raja Mahanta
2017-08-16 10:56:24
Hi Gido,
It looks like many of my photographer friends have already received the WSP-4 book. But I have not. Could you please check if there's any problem ? I pinged you a couple of weeks back as well.
Max Romensky
2017-08-13 22:28:50
Hi Gido,
Could you please update me on the status of my order ? I pre-ordered this book.

Raja Mahanta
2017-08-08 11:31:35
Hi Gido,
Could you please update me on the status of my order ? I pre-ordered this book.

Karlo Flores
2017-07-29 07:29:00

Good day gido. I ordered the Wsp4 book do you know how long will it arrive here in the philippines ? :)
2017-07-29 09:12:25
I have send it off and I have no idea how long it will take, that is different each year and each package
Dusanka Lazic
2017-07-30 01:43:32
Hi Gido,
My book arrived today! Looks great! Thank you!
Vasco Trancoso
2017-07-28 20:50:25
Hi Gido!
I already ordered 2 books since they became available. Did not received yet. Please let me know if you already sended it.
2017-07-29 09:11:43
All books except the ones which were ordered today are send away to you.
Btw did you all get a newsletter yesterday?
Vasco Trancoso
2017-07-29 11:13:38
No newsletter until today. And I´m receiving e-mails with notifications about comments, discussions, etc.
2017-07-27 22:08:27
Grazie mille per aver selezionato ed incluso nel libro una mia foto. Tra l'altro ne è stata selezionata un'altra per il prossimo. Ho visto le foto e sono molto belle. Grazie ancora e complimenti a tutti.
Helmut Ph. Kluge
2017-07-27 21:44:32
Today I received the book , wow , an awesome quality of printing , really impressive !
Harry Fodor
2017-07-26 10:52:47
to Gido and the Kujaja-Team and to alle photographers! It looks really awesome!
Thank You!
Max Romensky
2017-07-19 21:02:44
Hi, Gido! Can you please tell me if my picture entered the book? I'm sorry to trouble you.
Stefania Lazzari
2017-07-18 12:39:07
Hi Gido,
could you pleas send again the URL with all the photos selected?

Thank you.

2017-07-17 21:26:32
Hi All,

the books have arrived and will be send of asap
see here still sealed:
and here opened:

I must say it looks awesome!!

thank you all for joining!

Vasco Trancoso
2017-07-17 22:25:51
Hi Gido!
Great!!! Awesome job! I already ordered a book. Please let me know from which date they start being sent.
2017-07-18 00:20:33
I personally send the copies you all ordered here, all other salesways are into the publishing house's hand, they have a company sending the books for them. Around 80 orders came in here so out of experience that will take 2-6 days to have them all packed and send off. (still around 20 orders missing to get out of the costs but I am sure we will reach that)

We used to had stickers on some of the wsp and kujaja books. But for I printed postalcards for the exhibition to spread in Hamburg I also had some stickers made to put on the packages, but they look too good to put on a throw away package... I already put one one my laptop. I will put them in the packages of your order here ... as long as there are, so can decide yourself what to do with it :-)

Last year we had the idea to send the book to libraries near art academies, this way creative students would get to know the book too. Unfortunately we only send the book to a very few libraries. If you know a library where we can send the wsp3 book to in your country pls email me the adress at and write a letter in your language telling the book is a gift which I can put along with the book and what it is about. The postal costs go on me. Perhaps I am old fashion and young people don't go to libraries anymore to get inspiration... but I personally did...
I was in the library of our town so often in so many corners, it took me hours to leave it and find the books I could take with me. Guess the world is ticking a bit differently today... but I still believe in libraries :-)
Oliver-Parviz Engel
2017-07-18 13:33:04
Hi Gido, since I'm coming to the exhibition on Thursday I didn't order a book (I wanna buy it directly at the gallery). Maybe you can bring me one of the stickers on Thursday?!?!?
Or is it better for you if I order the book on the Kujaja page (because if the 20 copies still missing to be ordered)? Don't know if this makes any difference for you. Then you could bring it directly to Gudberg Nerger....!
Ed Robertson
2017-07-13 22:07:02
Thank you all for selecting my photo to be the cover of the book!

Javier Doberti
2017-07-10 16:40:22
Thanks a lot to be a part of a Photobook!!, a great honor for me!!, congratulations to all the selected photographers!!
Stephen Curry
2017-07-09 14:07:27
I'm delighted to have my photo selected for the book. Thank you.
Would love to attend the exhibition but sadly not possible. Hope people will be posting photos of the evening.
Thanks again,
Patrick Wendt
2017-06-27 19:14:41
thanks so much WSP!
and congrats to all the other photographers.
it is a really beautiful selection!

one love,

Dang Nguyen
2017-06-26 18:15:55
Its a great honor to be a part of this fantastic book, two of my photos are included.
Congrats to all
paulo abrantes
2017-06-26 12:46:45
congrats to all and to the KJ team. Again all the credits go to team, without you guys this could not have been possible.
I´m honored.
cheers, everybody,
2017-06-26 12:05:54
It's a fact now we have to move the date of the exhibition to the 20th of July 2017 19:00

Tim Huynh
2017-06-27 03:01:31
which photos will exhibit in Germany? Will there be a notification? I have 3 photos and the book has over 220 prints...i'm assuming not all 220 will be exhibited
2017-06-26 11:49:48
I just heard that the printing house can't garantee that the book is finished printed and delivered in Hamburg at the 14. of july therefor we might have to change the date of the book release party and exhibition :-(
As soon as I hear more I'll update you.... don't book any flights yet!
Alfredo Aleandri
2017-06-26 10:49:13
I'm proud to be included in the book again, just ordered two copies.
Congratulation to the whole team and all photographers!
rekha nag
2017-06-26 07:22:07
Congrats to everyone who made it!
Gerry Orkin
2017-06-26 06:18:38
Wowsers. Two of mine made it. Gido, can I change the title on one of mine?
2017-06-26 11:51:38
The book is already with the printing house, the titles everybody wrote down are unchanged and as is in the book. You can change your title online of course but not in the book anymore, sorry.
Gerry Orkin
2017-06-26 12:04:31
Ah well.
Karlo Flores
2017-06-26 04:12:15
THANK YOU GIDO !!!!! Where can i pre order the book. Is it reset now at 39.90 euros?
paulo abrantes
2017-06-26 12:44:12
Hi Karlo, Gido maybe have not seen your question but i can tell you: in the upper right corner of the page you can see a shooping car, please click there and then in the next open page you can do a regular online purchase. cheers
Dawn Mander
2017-06-26 00:10:06
fabulous collection, well done guys congrats to all & well done Gido & team for all the hard work :)
Caroline Errickson
2017-06-25 23:41:20
Hi Gido!

So honored to have one of my photographs chosen for WSP book 4!! I am so happy and I'm in such great company with the other artist chosen! Thank you so very much and I'll buy my copy to help support this most chartible organization!! Xo Caroline
Nuno Nogueira
2017-06-25 23:25:45
I'm very happy to see one of my photos included in the book!
Thank you for the recognition!
I hope this project grows further in the future and continues to support charity. Well done!
Paul Hull
2017-06-25 21:40:51
Naturally disappointed not to be included in the book but, equally, I'm pleased for those photographers that are. Congratulations one and all.
Oliver-Parviz Engel
2017-06-25 20:50:04
Congratulation to everyone being in the book and many many thanx to the team for doing such a good (and probably exhausting) job! The selection looks at least as amazing as the one from last year.
I'll be in Hamburg on the 14th of July to join the vernissage. It would be cool, if other participating photographers could come too....!
See you there
2017-06-25 22:00:33
Notice on the 13th of July Siegfried Hansen also has a vernissage and book release party of his new book about schlagermove, very close to the Gudberg Nerger gallery.
Oliver-Parviz Engel
2017-06-25 22:39:26
Hmmmmmm actually I still have to work on Thursday but maybe I can finish off a little bit earlier so I can make it to the vernissage. Sounds like fun...!
Oliver-Parviz Engel
2017-06-26 09:53:22
Hi Gido,
I only wanted to let you know about a minor bug on the webpage:
I just wanted to search for Christopher Reuter here on Kujaja with my iPad but I t doesn't work with SAFARI; when I use FIREFOX instead it's o.k. Maybe there is a way to fix it after you have recovered from the big book project.... ;-)
2017-06-26 11:50:37
I'll check it, pls see the latest message above
Eric Davidove
2017-06-25 19:12:49
Just pre-ordered the book!
Eric Davidove
2017-06-25 18:41:13
Very impressive book. Congratulations to the photographers.
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2017-06-25 17:52:28
Congratulations All !
Mike Lee
2017-06-25 17:36:41
Yay! Thank you!
Mariana Moraes
2017-06-25 16:49:22
How do I know if my picture got selected?!
2017-06-25 22:00:39
Pleas check the url below and scroll through the photos, I didnt send a list so you could scroll through all photos, you'll find a photo you made ;-) We will send you all a notification email as soon as possible
Saman Ali
2017-06-25 16:18:49
Its a great honor to be a part of this fantastic book, two of my photos are included.
Congrats to all wonderful photographers.
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2017-06-25 17:56:04
Congratulations, Saman !
Saman Ali
2017-06-25 20:47:48
Thank you so much Ajayan, very kind of you.
Mayukh Mitra
2017-06-25 16:09:32
Wow, Thnx WSP for selected some great photographs here. Also I am lucky for selecting one of my photograph "Buri"
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2017-06-25 17:56:28
Congratulations !
Peter Ydeen
2017-06-25 15:41:36
Great selection, honor to be a part of it, Thanks to the whole team, such a enormous task and an obvious labor of love!!
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2017-06-25 17:56:49
Congratulations !
Mayukh Mitra
2017-06-26 09:37:28
Luigi Chighine
2017-06-25 15:28:20
Wow. ..i'm honored
Alejandra Vidal
2017-06-25 14:54:00
Congrats to all lads!!!
Vasco Trancoso
2017-06-25 14:49:03
Hi Gido!

Congratulations to all who have selected photos and the WSP team for doing this great job.

Could you tell me please:
- Total number of photographers who uploaded photos in 2016?
- Number of photographers represented in WSP4?
- Total number of street photos published in the WSP during 2016?
- Number of photos in WSP4?
- Total number of countries involved during 2016?
- Total number of countries represented in WSP4?

Thanks in advance.
2017-06-25 22:00:45
The numbers will be in the press release we had made which will be online very soon, 222 photos are in the book and if I am correct from 160 photographers from 65 countries, the amount of uploads was less then last year
Vasco Trancoso
2017-06-25 22:48:24
Thanks a lot Gido for information!

Can you also let me know:
1 - Total number of photographers who uploaded photos to WSP during 2016?
2 - Total number of street photos uploaded in the WSP during 2016?
3- Total number of countries involved during 2016?

Thanks in advance for information.
2017-06-25 14:48:53
Gido congrats for all work! The book rocks!

I already order two BUT I couldn't change my delivery address on PayPal site, so please don't send it to my address in BRAZIL, instead send it to my address in JAPAN, please! It's se same address (Osaka) that I was registered here. Any doubt please contact me.


2017-06-25 22:00:57
Saman Ali
2017-06-25 14:35:20
Congrats to the great work Gido.
Please can we know the list of photographers who are included in the book??
2017-06-25 14:20:18
Here we go :-)

Congrats to all who have been participating in this giant project! Getting into this pool of photos is already a great achievment!!

Congrats to all who made it into the book!!! you can find the book in order of appearance here:

For we try to make every book we make a bit different and special on its own we added a very small selection of photos from the Porch project and the Public transportation project which you can find at the end of the book. There for not all photos in the book are made in correct time period. We also added up a special line of photos which have a more journalistic core you'll see that if you have the book in your hands.

We didn't do so many competitions as with wsp3 it happened that the photos the curators choose were not all from the correct time periode. We did allow that for last year we could solve this problem for there were enough photos from each curator's choice from the right time period but this year we couldn't. Before ending up having no photos published from a curator, we decided to take in the curators choices. We will of course try to prevent this in the future and come up with new ideas. If all goes right we will soon start themed street competitions with the curators which will be next to the normal street competitions (without special theme).

We hope you like the juries choices and the book! :-)

The book will be out on the 14th of July. The exhibition and book release party will also start on the Friday the 14th of July 2017 at 19:00 in the Gudberg Nerger Gallery, poolstrasse 8, Hamburg. All photos wich are in the book will be exhibited in very special way (othe r then the last years).

If you want your friends to get the book you can pre-order the book as a non member here:
please share this URL :-)

Members can pre-order the book:

There were around 40 preorders over the year, that is unfortunately not yet enough to pay for the production costs, I hope you'll help us out with a preorder

Thank you all for participating in this project!!! We hope you all continue to participate in this great project! The competitions have already started again:

have a great week and dear regards

Risky Liu
2017-06-25 14:28:57
good ~~ ^^
Risky Liu
2017-06-25 14:46:16
not me unlucky ^^ :)
Lorenzo Fasola
2017-06-25 13:50:32
wow fantastic:)
2017-06-20 00:48:07
we are still waiting for the last 3 images (of 35 images which were not in highres!) to get in highres, on friday we'll have to send off the book to the publishing house. Depending on if we do get those 3 photos or not on thursday we'll know the contents of the book this weekend. If we don't get the last 3 images we will search for photos which will fit to the photos those photos were in the book which are in highres, rebuild the index of the book check all names and numbers again...
Sorry for that all! But the book will be great that's for sure. As soon as we send off the book we can tell you who is in the book and not... That will be this weekend latest

dear regards! and have a great week!


Alejandra Vidal
2017-06-20 10:37:10
Thanks for the updates, we are all exited
have a good week too
Alejandra Vidal
2017-06-20 10:37:11
Thanks for the updates, we are all exited
have a good week too
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2017-06-20 18:54:31
All the best ! great effort !
Risky Liu
2017-06-20 20:22:28
Thanks for the updates~~~ :)
Giuseppe Pons
2017-06-24 06:52:19
So excited!
2017-06-14 22:16:24
small update

I visted the Gudberg Nerger publishing house yesterday:
the exhibition will start at the 14th of july and at that date the book will also be available!
All photos in the book will be presented in a very special way if all goes right.

We have a hard time at the moment with putting in the names under each photo... for a lot of new photographers got selected into the book every 4th person did not enter any Country in their profile... perhaps it is a programming error (hopefully not)..
We wrote around 25 people who didn't upload in highres, 15 people send back the highres photo... pls check your email or your spam directory.
Also some people did not enter their name...we are fine with fake names if you don't want to be published but we can't publish a photo under the title:
anonymous, from somewhere inthe world...
We do need to know who you are if you want to be in the book...

Photos from the porch project and public transportation did get into the book the publishing house agreed to that too.

The book will be great! The thickest of all which of course mean a bit more postal costs but that is worthy it.

btw we will need some preorders of the book very soon. A lot of copies were already sold but for we offered the book to a way cheaper price the total sum we need to published isn't reached yet.
You can preorder the book here:

Who's in the book and not? I guess we will know this weekend or at the end of next week.. my computer says no... eeh no my computer says 150 photographers...

have a great week!


Risky Liu
2017-06-15 06:12:39
Thanks Gido
rekha nag
2017-06-15 09:08:28
Great news! Hope you are doing fine! Cheers!
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2017-06-15 20:09:43
Congrats Gido ! Great Effort ! Hope preorder is not applicable to those who have already remitted .
2017-06-11 14:59:06
Ok!;)))Thank you!
vedula venkat ramana kiran Male
2017-06-08 17:09:06
Thanks Gido for the update
Caroline Errickson
2017-06-08 16:36:42
Great!! Thank you for the update !!
Alejandra Vidal
2017-06-06 20:24:12
Cool!!! Thanks Gido for the update
2017-06-06 10:48:48
short update, the book is around 85% done, the book should be ready by the end of june
rekha nag
2017-06-06 13:36:09
Great news! Cheers!
Giuseppe Pons
2017-06-06 15:25:26
Fantastic News!
Andrea Scirè
2017-06-07 13:56:25
Risky Liu
2017-06-07 17:10:36
good!! news!!
Stefania Lazzari
2017-06-08 13:29:58
Nice! Thanks Gido!
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2017-06-14 05:24:48
All the best !Thank You for the update !
Alejandra Vidal
2017-06-06 08:57:13
No news?
Christopher Reuter
2017-05-30 17:15:12
Hey Gido, Hey Kujaja Team. How are you guys doing? I was just wondering if there is any Update about the upcoming Book. The last Information is Weeks ago so it would be awesome to know. Thx a lot and have a good day my friends ;-) Cheers, Christopher
Ajayan Kavungal Anat
2017-05-12 07:42:55
Hi ! Any update Gido ?
2017-05-09 00:34:52
Hi All,

the curators have given their votes and the book designing is in progress. We can alread reveal you the cover of this years WSP book, check it out here:
The cover of the book was decided together with the publishing house and the curators of the final jury round. The front cover photo is made by Ed Robertson and the back cover is made by Michał Orliński. Michael and Ed have been informed this weekend.

For the postal costs got down here we are able to send a thicker book and there for will also put in around 10 - 20 photos of the proch project which ended last year. Depending on the book design we might also take in photos of the public transportation project. By puting in these projects in the WSP4 book the book gets a speciel sub theme as its own chapter and will be again different then all other WSP books.

As soon as we know which photos will be in the book we will notfiy you!

have a great week!


Alejandra Vidal
2017-05-03 13:26:53
Any news?

So excited
2017-04-28 12:18:45
FYI the final curators round will take place on saturday the 29th of April.

good luck!

Have a great weekend

Caroline Errickson
2017-04-12 01:30:34
Hello! Thank you so much for nominating some of my photos! This really so very cool!

What is the email to send the images in a higher resolution?

Thank you very much I really appreciate it!

vedula venkat ramana kiran Male
2017-04-09 19:41:17
When i am roaming in kolkata street in India i was searching reality of life which is in day to day life and one day in early morning i saw love between mother and daughter in the street with this believe that my daughter is so beautiful and she will do something for me an for our society its dream of mother forever as every mother thinks and i feel that how beautiful thing i cached in my camera and i was touched and got emotional .
Valerio Domenico de Cinque
2017-04-04 13:39:31
When will you announce the selected photos for the wsp4 book?
2017-04-07 22:54:34
When the book is send to the printing house we can confirm the photos and photographers in the book officially to 100%.
The final jury will get together at the 29th or the 30th of April, we can give all the results of the votings of course. This result will reflect the book contents to 80-95%. The photos with the most votes should get into the book and there are always photos added with less votes so the book design can be flexible and put photos together so it also makes a good book too and is not just a bunch of single photos which have nothing to do with eachother. Last year we diveded all photos into categories and each curator had her or his own category, this year we want to try to do something different again whch we will also have to discuss with the publishing house and the curators.

Last year the cover photo was found very quickly, this year it was or is harder. We have selected a few photos but these need to be discussed with the jury and the publishing house. Before we can select the cover photo we will also email with the photographers personally. As soon as it is all decided we of course will tell you.

BTW This page will also be the page where you will find the votings, results and news about the WSP book.
Valerio Domenico de Cinque
2017-04-04 13:39:30
When will you announce the selected photos for the wsp4 book?
2017-03-29 11:46:31
Hi all,

fyi the last World Street Photography competition will end this weekend. You can upload your photos till April 1st. (We will turn of the competition manually on sunday the 2nd to prefend time differences.)

Photos in this nominated Photos group are the photos presented to the final Jury in Hamburg (and a 2 curators will join online). This last Jury will decided which photo could get into the book. Depeding on the book design the book will then be filled up with photos from this last selection.

Good luck to you all!
have a great day!


rekha nag
2017-03-29 15:48:18
Great! Best of luck to you and the whole team.
Hans Severin
2017-03-30 16:53:41
All the best for "the project"... ich bin gespannt!

Grüsse aus Hannover!
paolo iommelli
2017-02-05 16:27:27
I want to know what it's like (made for the book: WSP4 - Nominated Photos), means that my photo will be inserted in the book WSP4?
Thank you
Vasco Trancoso
2017-01-30 18:05:41
Hi !!!
This competition has the title "Street photography WSP 4 - (9 of 9) (2016/2017 photos only!)". The estimated deadline for uploading images is 2017-03-31. But in "terms and conditions" it is said that the photos should be only from 2016. We have seen that many users are publishing photos from January / 2017 in this competition. How is it anyway? What is the deadline for entering "Street photography WSP 4 - (9 of 9)" and the photos being nominated for the WSP4 book of 2017?
nilesh gawde
2016-07-04 08:00:02
I received a mail about nomination of my photo. Thanks for the same!
in the mail its mentioned that if current photo is not high resolution, then to upload a higher resolution one and mail the URL.
I have uploaded the higher resolution photo, but don't know where to send the email of its URL as its not mentioned any where.
please guide.




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