2013-12-10 01:33:45
Hi All Flower photographers,

the newsletter was a bit confusing...

the test print arrived today and looks perfect. So the book is now available online!
The book looks really good! I am really happy with the results I hope you do too!

There is a problem with posting multiple links which I couldnt fix yet so I give you the link to all books:✓&search=kujaja+flower&commit

There are 4 versions of the book
花 Flowers - small (18x18cm) SOFTcover version - normal paper
花 Flowers - small (18x18cm) HARDcover version - normal paper

花 Flowers - big (30x30cm) HARDcover version - premium paper
花 Flowers - big (30x30cm) HARDcover version - normal paper

The small book is of course small and the big book is really big. Premium paper is the most beautifull but it has a high price. The premium paper wasnt available for the small book else it would get too thick I presume

Don't forget to use the blurb coupon if you are buying the book before 15th of december
20% with BLURBGIFT-1
25% for all orders over 150$ with: BLURBGIFT-2
30% for all orders over 250$ with: BLURBGIFT-3

The profits of the books will go to 100% to the children in a fugitive camp in Myitkyina, Myanmar (Burma)

Thank you all for making this book possible !!!!

Dear regards

Kujaja (Gido)

2013-12-06 18:39:49
Hi again,

if you are curious you can get the ebook already at blurb.
Unfortunately blurb doesnt get the great japanese character done, I already wrote a letter to support. But the ebook will give you a great feeling of how the photobook will be.

So if you are curiuos go get ithere:

Here is a small blog entry about the flower book:
(sorry the link was wrong in the email)

have a great weekend
2013-12-06 12:22:44
Hi All,

I just got the message the flower test book was send to Fedex and is on its way to Hamburg. If all's well you can order the book right on time to get it before christmas.
Don't forget to check the the Blurb coupons if you order
25% off with this code:
20% off valid till 8th december with this code:
Oh and you can choose to get the book delivered quick or not so quick... I always choose not so quick, for they are always way quicker as the delivery date says.

Dear regards

Kujaja (Gido)
Sanjiban Ghosh
2013-12-06 15:36:54
Can you direct me to the site from where I can order this book?
2013-12-06 16:38:52
Hi Sanjiban,
as soon as the test print is okay I will give you all the urls the the book
only a few more days waiting, I presume it will arrive on monday.
There is an ebook edition you can order already but the fonts are a bit different....are there people who want to have the ipad ebook already?

have a great weekend!

2013-12-01 21:56:13
Hi all,

We are in this moment finally uploading the test prints of the flower photobook.
We decided to do the book in japanese and english. On the Cover you see Sueo Takano's photo, Sueo Takano also helped with the Japanese text.
This book will be out very soon and available in 30x30 and 18x18 cm in hardcover and softcover and in thick or thin paper which of course also means we need a lot of test copies.

I hope you like it!

click here to see the cover:

dear regards

Kujaja (Gido)
2013-11-25 15:32:26
I am very happy you all like the chosen photos :-)
We are at the last corrects of the book.
The book will have an English and Japanese title and intro. Sueo Takano is helping us greatly with the japanese tranlation. Unfortunately I forgot to mention the Charity we want to support. For charity organisation we choose to help the children in the fugetive camp in Myitkyina in the Kachin-State of Burma. You can see photos from the children here:
The people living in the fugative camp are people who have lost their villages and were burned down by the army because the ground underneath their vilages contain minerals...
On the webpage you can read that mrs Jacobi went there and gave a teddy to a little child and it armed the teddy for a while and gave it back to her, she said no it is for you you can keep it the child could hardly believe cried of happiness it never had a toy in its life... I have been mailing with mrs Jacobi for a few times becuase of the Ashalayam project in Indien and I think she is doing a really great job which we should support.

Back to the intro of the book. If you think it would be better to have the intro in the book in your language too, please says so or email me at
For this idea came up really late you would only have 1 day to translate it perfectly. Tonight the english version will be done and we would like to have the translated intros by tuesday evening.

dear regards


Julia Kaufmann
2013-11-22 06:55:18
thank you :) i'm very happy ^_^
Julia Kaufmann
2013-11-23 08:30:53
its a wonderful book :)
Peter Wong
2013-11-22 05:09:25
A pleasant surprise to see one of my photos made it to the Photobook. Thank you.
Delphine Devos
2013-11-22 01:38:02
Thank you very much, I'm very honored, you make me feel so proud again thank you!!! :---)
Hirokazu Musashi
2013-11-21 17:25:30
Complete, congratulations. And I would like to thank the effort of everyone.
Thanks to your choice that I wanted to choose the my favorite photo of sunflower.
Hirokazu Musashi
2013-11-23 01:47:01
I am glad to your comment. Very very thanks.
Chrissie Barrow
2013-11-21 15:59:19
Thanks for all your hard work, Gido, Lauren, Eva and Mandy. It will be a beautiful book and I feel very proud and honoured to have four of my flower shots chosen to be included in it.
amata mari
2013-11-20 23:10:16
Thank you for this wonderful initiative: I'm really honored!
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-11-20 16:31:44
I am really enthousiastic about the selection for the book! It will be very very beautiful. Mandy did a great job. And of course I am happy to find two of my photos in the book!

Thank you, Gido, Jo, Eva, Mandy and whoever contributed to this beautiful book!

Sanjiban Ghosh
2013-11-19 15:09:40
I would also like to thank the entire team of Kujaja for selecting one of my flower photos for the Flower Photo Book. It is indeed an honour for me.

Thanks again

Best Regards
2013-11-19 00:09:31
Dear Flower photographers,

The choice of the photos has been made and the results can be found here:

Mandy Disher helped us with choising the photos, I admire Mandy's Flower photos a lot. Mandy is a professional Flower photographer from the UK, I am sure a lot of you know her photos.
Of course almost all the photos with a lot of points are in the book, the choice you made is not for nothing it does count and if it is not in the book it wasnt a bad photo it just didnt fit into the serie. I found it better to have a currator for the flower book for I would have taken in all :-) and a professional super flower eye was really needed. I am very happy and honoured Mandy helped us here. Never be sad if you are not in the book your work is also apriciated a lot!!

A few (for some people were too much in the book) photos I took out and a few were added but only a few so to 95% the flower book is Mandy's choice. I think you can all be proud if you are in the book and of course also for joining this great (and long) project.

Lauren is writing the intro at this very moment and Eva is only working on the cover now at the moment.

I send a lot of emails to the people who are in the book but uploaded a photo in a too low resolution I hope you can all send a highres photo, if not that might be a problem to get into the book... .
If you all send me the highres photos this week, I presume the first test print goes out on friday evening.

The book will be a squared book, 1 big version from 30x30 cm and a very small version of 18x18 cm (as a nice and cheaper christmas give away) and will be available in the beginning of december as soon as we get a postive test print back.

Thank you very very much for joining this project ! It has been a pleasure in looking to all photos and I am really excited to see the first print!

Dear regards


Sueo Takano
2013-11-19 08:35:09
Dear Kujaja!!!
Thank you very very much for your big effort for the flower book .
I'm so honor to be select three my images.
I'm waiting to the publishing with pleasure!!!!
Thank you again KUjaja!!!
Best regards Sueo!
Silvia Sandrock
2013-11-17 03:33:57
Hi Kujaja
I was just wondering How do we find out if one of our photos made it into the book? With the One minute on earth book there was a results page. Will you do the same with this book?

Best regards Silvia.
2013-11-17 10:13:25
Sorry Silvia!
I wanted to publish the results on friday, but didnt make it in time. I am now in an area where the internet is so bad I cant do the publishing at the moment. As soon as i get home (12 hours from now) I show the tabs of the photos which are in the book and on monday I will show you the contents of the book so all can check if they are satisfied with the was the photo is published. We will do a squared book this time so we can also publish it in a very small format (18x18cm) which will be much cheaper as the big version (30x30cm).
There werent enough latin names to do this idea but thats fine with me.
We dont have a charity organisation for this book.... but I do have an idea. The people I got to meet from the german part of the ashalayam organisation are also in Burma at the moment. There is a fugative camp where there are people who fled because the milatary took away their villages. Just an idea.... they will visit the camp before the go to calcutta...
have a beautifull sunday!

x x
2013-10-03 11:04:54
Hello KJ. I put in the two photos that I added to this Potobook its Latin name in the title of the photo. Is it right way? Is it necessary to do more?. Best regards, thanks and congratulations for both hard work.
Hola KJ. Puse en las dos fotos que añadi a este Potobook su nombre en latín en el título de la foto. ¿es correcto así? ¿es necesario hacer algo más?. Un saludo, gracias y enhorabuena por tanto trabajo dedicado.
Peter Wong
2013-09-16 09:35:13
Would I be informed if any of photos are selected for the flower photobook?
2013-09-16 10:16:58
Hi Peter,
well there are still so many names of the flowers missing. For I prefer not having 20 of the same flower in the book it will be hard to select the photos I hope all will help this week. while you can still vote with the naming of the flowers!. Normally not all will get an email, the results are being published here.

dear regards
Silvia Sandrock
2013-09-16 06:38:15
Hi Kujaja
Just to let you know a lot if my headings are being displayed in oriental characters. Is it supose to be that way? It's kind of confusing. Is that because of something on your end or mine?
2013-09-15 19:04:37
Hi all,

Today the last day the flower photobook project. I think we have some awesom photos. At the moment 664 photos have been uploaded from which many are really beautifull.
Only a few flowers have a name in the description, pls help me find all names. I think it would be nice to have a small thick photobook with lots of pages and photos. On the left the name of the flower with a wikipedia description of the flower and on the right the flower photo. All ordered by alphabet of the flower names (in englisch and latin) , we could consider doing a few languages like english, spanisch and japanese.
Though considering doing flowers by name it is of course not a good idea to take for example 10 tulip photos or 20 lillies...
What do you think of that?

It would be great if you all go over all photos and give your "best of vote" so it becomes totally clear which photo will be in the book.

thank you all for joining!

Dear regards and have a great start in the new week


Kazumi Ishikawa
2013-09-16 02:54:10
K J,I cheers for hard work really.
Sueo Takano
2013-09-16 14:01:28
Hi!! Kujaja, Thank you so much for last correcting work.
Just only my opinion!!!
I think flower name is better sinmple name,as if Lily,not Casablanca or Tiger lily-----.

This book is flower photo ,not flower illustraed book.
If you adopt all flower name,it so hard work.
This is my opinion.
Best regard.

Sueo Takano
Lynn E Harvey
2013-09-16 17:05:46
Hi All,
I completely agree with Sueo Takano. Unfortunately, most people are not concerned with the genus or latin names of these beautiful images. It is about the flowers...and will be so beautiful. Actually, I do not even think any title is needed...this is a tribute to great beauty and the images contained in this book.
Best regards,
Lynn E. Harvey
Sue Scimeca
2013-09-16 17:16:40
I would love to name the flowers I took but to be honest some of them I have no idea of the names, for instance my image "Night moves". Sorry I couldn't come up with the answer for that one. I don't think naming the flowers is all the important either....the photos speak for themselves, IMHO. :-)
2013-09-16 18:11:36
Putting in text makes the interest Group bigger.
We have already had this discussion at the mystic landscape book too which will now just be a collection of photos like all wanted which is fine with me.

But just a question Lynn, Sue and Sueo if you are all three not within the photobook would you still buy it? I dont think so or am I wrong?

Till now we sell mostly to the people who are in the photobooks which is totally fine I think that was the first thing we started with. Though with one minute on earth we could sell it to other people too for its fun just to read what has happened with the photographer who shot the photo and what they experienced while shooting.

I can imagine that we dont know the name of all flowers (2 friends of my are gardening archictects I presume I can get all names from them) and that we wont make it and like Sueo also said it is also a lot of work...
Still I think adding text to a book makes it be also read by people who are not so much intersted in photography like we all are which could rise the sell we want to do...
another idea... read this:
That s intersting I think... the possiblities are bigger then only the beauty of the photos...

Peter Wong
2013-09-12 08:59:24
How do I check the number of votes my photos have received?
2013-09-12 10:00:57
you can see it along each photo, I dont know what the japanes word is for it is translated but here for exapmle you have 100 points:
2013-09-09 01:15:19
Hi all flower photobook photogrpahers,

Only 1 more week and this project will end. It has so many so beautifull photos!! I am sure this will be a great book.

Question to all of you. please read:

I think it would be great to have all names of the flowers you shot in the photobook could you please add the english and latin name of the flower you shot within the photobook.
If you dont know the name pls write it in the description too.

If you know the names of many flowers pls comment it to the photos. that would be a great help for I really do not know the names of almost all flowers (except the tulips) in this book, and for all people who are intersted in flowers I am sure they want to know the name.

Also the street photography book ends this month, I pesume most of you are more into flowers as in street photography but if you know anybody who is in streetphotography pls ask them to join our street project. We got some real good photographers but some more would be nice

have a great week


2013-07-25 13:36:04
To make sure we can all have the beautifull flower photobook for sure at christmas I changed the ending date to the 15th of september!
So earlier as planed
Werner Monatsspruch
2013-06-22 21:03:27
Hi my friend, Till now I voted for flowers more than 30 times, the counter says, 12 times, standing still, don´t work, If Í go on so, I will reach the end of the excellent collection. What shall I do?

Wish you a wonderful week, only with such easy problems

Liebe grüße Werner
2013-06-22 21:35:29
Hello my friend Werner,

sorry this is a thing from the "water" book. With the waterbook we all agreed to at least vote "best of three" (auf deutsch Buch wählen), thats why all can post more then one photo. But the other need to tell which photo isthe best of each person. The background is, sometimes you think one photo is the best but all others think its another photo. Even I dont always agree with the choise from all but thats the way it is. I did happen 2-3 times that I picked not the best of three voted but we mostly (to 99,9%) do. After a book is closed there is a list with photos. All best of three photos and the ones with most votes appear first. From this list we go down till we have enough photos for the book. (Okay with one minute on earth the position of the earthmap was more desisive)

I forgot that not all of course know this and also wrote a wrong sentence on the top. I checked your votes, it is correct you voted 12 times best of three. (btw a cover book vote also count as a book vote).

dear regards / liebe grüße aus Hamburg
Kazumi Ishikawa
2013-05-11 16:00:02
Replacement of work I think I may be free of the author.
But, I want to note the number of votes from becoming re-start from scratch.
2013-05-10 20:21:20
Hi all flower photographers,

we also have a mystical lamdscape photobook project which you can still join for 3 days then the photobook closes. There are some amazing photos uploaded already but if you have some really nice photo you want to have in the mystical photobook please upload now or within the next three days!

have a nice weekend to you all!

2013-04-16 16:39:47
Hi all

it is finally getting a bit warmer in Europe now...spring is almost there. This photobook project started in winter and ends at the end of october so both parts of the world (north and south) would have get a sommer.
There are already some really really good flower photos uploaded. I hope we will see even more fresh flower photos in the next months.
Here in northern Germany there are hardly any flowers to be seen but soon there will be. I am happy about that :-)

have a great spring and I hope you all upload even more awesome flower photos for the flower book, I am sure this book will be very successfull!


2013-02-25 00:10:05
Hi all who joined the flower photobook project!

I think we really have a looot of very very nice photos already, about 220+ photos were submited.
And I also think the book will be a pleasure to look into!

- voting
With the waterbook we all said that we would at least vote for eachothers best of 3 photos so all know which is their best. There was an unwritten rule and most of the waterbook photographers did so. We said all would at least vote 20 times for someones best of 3. This will be a rule and soon I try to get the a counter in the website so you know if you voted enough.

- the charity
We need a charity organisation we will support with all our beautifull photos. Even if the deadline is still a long time a head it's good to consider and look (all together) which one we will support. I think its best to support an aid organisation which has to do something with flowers or at least from theme (natur? forest? etc). It is very very hard to get an charity organisation, the waterbook was done in 6 weeks but we needed 4 weeks to get the right organisation... I hope you think with me and support with your research and thoughs.

-more photos?
yes always, eventhough the more people join the less your own change will be to get into the book lets all look for other beautifull photos from flowers. We want to get a photobook with a really high level so people want to have this book. Perhaps you help with finding other beautifull flower photos and ask other photographers (on any other photo community) to join us.

If you have an other thoughts or ideas I am happy to read them here.

have a good start in the new week!


Peter Wong
2013-05-11 07:28:57
Is it ok for me to change some of the images that I have uploaded for the flower photobook? Thank you.
Sueo Takano
2013-05-11 10:53:44
Hi!!! Peter!!!
Though your uploaded photos are wonderful image ,but if you have more wonderful image, I agree
you are OK for changing another photo.

Sueo Takano
Peter Wong
2013-05-11 12:21:04
Thank you Sueo for the reply.
2013-05-11 12:45:57
Hi Peter
I am not sure if you can delete photos from the flowerphotobook, I am on the countryside now and have no database acces now. Just try it (goto organiser click on the flowerbook menu and from there you should be able to delete the photos) In some books there is a delete prevention, so photos which are chosen for the book cannot just leave them anymore (in is in) but in early photobook stages the deletion should be possible. After the deletion you can upload new photos).

have a nice weekend
Peter Wong
2013-05-11 14:24:30
Thank you Kujaja for your kind advice. You too have a wonderful weekend!



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