Night on Earth

mauro maione
2014-12-23 13:16:57
in my opinion, anything we can do to help the poorest of us is welcome! Merry Christmas to all !!
2014-12-23 18:08:00
that is true but please notice that they want to use the book for a commercial point of view, after they donated there presumably wont be a lot visible of that when they use the book and of course also parts of its content to promote them selves (the fine details need to be cleared too of course)

Merry Christmass to you too and all too of course :-)

2014-12-23 13:05:49
Hi all people from Night on earth,

for 2 weeks I got an email from a agency who is representing they love our book and want to use night on earth as a presenation book which will be shown at fairs, their own library, as a book which sales representatives carry at the website and other commercial. Of course as usual for free...
I was really honoured to read this but this is of course not the reason why we made this book so I wrote back that we can't do this because we made the book to support Laurens Orphans and people gave their photos for this cause not for any commerce.
I guess they would like to show how good their night photos are printed (this is really not easy I noticed with the new OMOE2014 book where I needed to adjust a lot of night shots to get them printed correctly).
Of course I cannot and would never give away a book for commercial purposes that is just out of the question.
But what if blurb is willing to donate a good amount of money? We will get a lot of publicity with this book and if the amount is right I would go for it, IF you all agree.

So I wrote back I can't just give away the book and if I could blurb would need to donate a good amount of money, redo the book, and I need to ask all photographers involved... Then.... 2 weeks passed, I heard nothing till today, they wrote me back that they talked with blurb and blurb is willing to donate, we will telephone about this next year after the holidays.

Before that... I need from all people who are in the book a yes or a no. For we will redo the book, add an intro, a thank you page and a reportage we can get the photos out from the people who dont want to join.
you can send your answer per Email to or write it down here. Presumably all who will join need to give their autograph, but that we do after we know the exact amount of money we can get.

For Lauren got a lot of money from us, she could buy the kitchen the night and mystic landscape book and rebuild the orphanage of the OMOE2014 money. Lauren though is not an official organisation this might be a problem. There are 2 other possibilties to do, we donate it the the Ashalayam or the fugetive children in Burma for these 2 charity organisations can give a tax reduction if they donate.

Tell me what you think be honoust.

dear regards

2014-01-29 17:27:03

if you want to know what has been done with the donations from night on earth and mystic landscapes, go and check Lauren Rautenbachs photos:

As you can see the on the photos you can see the kitchen and the new Fridge and the new gas cooker, pots, bowls, mugs and crockery.
Lauren wrotes: "Now they have a brand new kitchen to provide meals to their 75 children! Nomute was beyond grateful and cried many tears of joy at the generosity."

They needed this the most and looking at the photos I feel really happy that we could help them! I am happy I hope you too!

There will be a party for the kids too at the 22th february then Lauren will make some better and more photos and hopefully also some video.

Thank you all for your effforts and photos! I hope we can continue to support the Vuka Nomtoboyi Home for children by selling more books, not a lot of books were sold. If you know any way of selling more please let me know

Dear regards


(PS I'll send this message too in the mystic landscape group and in the newsletter sorry if you get the message tripple this might of course happen)

2013-11-07 19:37:47
Hi All,

blurb send me 599,12 euros today from the profits of the night on earth book, which I directly forwarded to Lauren Rautenbach. Lauren will take care of the money and give it to the organisation in Capetwon (sorry the name i constantly forget)
She will also make a small reportage of the things being done with the money. 599 doesnt sound like a lot, but in south africa this is 6000 ran which is the same as 2 average monthly payments for a normal job so you can imagine they will be able to do something nice

Lauren said she cant wait to spoil the kids
and I am also looking forward to her photos!

have a nice evening and thank you all!


Rafa Lorenzo
2013-11-07 20:20:54
Andreas Max Böckle
2013-11-08 10:01:47
good to hear, hope we can collect more...
Rafa Lorenzo
2013-10-30 22:06:51
Hi all!

Just received my copy of the book, big edition, and is great!! Expensive, but wonderfully edited! Congrats to all, is a very nice work!

Karin Ziegler
2013-10-09 20:05:17
how long does it take to get a book?
thanks for the info!
2013-10-09 21:04:48
that depends on where you live, in germany it is mostly 10 days but average between 7 and 14 days. But I heart in the united emirates it gets there even quicker (presumably because of the good flight connections)

oh and btw do not choose the express delivery! I have always got my book before the express delivery date and didnt pay extra for it
Karin Ziegler
2013-10-09 21:25:48
thank you for the info! i bought two books (29,sep austria).
i think i'm too eager!
2013-10-09 23:52:34
one for you and one to give away :-)
if anything is wrong with the books you order (especially check the cover folding) dont hesitate to write support at
They want a photo of the problem in the book just send it and you will get another copy send to you. You can then keep the "bad" copy.
The orders from 27 september till the 7th of october are at my dashboard all with the status "sales completed" which mostly means that the book is printed and on its way.
Karin Ziegler
2013-10-15 19:03:42
i am very satisfied with the result - it's a wonderful book!
many thanks to the whole team for this!
2013-10-15 19:37:54
Thank you Karin!
I think also it is really great to read and really takes a while till one reaches the end and there are so many beautifull photos in the book.
But I must admit the intro is missing in the night book and also a thank you to all photographers. I am sorry for not writing one.
Thank you all for joining!!!

2013-10-09 18:11:17
if you want to order the night book or any book at blurb, always check if you can find a coupon
for example here you find a few:
I checked it and the 15% off defenitely worked

Promotion Code

Coupon accepted: BEAUTIFULBOOK
Description: 15% off your book
Discount: US $17.99

Perhaps the other ones with 25% off also worked check it out!

have a nice wednesday!

James Gramm
2013-10-06 20:49:52
Hey KJ what is the difference in size btw the large and small book? And would it be even possible for me to get a copy of my picture as I am not able to find it on my computer! Thanks for any help you can give!! Jim
2013-10-06 22:34:29
Hi James,

I send you your photo by email just a second ago.
The Large book is 13×11 in 33×28 cm big
and the small book isnt really small it is: 10×8 in 25×20 cm

I hope you all order the book, at the moment not a lot of copies have been sold. (don't really understand why though... it's a really great book)
if it is too expensive you can still get the ebook...

dear regards


2013-10-02 13:34:31
Hi All

I uploaded an ebook version of the "night on earth" photobook. For the price of the photobook isnt rather cheap, if you still think it is too expensive just say so perhaps we need to go a bit more down in price... But this is an almost pure donation, blurb of course want a bit of the price but compared to the photobook it is not very high what blurb wants (20%).

The profit of this ebook will go entirely to the "Vuka Nomtoboyi" home for hiv orphans in Cape Town, South Africa.

I hope you all support our cause and give those children a very special christmas this year ( I presume the donations will arrive a bit before christmas)!!

dear regards

2013-09-27 20:02:09
I just recieved a test copy of the smaller version of the book. It looks perfect!!!

so if you like to get your copy of night on earth:

or small edition:

Have a nice weekend!

2013-09-26 17:24:24
Hi All,

I just see that the test print from blurb is beeing shipped... it just left blurb. It takes about 2 days to get here, so with a little luck I get it on saturday. and if the print is good you can also get you copy!

I am rather excited already!

Btw I have been looking in to the programming of collected money transfers from paypal on time... it seems to be possible that (for future projects) all could buy a copy in advance but the money remains on your account till a certain date. And depeding if we can collect enough money for an offset print the money can be transfered at once or get canceled if we dont reach it.
Means: we can do our own kickstarter programming, means we wont lose a penny to others...
but thats future talking this takes a bit time to programm...

dear regards

Fokion Zissiadis
2013-09-17 21:51:40
Just not to be miss understood.......... my opinion is that it should be published through classic printing and not through blurb ( digital )
Neno Druzic
2013-09-18 11:25:52
2013-09-18 12:03:06
The problem with offset printing is the total amount we need for the print, the best offer I could get to the best quality is 6,000 euros (including packaging and mailing costs)
Like I said a blurb copy is tripple as expensive as an offset print.
if 60 people order 3 copies for 100 euros inclusive packaging and post it can be done. Or 30 people ordering 7 copies for 200 euro....
I don't see how we can reach that goal...
Neno Druzic
2013-09-18 16:14:44
Publishing is expensive. You should find someone who understands the marketing and advertising, we need to find some solution so the book finance itself from adverts, or something similar. Travel agencies could be the answer, if someone has an idea....
Fokion Zissiadis
2013-09-17 21:44:58
The night book should be published !! I agree that it's shameful not to be able to group up enough individuals who can undertake the printing costs ! I am willing to become a member of such a support group !
Neno Druzic
2013-09-17 19:29:43
I will order the "Night on Earth" book for sure... if it gets published?! It would be really shame not to publishe it. If I can somehow help, please contact me!

I wish you all a steady hand and a perfect light! ;-)

2013-09-17 19:41:45
Dont worry Neno I just saw the almost final pdf, with a bit of luck the testprint goes out this week and presumably will be able to order very soon again at
The Design is very nice I think, the photos in the book are of course totally beautifull! Thank you all for joining.

The mystical landscape book will follow a few days later.
We had lots of delays with both books also because of the printing adventure at indigogo I am sorry for that.

dear regards
Neno Druzic
2013-09-17 20:01:05
No worries for the delays my friend! Main thing here is the love for the art of photography, anything else is beside the point... You made beautiful foundation with Kujaja site and all we need is to build from there and have lots of fun and make beautiful and interesting photography.

Keep rockin' my frind!

Cheers! ;-)
James Gramm
2013-09-16 01:46:23
Hi KJ, I had saved the link to preorder the book but when I went today I see it was canceled and can find no other info? Is the book still a go and where can I preorder one? Jim
2013-09-16 02:01:58
Hi James,

for nothing happend the first days and nobody preordered the book... I found it too painfull to have the indigogo site online (having over 150 visitors and nobody wanted to join). For one can't delete it I took off out all text and photos.
The nightbook will be a blurb book again like all other books too, I think its a pitty and throwning away money but if not all join, we cant do it another way.

After the streetphotography book, there will be a change. Three new projects will start one of it will be a book, but it will be different. Perhaps you will like it perhaps not, I don't know yet. I have to do some programming before we can start and will tell you all in time very soon.

Marco Stolle
2013-09-06 10:48:57
I had a look at indiegogo 3 times since yesterday. I saw different perks/prices every time? Will they keep changing? ;)

2013-09-06 13:26:13
I changed them several times for I wondered why there is no interest in getting a cheap big super book.
Perhaps people dont read or dont understand what was meant. I asked Eva to do a blurb version also with the other books.
2013-09-04 13:46:23
Hi All,

I am in a dillema... if we do the offset print we can have a bigger book with more photos. If we dont and do blurb again, I need to reduce the photobook.
The final desiscion which is in the book or not does Eva for she decides at the end if the photos fit within her design. She cant really design if she doesnt know how big the book is..
Stil you all want to know if you are in the book or no to make the preorder or not...

So you can see the TEMPORARY results now here:

Still there are a few photos with copyright signs which I need, also I will try getting permission to put in the two eifel tower photos into the book (which is unfortunatly not allowed). And 2 photos of Nenad Druzic which are really beautifull I cant take in at the moment (copyright signs) for I cant reach him at all...
Also while making the book we will know if a photo is good enough to be able to print, I cant say this at the moment. So some photos will dissapear from the results and some other might be in which are not in at the moment.

I will open the book preorder page hopefully tonight so we will know very soon which kind of book we will make and which photo really will be into the book.

Hope you understand my dillema

dear regards
Fokion Zissiadis
2013-08-30 00:36:43
Hi K J
I trust you are doing fine !!

Somewhere I lost the thread in regards to the book......... night on earth ! Could you please tell me how many photos are finally included in the book ? All these featured in the ten pages ....or I am getting something wrong ?......... I like the cover, it looks really cool as it conveys totally the context of the book
Count on me as well I will buy couple of copies ...... :))
2013-08-30 02:01:05
Hi Fokion,

as soon as Eva is back (monday) I will go over with her over the last selection we made again and plan the rest then I can tell which ones are in. But I can say that the voting is of course where we start to select and most of all photos from the first three highest voted photos are in. But there are some people who have more then 1 one the top selected photos, in only a few cases people have two photos in. The selection is terribly hard for there are so many good photos, and also good ones which came in in the last minutes which most didnt see and not voted for, for mostly people vote after they uploaded themselves. Some are not in, but its merely for we didnt find another photo which fited. I am sorry it is taking so much time. Oh there are 2 photos which were not in the "contest" which will be in the book and I think you will agree with me.
Those two are from Michael Steverson who I presume you all know. One photo is "red china" you can see it here
and the other one is this one
Perhaps that is not fair to all who voted and so but I think you all agree that this gift is awesome of Michael and will make our book even better.
Btw we already made five different selections and I still doubt a bit. I will be a bit like the waterbook, with the difference (of course of an awesome design) that on most pages is one photo and some photos are on two pages. The sizes differ, sometimes because of the given resolution and sometimes beacuse of the design choisen.

Today I got a test package of the company I wrote about which would offer 300 copies for around 4600 euros. There was one little example book within the package. I must say it is different reading a binded offset in comparisson with a digitally printed glues book. I checked photobooks I have which are also offset and its the same kind of print. The papee in the example book was too thick I found and too glossy, perhaps I should ask them for another package with the paper.
Now the size is bigger as the biggest blurb book, so if we dont get the money together for the offset printing we need to go back to blurb. I dont really want Eva to do double the work, she already made 2 differnt example designs from ehich the last was super. Knowing the size of the book she has to do the hard working, and if we need another size she has to do the work all over again. So I think it is best she waits till we know if it is going to be an offset print or a digitally blurb book in that time she could go back to the mystical landscape book

My plan is following:
tuesday show the selected photos and open a starnext (or another kickstarter kind, I found an international one which I think might even be better) project
For the kickstarter project I presumable need a video, but I think I will go for a slideshow showing some of the highlights of the book...
I will give it 14 days I hope that is enough to all get to you so you can preorder. If it works out the printing will take 4 weeks (quicker would be more expensive) . And this could also be a test for the flowerbook which has the most photos from all...

For the mystical landscape has less photos I will go for blurb there so I think the mystical book will be sooner done as the night book.

Sorry again that it takes such long time!!

have a great weekend

Rudolf Moerkl
2013-08-22 01:52:53
Hi KJ,
big size is definitely fine !!!
regarding the pre-payment over I think it should be possible to find some 35 to 40 people here which are ok in prepayment and getting 3 to 4 copies for the 100 Euros. Once you have this volume, you still can offer then single boks for lower price than 100 Euro for those who can´t effort .......... what do you think ?
However, you replied to Oliver that you would be ready to do all the logistics, and even bring the books to the post office for sending..............well, take care.........they are heavy :) , and the mail cost is not ignorable !

I am in any case ready to join via startnext..............really looking forward to a "BIG" book !!!
2013-08-22 02:35:36
Hi Rudolf,
well first hit back I got yesterday afternoon the print company I asked to make an offer send me an email. I saw in the internet that there are printing companies also in Germany who do 300-400 prints for around 5,000 euros. But I dont know them theirfor I asked a friended designerin to give me some print company names from companiese who are good. The offer was about with and without the letters punch out, with punched out though they only offered me a softcover version which is understandable but an a3 softcoverbook is like a big towel... both offers were around 4500 euros but only for 100 copies... I checked then again, okay their print is a bit smaller as a3 but the price for 100 copies was only 50 euros more expensive.... So I am back to null again...
I will have to call the companies I found in the internet. Most off them offers to make a test print before the real print starts thats of course good. Still I would prefer a company who is good and cheap(er) and someone else can tell me and show me he or she also made a photobook and they are happy....
The postal cost will always be extra....
Since Eva is on a holiday I have a few more days to explore the possiblities, she started designing on the maximum blurb size... If I dont find an alternative we stay on the blurb road, but also there it might be intersted in ordering all together to get a lower price..

Dear regards
Andreas Max Böckle
2013-08-22 11:42:39
I stated before that I was working at a printery for 13 years, last years managing prepress.
A nice looking, big sized, hardcovered book printed in Offset on high quality paper is extremely expensive for just "a few" 300-400 prints. You need to print more than 10.000 to earn anything and to keep the prizes low.
For me Startnext would be fine also - like Rudi mentioned above - keep at Blurb. Yes, they do earn a lot of money with their products, but - hey - they need to ear money for their services.
Quality of Blurb is OK, so I would stick at Blurb, until we found other solutions.
Btw, I have sent a mail to my friend at the car company for sponsoring and didn´t got a mail back until now. I will be on holiday for the next two weeks, hopefully able to check my mails now and then.
2013-08-22 13:33:40
Well I just found another company perhaps you could take a look Andreas:
They dont offer a Din A3 print but
check this:
Auflage 300 Exemplare
Format Querformat
Breite 340 mm
Höhe 240 mm
Umfang/Druck Inhalt kein Bogen / keine Seiten 1/1 schwarz
Umfang/Druck Inhalt 7 Bögen / 112 Seiten 4/4 Euroskala
Umfang/Druck Inhalt kein Bogen / keine Seiten 4/4 Eurosk. + Sonderfarbe
Papier Inhalt 135 g/qm Bilderdruck matt
Druck Vor- und Nachsatz unbedruckt
Druck Bezug 4/0-farbig
Papier Bezug 135 g/qm Bilderdruck glänzend gestrichen
Cellophanierung Bezug matt
Prägung Bezug keine Prägung
Partieller UV-Lack Bezug gewählt
Schutzumschlag matt cellophanieren 5/0-farbig
Partieller UV-Lack SU gewählt
Verarbeitung Pappband 1,8 mm, Fadenheftung, Kapitalband
Rücken gerade
Kapitalband weiß
Lesebändchen nein
einzeln eingeschweißt gewählt
in Kartons verpackt gewählt
Korrekturausdruck s/w nicht gewählt
Datencheck nicht gewählt
MwSt. 7 % (Verlagsprodukt)
Lieferland Deutschland
geschätztes Buchgewicht (unverbindlich) 880 g
Vorlage druckfähige PDF-Daten kundenseitig gestellt
Voraussichtliche Lieferzeit: ca. 4 Wochen ¹

Preis ohne MwSt. (netto) 4.377,60 €
Preis inkl. MwSt. 4.684,03 €
enthaltene MwSt. (7 %) 306,43 €

That would mean 1 third of the price of blurb... meaning my idea of getting 3-4 copies for 100 euro (plus sending and package costs) plus having a lot of copies left which will make pur profit.
I order the example prints to get an idea of who their printing is...
Great you send the Email Andreas!
What do you think of that company?
Andreas Max Böckle
2013-08-24 14:58:45
I am on vacation for the next two weeks and will not have internet (camper).
This sounds great, for me the size is big enough. Prize for 300 prints seems more than OK. And It is printed the "normal" way - offset, better quality than laser prints. Best thing for me is that the cover gets a partially 5th color to highlight the text. Would look and feel fantastic.
Did not got a mail back from my friend - maybe I give him a call next days. Otherwise at this prize we do not need a promotion and the book would look more professional. Never like ads in books - does not seem right. Would use it, if the prize per book would be to high.
All the best -
Andreas Max Böckle
2013-08-24 14:59:48
Btw, the idea of is OK for me.
Just post the link to the project...
Kazuyoshi Hiraga
2013-08-17 09:35:35
Hi, sorry for my late reply. I think I'm beginning to understand your meaning.
In order to let other people know what the project is all about, we should distribute the book as many as possible, hence
I think 3-4 night books would be a better choice. There might be a demand for the books in better quality once the project is recognized.
2013-08-17 11:50:24
Hi Kazuyoshi,
The quality of the photobook will be high, I presume even higher as on blurb. For we can decide ourselves which paper we use and dont need a blurb logo in the book etc. Also if the punch is afforbadle this book will be of a higher standard as you could ever get with normal photobook company....
Another thought, what if we could get a sponsor? If we have one page of commercial within the book I presume the print will be even more cheaper. I am thinking of a commercial which has to do with the night, for example mercedes nightvision device..... just a thought
Andreas Max Böckle
2013-08-17 15:38:06
Good idea!
As the definition of a photo book filled with so many real great pictures, it would be a shame not to get the best quality. Format needs to be big, maybe huge? If it is the point to get a better product and more profit a sponsor does make sense to me.
A friend of mine is the top manager for public relations and marketing of the Austrian headquater of a real big European car company. He also loves taking photography and creating art projects in his sparetime. I could contact him to clear out if any sponsoring is possible. Also we maybe get the chance to get some promotions in the media.
Oliver Weigel
2013-08-16 22:16:14
Hi everybody,

it´s hard to say something about the design for me. I rather trust people that are more experienced than I am.

About price and quality. I think it´s the better strategy to have a little higher price and much more quality and more a professional look. To spend a little more money for charity and get a definitely better product should work. And it helps to establish a reputation for coming books in the future...
2013-08-17 02:35:05

dont get me wrong, I am not asking for a donation. I am asking:
do you want to have 1 night book for 100 euros
do you want to have 3-4 night books for 100 euros

This is not a donation for a print. I know at least half of all people who joined buy the book. Which makes a total sum which will makes us a real print possible. We could have done this too with the waterbook but I was unexperienced...
Secondly even if all get 4 copies there will be copies left which we can sell with a big profit all the copies we have left over.

so question to all:
do you want to have 1 book for 100 euros
3-4? so you can give your relatives or friends a copy

other possibility I make again a super small book like with one minute on earth and only a few people will be in the book so it gets cheaper But that is totally uncool to have only 40 photos if we can have 100 photos which are good (and we have very good night photos)
We have quality here, we can make a big book for so much less money... I will send the book to you personally, and will take this work on me (of course for free) and bring all your books personally to the postoffice. If you like I can write you a thank you message in on of the 3-4 books.

Today I talked with a printing company and I send him an email. They will give me an offer for a A3 perfect print (with and without an Punched title) after that I will publish this project on a german kickstarter website called startnext (I would love to join kickstarter but they dont allow foreigners) to give you the choise. If this works out also people who would never be able to get the book could get the book for 1 third of the price. I think thats a good deal... But let us wait till monday

ALL who support the project at have nothing to loose, you will get more copies as you would if we do this with blurb.
You will also give us the possibility to have more copies left which we can sale at amazon (I willsend them all to amazon and amazon will do the logistics for a small fee) to sell more with a lot of profit.

With the profit I want to support Lauren Rautenbachs proposel:
It will go to an organisation in south Africa which helps and takes care of orhpan children who are HIV infected (born this way cause there parents were infected).

The only thing of you I ask is to order before the book it is done. The time limit of the project at theirfore will be rather short (most do 70 days I want to do this in 14 days).
Who think this is stupid? who wants to join?

oh btw tomorrow the aunt of my wife will show "one minute on earth" to a high chief at the newspaper. He is a personal friend of her. I really hope she makes the first step into press releases so we get to be known more... before our projects get into the newspaper I want to have the night on earth book online at so all who will read it can also join.... BUT dont think others will do this job and order in advange so you get a cheaper book. All who want the book anyway join this project.
As soon as it is online I will invite you all...

dear regards

Francisco Alcantud
2013-08-16 01:23:57
Hi, Kujaja and Hi everybody. Sorry to delay the answer, too many things to do and troubles with the amazonian internet.
I thinkthat your proposal is good. It's better to have cheaper books (that huge benefits for blurb are amazing) good quality impression cheaper is a great idea. Doesn't matter if the book takes more time to arrive
And thats a superb cover. Great image and great composition. Like it very much.
2013-08-15 22:20:04
HI again,

I have again 2 important point which I need your opinion to.

unfortunately nobody reacted to my professional printing idea... But I think this might be even the best solution we could do....I checked in the internet some professional printing companies (the berlin company seems not to like me anymore, they dont react to my emails).
And found out that we can get a
quer A4 hardcover print with 120gram matt paper 120 pages (though I prefer to go a bit bigger then that)
The prices differ between 500 and 700 books for about 5000 euros.... Means that we could all get 3 copies of the book instead of the price for one.
Amazon has a programm where you can dump your products in there logistic center so we can sell a real good photobook product with a really cheap price and a high profit. A big photobook is worth 29,99 (I think) or even 39,99 (we are taking about at about 100 pages thick good paper hardcover and between a4 and a3 size).
I think putting our project on
should do the job to get a cheap version of the book for all of us. If it doesnt work out you can still pay your 100 euro copy at blurb. If we have 50 people who are willing to buy 3 books for the price of 1 we can make a lot of profit and a lot of people can get it cheaper...I will put the nightbook into startnext and hope it works out very soon, what do you think of that?

the cover, I very happy that the price wining photo from Andreas Max Böckle could be our cover photo with the letter, please check out:
I think this is a good idea! Andreas allows us too to do so. This photo has also won (after he send it to us) a very important astrophysic photo competition about which was even reported in the spiegel ( which is a very known mangazin in Germany and abroad.

aaaaand with a professional print we are able to get a total black cover with the letters punched out, and his photo at the back.
what do you think? ( I really need your opinion on these two themes)

Dear regards


Pat Charles
2013-08-16 07:26:45
Hi Kujaja,

I am happy with the cheaper option - I think that 100 euros is pushing the price too high. Like you, I think A4 is too small - A3 would be better.

Great cover shot and it would look superb with the letters punched out on a black cover.


2013-08-16 10:11:03
Thanks Pat!
still if I try to get like I said 500 copies I need to collect the money over startnext. If all choise then to only spend a single copy of like 29,99 euros we wont be able to print the book in a higher volume for then the total amount of money raised wont be enough to get a high volume. The minimum is mostly 200 copies and start with around 3500 euros. So the less we print the higher the price is.
The opertunety we have if we have like 500 copies is that we can just give 20 copies to a local small bookstore and put them in the store to see if people want it. This oppertunety we never have with blurb for 20 big copies of the book will be about 2000 euros.

If we are not able to raise the amount we need to make the book smaller and thinner to get a payabale price....

dear regards
Andreas Max Böckle
2013-08-16 11:39:20
To let the book have a low price would be a good idea. But for me, I would invest about 100 Euro in such a book, if the size of the book is about A3 or maybe more...
I like BIG pictures to look at. OK, until now, I have never bought such a book. This one I would buy right away.
I belief that it would be better, to make it as professional as possible. Big format, solid paper, high printing quality. A cheap one, small size, bad printed book wouldn´t be worth even 30 Euro to buy, because one would never have a look at it again.
It worked 13 years in a printery in Austria and for me it is important, that a book is produced in high quality. Those books are nice to keep, to show to friends and and to watch again and again.
Selling limit for me would be about 70 Euro. I think, pleople would buy it, if they exactly know, where the donations go to. They would even buy more expensive books...

Maybe the designer checks out, how a small (orange) outline to the upper text "NIGHT" would do. Could be that the picture itself is too dark to be seen on the black background...
2013-08-15 22:20:03
HI again,

I have again 2 important point which I need your opinion to.

unfortunately nobody reacted to my professional printing idea... But I think this might be even the best solution we could do....I checked in the internet some professional printing companies (the berlin company seems not to like me anymore, they dont react to my emails).
And found out that we can get a
quer A4 hardcover print with 120gram matt paper 120 pages (though I prefer to go a bit bigger then that)
The prices differ between 500 and 700 books for about 5000 euros.... Means that we could all get 3 copies of the book instead of the price for one.
Amazon has a programm where you can dump your products in there logistic center so we can sell a real good photobook product with a really cheap price and a high profit. A big photobook is worth 29,99 (I think) or even 39,99 (we are taking about at about 100 pages thick good paper hardcover and between a4 and a3 size).
I think putting our project on
should do the job to get a cheap version of the book for all of us. If it doesnt work out you can still pay your 100 euro copy at blurb. If we have 50 people who are willing to buy 3 books for the price of 1 we can make a lot of profit and a lot of people can get it cheaper...I will put the nightbook into startnext and hope it works out very soon, what do you think of that?

the cover, I very happy that the price wining photo from Andreas Max Böckle could be our cover photo with the letter, please check out:
I think this is a good idea! Andreas allows us too to do so. This photo has also won (after he send it to us) a very important astrophysic photo competition about which was even reported in the spiegel ( which is a very known mangazin in Germany and abroad.

aaaaand with a professional print we are able to get a total black cover with the letters punched out, and his photo at the back.
what do you think? ( I really need your opinion on these two themes)

Dear regards


David Rothwell
2013-08-15 16:49:13
I agree with what Francisco Marty has said about setting a collage with the font used, enabling the title to 'pop' out.
2013-08-10 14:42:54
Hi all,

okay I got lots of opinions now. I think Eva should play around with her idea and show us her proposal.
Another thought. I would love to only print this book in a big format which is of course not so nice for the price will be high. Printing in all formats cost me a lot of money. For the waterbook we had 4 different sizes which cost me about 500 euros for testprints. With one minute on earth we only took 2 different sizes which cost me less. (about 300 euros) .

The water book was sold about 90 times. The prices were between 50 and 110 euros. Considering the total amount of money we spend all on the book, I could calculate the exect amount we spend but I take an average example. Lets say we spend average 70 euros for the book (which included a 20 euro donation). 90x70 makes 6300 euros. 1800 euros were donation and that means blurb earned 4500 euros.

That is a bit stupid isn't?
considering that we do a 100 page book again. At the moment we have a 107 photos selection so we need to drop a few photos. A few people had such good photos that they have 2 photos in the book. Some had even 5 super photos but that is too much I think. About 85 photographer are in the book at the moment. I could reduce the amount to get the book cheaper at blurb. But from the experience of the last 2 books I see that the amount of people has a connection to the amounts of sels (for we still never went to the press which is a pitty of course... I still am looking for a press writer)
Okay say the night book will sell 50 times at least. Price of a big 100 pages book at blurb is about 100 euros. That means we will be spending 5000 euros plus postal costs. 1000 donation 4000 euros for blurb.

I think for 4000 euros it is worthy to ask the photography printing house in Berlin I had contact with for a few months, and ask them how much it will cost to make a real print. But that would mean we need to collect the money in front. That could be done with internet plattforms like kickstarter. Only if the total amount of a real print is reached it will cost you if not it doesnt costs us and we still can go and make blurb rich.
I presume we can get a much cheaper price then with blurb, also a steady very good quality and a little hope that the printing house takes it into its collection so it gets a isdn number and will be available in any book store in the world. Also with kickstarter we have the possibilty to get publicity and also other people who like to buy the book. I have seen a lot of photobooks being succesfull there.
The bad thing for me is of course I need to package and send you all your book. And for all of us, it will take longer to get the book. I think it will take two months, instead of 3 weeks. But the book will be better and cheaper as with blurb. I presume all can get two copies for the same amount you would spend at blurb.

We have tried Amazon with the one minute of earth project as alternative to the very expensive blurb company and it was a desaster. Blurbs prints are good but blurbs plattform is not a good way to get a book sold to others then us.

I think its worth just a try to ask for the price of a print. What do you think?

have a great saturday all of you!

Lynn E Harvey
2013-08-09 21:21:49
I love the cover, 'less is more'...I think the font and rendering are perfect and it still makes a pictorial impact!
Francisco Alcantud
2013-08-09 21:19:44
I like it. Simple and powerful. Let the designer try and choose the one that fits the best. Nice idea
Sandra Sachsenhauser
2013-08-09 19:54:49
like the idea... but would choose a less colourful picture... just my feeling... !
2013-08-09 20:18:09
treu! I meant colourfull more in the meaning of not being black and white
Kazuyoshi Hiraga
2013-08-09 18:59:43
I think it is a good idea and looks cool!
2013-08-09 18:21:59
Hi All,

I have a very important question to you. I hope a lot of you give me a comment to this one, for I don't want to decide this alone.

Eva wanted to do the design of the night on earth book first so she's on it (and we are really far now) and came up with an idea I really need to ask your opinion about
take a look at this image:

The idea is to combine the fonts and a photo together as a cover. Of course I shoul especially ask the digital artist for this but Eva thinks it could also be any other photo.

I think the idea is good and am prepared to let her choise the right photo for the cover (if she doesnt want to go for the from us choisen cover photo and or if the digital artist disagrees).
My question to you
Do you like the idea? And if yes are you prepaired to let your photo be edited like this (not all photos will fit in I pesume a rather colourfull one will be choisen)....

Dear regards

Kazumi Ishikawa
2013-08-10 07:30:32
I think that it is good. I agree.
2013-06-28 16:33:50
Hi all,

a small update
Eva is on a holiday now and as she returns I will go on a holiday too. I will prepare all so she could start the mystic landscape photobook as soon as she has time for it...and after that the nightbook processing will start. I am sorry you have to wait a little...

(oh by the way I added a google maps to this book project so you can all see where the night shot where taken)

have a nice weekend!
Paresh Kini
2013-06-18 17:22:43
This book now has great images of all time... finding it tough which one to vote for. Brilliant job everbody,
2013-06-18 02:34:35

That were some ending days! So many People uploaded so many beautifull night photo shots in the last minutes
I am really happy with the result of "night on earth"
I counted 200 entries on friday and today there are about 340 photos entered for this project. And there are some really good ones.

To be able to get the best photos I ask you to help me with the voting. The button "best of three" is the button for the best photo of the person who entered photos, sometimes people have 1 or 2 or even 6 photos, please click on the best of three button if you think this photo is the persons best photo. And you can of course also vote for photos, it is of course a competition but in someway it is not, the photos who will be in the book are chosen later for they fit together in the book. Sometimes this can mean that an awesome beautifull photo is not in the book for it didnt fit in.

But it really means a lot to me if you all take a little bit of your time and help me so I can see what you like the most.

This is the last photobook project till october. In october there is the street photographybook and the flowerbook wich will end. There are some more projects which have to grow before its sure that they will make it to a book, pls check them out too.

In the next few days I want to tell you about a totally different project which I will start very soon. I am crazy ..... and perhaps it wont work but I want to get with all of you together in to a museum. It will be about photography of course... and you really have to help me on the next project without you I wont be able to make a rocket launch... and without a rocket launch it wont work I think....

It will take a few weeks till the night photobook can be bought, The mysterious landscape project is also done and waiting to be finished, count with at least 8 weeks before you will see it. But it will be in your hands!

I want to thank you all who joined, you are all great!

Dear regards


2013-06-15 15:28:03
Hi all,

the night on earth photobook project will end this monday, you can still upload your photo if you like.

have a nice weekend!

2013-05-10 20:20:25
Hi all night photographers,

we also have a mystical lamdscape photobook project which you can still join for 3 days then the photobook closes. There are some amazing photos uploaded already but if you have some really nice photo you want to have in the mystical photobook please upload now or within the next three days!
(oh and the night photobook ends next month!)

have a nice weekend to you all!

helena blanco
2013-03-05 14:15:52
raj sharma
2013-03-04 11:58:42
raj sharma
2013-03-04 11:58:42
Elif Energin
2013-03-01 23:43:08
Rose Kampoong
2013-02-27 21:37:56
mauro maione
2013-02-27 20:38:17
just wonderful!
2013-02-27 20:13:17
The countdown for the February nightphotography project is running!

This is the last month to get a place into the book for sure, next month we start a third and final pool with all photos and stop the monthly competition, and merge all photos together into 1 big last pool...

If you didnt vote enough yet or want to get a last minute super photo in, now is your chance!
Like with the waterbook we all voted best of three or book cover photo at least for 20 times just to do eachother a faveroute, we should continue to so with all other books therefor you might see a grey banner at the top if you didnt vote enough...

By the way we are still thinking of a chairity organisation... has anybody an idea?

I think this book will be a really beautifull book, there are many really good photo out there!

Thank you all


2013-02-28 15:38:40
We had a lot of problems finding a charitiy organisation mostly for the total amount of donations is only a little bit, we got about 1700 euros with the waterbook perhaps one day this will be more but at the moment it doesnt look like it yet. For beeing able to tell in the book and as a presentation that we donate the profit of the bookmost offical organisations have a problem with this ... long story.
The best for us is to find really small organisations with who we can talk / write emails directly and best ist if we can see afterwards what das been done by the money... like you can see here:
These wells were made with the donations of the waterbook.
As soon as Oliviero Masseroli is back from bangladesh I will make a small page with more photos and some story about what Oliviero did.

So we are looking for min small 1-4 person organisations who dont have a burocracy at all and no money gets lost on its way and all can somehow see what we did achieve.




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