One Minute on Earth 2013

2015-08-11 19:01:52
Hi All photographers from one minute on earth 2013

we want to repeat this project this year on Saturday the 10th of October it would be great to see lots of you again on the one minute on earth 2015! join us at:

have a great week to you all!
Gido (KJ)

(I will post this message too at the test minute from 2013 and OMOE2015, I hope you don't feel bothered if you get this message 2 times)
2014-05-26 14:29:06
Hi All photographers from one minute on earth 2013

we want to repeat this project this year on the 21th of june on 9pm CET+0 it would be great to see lots of you again on the one minute on earth 2014! join us at:

this year you can also shoot a non landscape photo as long as one can see a bit of sky an this year we will help Lauren's orphanage in Capetown, those kids really need a waterproof shelter...

have a great week to you all!
Gido (KJ)

(I will post this message too at the test minute from 2013, I hope you dont feel bothered if you get this message 2 times)
2013-10-09 18:12:07
if you want to order the night book or One minute on earth always check if you can find a coupon
for example here you find a few:
I checked it and the 15% off defenitely worked

Promotion Code

Coupon accepted: BEAUTIFULBOOK
Description: 15% off your book
Discount: US $17.99

Perhaps the other ones with 25% off also worked check it out!

have a nice wednesday!

helena blanco
2013-09-30 17:27:44
That is great news!
Is every photo same big?
Francisco Marty
2013-09-30 16:21:41
That's awesome, Kujaja!

We should think about a way to promote the OMOE book a bit more later this year. Several of my friends and people I only know peripherally have mentioned they plan to buy the book as a Christmas present.

Best regards to all!

2013-09-30 15:45:39
Hi all,
I was just selfsearching the word kujaja at and found a few newsletters (all from the same month but send to different countries) where our book was mentioned. Check it out:
it is on the right in the middle of the page. I didnt write the text...

have a great week!

2013-08-08 11:10:13
Hi All,
blurb send me the first transaction of money. The total amount isnt that high as with the waterbook. But thats also because this time there was only 10 Euros of profit on the books. The total amount collect with amazon at this moment will be a bit less then 500 euros. I will add some money to it so we can donate at least 500 eurso to the Ashalayam Organisation.
If we would have taken 20 euros like with the waterbook we would now have half the amount the waterbook collected so I think the total amount aint bad.

I mailed them yesterday and they are happy to recieve the donation. I also found out that it's a bit like Oliviero's organisation. They will go there themselves (on their own costs) in January 2014 to personally give the money to the houses they have. I read that importing money into India has no limitations (I wondered why they bring the money themselves for some countries have money import restrictions.

I did not mention our book. I dont want to get into trouble like with the english water aid program. Perhaps they will found out themselves but thats okay I think.

I need some help! I am so bad in writing offcial stuf. Is there somebody who can write me a "Pressemitteilung" preferably in German? This is not an easy thing. I want to send 2 copies of the book to publishing houses in Germany with a 1 page message which will be a pressemitteilung. This could have a negativ effect (if they dont like the book) but I presume we cant lose anything here.
If you want to write a press message in any other language and send it to any newspaper that would good too of course. Please show it to me first that would be great. We really need some press I think.

btw the night book is almost done, Eva prefered doing the night book first. I think we will do the first test print very soon. And at the same time finish the mystic landscape book.

Have a nice day all
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-08-08 14:54:21
Thank you for the information, Kujaja, sounds great!

Thanks for all your work and have a beautiful day!
2013-07-19 01:46:20
Like I said I made a complaint at creatspace here is the answer and my complaint
Now this doesnt help me in anyway.... this is a message in a message center of creatspace, if I reply to this message the entire "how can we help you procedure starts all over again and I need to start a new complaint.... perhaps my english is not good enough, perhaps any body else can write a better complaint message?

Hello Gido,

Thank you for contacting us with your query, I was happy to assist.

We are unable to access information regarding your account or order information. However, you may contact's Customer Service 24-hours a day, seven days a week at 1-866-216-1072. Or, if you would prefer to connect with Amazon's Online Support, please visit the following link: You will be asked to sign into your account, but you may skip the sign-in step, if desired.

I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have additional questions.

Did I solve your problem? Let us know here:

Best regards,

CreateSpace Member Services

Need more information? Try our site search, located at the top of each CreateSpace webpage.

Find help on Community and Resources.
* Community:
* Resources:

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* Twitter:
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Your original message:


I have had complaints about the quality of the print of my book "one minute on earth"
you can see examples of the print here:
one can see really clearly that the cmyk printing is not matching correctly so the photos appear unsharp and in a really bad quality. So bad that people might think that our book is really bad. This could ruin my name and the photobook projects I am doing.

Why is your print so bad? And what will you do about it?

The people who ordered the book want their money back... this is really bad for my reputation.

Dear regards

Gido Carper (Kujaja Jaja)

Best Regards,

David Rothwell
2013-07-22 14:34:46
I purchased the Blurb version as I have used Blurb in the past for my own work and I did actually compare the GSM of the photographic paper used. I have to say am impressed with Blurb once more not only have they continued to produce a high quality soft cover book, but the images were of a very high standard throughout the book itself.

Once again congratulations on a superb book Gido.

2013-07-22 18:18:30
Thanks David ! And thank you too for joining us with such great photo!
Pat Kofahl
2013-07-19 01:44:22
I purchased both the Amazon and Blurb versions. As a fine art printer, I can tell you matte finish paper will not show colors the way satin or glossy paper will. I would not even show the Amazon book to anyone, it's that bad. The Blurb version is much higher quality, with a much better cover, binding and better paper, and I will be giving several as gifts.
2013-07-19 01:54:06
Thank you for your honoust opinion. I think its better to take the Amazon book offline. Anybody against it?
But I am happy to hear you like the blurb version!
Francisco Marty
2013-07-18 15:29:10
Hi all,

I just went over the details of 3 Amazon books I had bought to give to some family and friends. 2 of them look good (Blurb's has better paper and print quality, but these are fair), but the other has the same print bleeding issues George noted in some of the photos, not all, which is quite annoying. Looks like poor quality control on part of the printer.
Kujaja, is there a way you can formally complain to them, so they can talk in turn to whoever they likely contracted to do the print on demand? The books I got were printed in Lexington, KY.

Still getting awesome feedback from many people. Several friends not involved with the project and people not close to me have bought the book. We should do it again next year!

2013-07-18 19:23:03
great to hear so many who are not involved boight the book!
The sels are like expected less as the waterbook of course also because less people.
I already wrote createspace (amazons daughter company who does the prints) an email about the poor quality and consideration of taking the book off from Amazon. Within 24 hours they should answer, I will tell you as soon as I hear anything. I am of course angry (and a bit sad) cause of the bad quality of Amazon. Perhaps there is a possibilty to sell the blirb version over Amazon, I will ask that after they replied.

have a nice evening

George Oancea
2013-07-19 00:33:00
Thanks for taking care of this, I posted on my FB and talked to friends about our project, quite a few of them are interested in buying the book.
I don't want them to be disappointed.
George Oancea
2013-07-24 04:23:07
just to follow up, I received my blurb version of the book and it looks great. I will recommend it to all my friends.
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-07-17 23:37:25
Hi Kujaja, hi all,
I got the blurb version on Monday, and I am very pleased with it! The colors are good, the print quality is really good. I love the cover image which is also nicely printed.
And of course the layout is excellent, the texts add a lot to the book, and the sequence of the photos looks great.
I like the preface (it's by you, Kujaja?).
And I find the idea of the table of contents brilliant - the page numbers could be a bit larger ...
There are still some mistakes in the texts ...
As a whole, I find it PERFECT !!!!!

2013-07-18 01:07:04
Thats nice to hear Charlotte!
The intro is from Lauren Rautenbach like it was with the waterbook, its at the end if the book where you can read that she made it.
If there are major errors in the texts please send them to me to
The Layout is superb I think too, thats of course Evas job.
George Oancea
2013-07-17 08:36:10
I will order the blurb version tonight.
George Oancea
2013-07-17 08:35:49
I just received today my copy of the Amazon version and I must say I'm very disappointed. The quality is not just a little less. I understand the differences in the paper quality and the print technologies, but this is beyond that. All the photos a blurred, colors a bleeding bad.
And I'm not talking about my pic. If anyone is interested I can provide pics of the way it was printed.
Paresh Kini
2013-07-17 09:27:26
Yes sure please provide the pictures.. even i have ordered from amazon 12 days back, they haven't delivered my copy yet. If its too bad then i would cancel my order.
2013-07-17 17:27:07
That sounds bad, I am reall sorry to hear that George. If you are unhappy I would send it back to Amazon. We delivered the exact same quality to Amazon as too Blurb (only the size differs). What do y ou mean be blurred, can you upload the photo you mean which is blurred?
After the test print it was clear that the Amazon quality is worse as blurb, but with Amazon we have a much wider public. Do you think we should stop the Amazon version? I mean it aint good if people think that we made a blurry book only cause Amazon cant print right.
One of the test print book was not printed straight what I found really weird.
sorry George

George Oancea
2013-07-18 00:58:18
I will send it back, of course, but my point was exactly that, I don't want people to order it if it doesn't meet a minimum quality. People will think it's the photos, not the service.
I will upload a few macro photos taken with the phone of some of the pics. Not all of them are horrible, but there's enough of the bad ones to make the whole thing look subpar.
George Oancea
2013-07-18 02:39:05
Ok, I uploaded some samples / pics from the Amazon printed version. I will return it now, I already have my order in for the blurb version
Pedro Jarque Krebs
2013-07-14 14:14:42
I ordered 2 copies today.
Thanks for all the work !!!
Francisco Marty
2013-07-11 03:55:01
Was online trying to get a sense on how the book is doing, and see that it made it into this week's best sellers page at blurb!

I also noted that, at least in the US, the book is now the top hit in Amazon when you type one minute on earth in the Amazon search page without any need to use quotation marks!

Best regards to all!

Pedro Jarque Krebs
2013-07-14 14:43:56
Muchas gracias por la traducción Francisco, quedó estupenda!
Francisco Marty
2013-07-02 20:57:10
I checked online and the book is already available in!

See the link:

The search engine picks a lot of stuff under "One Minute on Earth," but if you search for "Kujaja" or "One Minute on Earth Kujaja" it comes as the only result.

Thank you all for a great project and to Kujaja for his leadership! I hope you can promote the book among your friends and on social media so it can generate some good revenue for ashalayam. I would suggest you also let your local, regional and national newspapers know about the project and book.

I hope we can regroup and have a bigger team and an awesome time for OMOE 2014!

2013-07-02 20:48:26
Hi All,

One Minute on Earth is now also available at the amazon store:

its a cheaper but a bit smaller and at the moment there seems to be 5% off. The paper quality is a bit less good as blurb but not bad.
It would be great if you help us with some really great reviews at Amazon! Pls write something nice ;-)

Thank you all!


Rafa Lorenzo
2013-07-03 01:43:09
Hi All,

just ordered! Can't wait for shipment.... Exciting!
Pat Charles
2013-07-02 13:52:50
Have just ordered mine too. Very excited to see it!
Well done again, Kujaja.
Ashley Sowter
2013-07-02 11:38:24
I ordered mine on blurb today

Can't wait to see the final result of this wonderful project

2013-07-02 10:29:52
Good morning all,

The Createspace version of "One Minute on Earth". Within 5-6 days Amazon will take the book within its onlinestore.
The ISBN number of the book is: 1484160878
The EAN13 number is: 9781484160879
You can order the book also from any bookstore around the world.
Please notice that the Amazon version of the book has a not so good printing quality as the blurb book does.
The Blurb book does NOT have a ISBN number or EAN number. Still the Amazon book is much less expensive and therefor of course worth a buy.
Here is the link to the Amazonbook version:

The blurb book has a 10 euro profit, where amazon has of profit (depending on in which online store and where it is sold) from 6 dollars till 14 euros. The Amazon book will be in many onlinestores beside the Amazon onlinestore (and its daughter company createspace) therefor we can reach a much bigger public as with blurb.
btw buying the amazon book in the Createspace online shop will give us the most profit.

Have a sunny day!

2013-07-01 20:11:03

The Blurb version of "One Minute on Earth" Photobook is now available for sale at:

Within the next 24 hours the sale at Amazon can be opened. As soon as I get a URL for the Amazon sale I will tell you.

it looks awesome! Thank you all who joined and helped with this amazing photobook!

The profit of the "one minute earth book" will go to a protocetion and education programm for street children in Calcutta (India):

this is an german organisation who dont get paid for their work, all donations will flow directly into the ashalayam project. The Ashalayam project gives shelter for street children and help them getting an education. On the german version of the website you will find much more information)

Thank you all!!!

harish unnikrishnan
2013-07-01 21:49:36
Thank you.
2013-06-28 16:22:40
Hi All,

I just recieved the message from that second test print from the "one minute on earth" photobook will arrive on monday. I hope all will be well and we can start the sale right after arriving... I didnt made a test print from the Amazon book this time, I will do so after the blurb book arrived for the 2 versions are almost identical (expect for the size). The Amazon print is way less good as the blurb print.

We also decided not to print the blurb vesion with a hardcover so the price will be less. (We did so for the waterbook hardcover version had problems with the cover, after only a few times opening the book the cover became white lines)...

Dear regard
2013-06-19 22:52:20
A little sad news... I made a mistake... I put in the wrong cover photo which is of less resolution and that one sees immediately.
I am very sorry but we need to make another test print. Tomorrow in the morning I will fix it with Eva then we need another 24 hours :-( plus 3 days to see the print.
I uploaded some photos at
check them out, it looks ssuuuuppper!!
But the cover needs to be perfect too...
(By the way this also happened with the Water book the first test print you never saw though...)

We are almost there :-)
yes always think positiv :-)

dear regards

(btw as you can see the books were read from the Customes...they opened it... )
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-06-19 23:54:00
Hi Kujaja
I had a look at your photos! The book looks great!
Have a beautiful evening
2013-06-19 17:53:58
The Amazon proof book arrived, but of course I wasnt at home... so at 17:45 I can pick the package up at the post station.... I am very curious!!
I presume all is well and if this is so after looking at the book I will open the sales at amazon and blurb!
Francisco Marty
2013-06-19 18:24:35
Very exciting! I really hope you'll be happy with the printed version and share the good news with us! I hope I can handle the suspense for the next few hours!
2013-06-16 00:43:49
sorry to bother you again...

We all have to talk about the organisation which we will help. My proposal is that the profits will go to this organisation:
ashalayam is an organisation which helps street children in Calcutta in Indien. (On the german version of this website there ist more information)
It is a german foundation which have a few houses in Calcutta where street children can sleep and get education. All people who work for this organisation in Gemany do not get paid in any way and all the money will flow directly into their houses and projects in Calcutta.
After I saw this photo from Jayanta Roy
and reading a lot about Calcuttas street children I think this is a good cause...
Rudolf Moerkl
2013-06-17 02:33:32
I´m definitely fine with this proposal !
thanks a lot for all your efforts, and of course all those who actively pushed and supported this project forward !
Really looking forward to get this book, and hopefully many more in the future !
2013-06-16 00:09:06
Amazon approved the one minute on earth photobook !
I ordered a copy to check it. The book will arrive on wednesday (amazon says) if alls okay the book will be out. Amazon will do some marketing and take it into their store and also sell the book in 1000 other online bookstores. You can also order it by isbn number in any bookstore all over the world. The Blurb copy will be a bit bigger and presumable a better print (but therefor it is double the price of the amazon version). As soon as the Amazon copy is okay I will open the blurb version too. The Amazon version will be about 29,99 $ and will include a donation from about 8$ per book (I kept the donation a bit lower this time).

Eva did a really hard job on this book. Thank you Eva! We had to resize and reorder lots of times.And it aint easy working with me.....The result is amazing I think. The intro is from Lauren Voss Rautenbach which is very beautifully written. I also need to say that Francisco Marty helped me very very often, helped with the prove reading, helped to get more people into the project, supported me in anyway he could. Jo Williams also suported me lots of times mostly by getting my mood back to the status "happy".

There are of course the other books which have a theme and will also start being published the next days and have really really good photos in it.

I thought after "one minute on earth" it will be hard to think of a new book idea which is special (more special then just a theme) and I didnt had any idea till today....
As soon as I have a name and texts etc I will tell you about it.

"One Minute on Earth" will be repeated in 2014!

have a nice weekend!
Francisco Marty
2013-06-16 00:42:15
Congratulations to Kujaja and all the team who participated in this awesome project!

I was delighted to participate and to help a little bit with the organization and proofreading! I had a chance to go over the galley/pdf proofs and agree the book will be wonderful and unique.

Look forward to seeing the book posted in Amazon and Blurb after Wednesday June 19!

Ashley Sowter
2013-06-16 23:20:49
Agreed with Francisco 100%
Mario Boh
2013-06-17 04:21:37
I'm really happy with the concretion of this book and have participated, besides the pictures serve for a good cause, really've done an impressive job and also everyone who helped with this project, but sometimes I'm a bit absent, I follow the discussions and with the help of the translator read it, but sometimes do not understand much.
  Have a great start to the week
2013-06-07 16:36:56
Hi all,

a small quick question here ist het list with the names I want to publish in to the "thank you" part of the book. if your name is in the list and you DO NOT want to be published in the book please tell me now. Email me at I will take your name out.
pls check it as soon as possible we want to finish the book on sonday latest

Here is the list:

Anna Trandeva, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Ashley Sowter, Berowra (Australia)
Ayhan ÇAKAR, Istanbul (Turkey)
Bert Beentjes, Nijkerk (Gld.) (Netherlands)
Catherine Poh Huay Suen, Burntwood (United Kingdom)
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg, Hinterkappelen (Switzerland)
Chiara Bettega, Cornedo Vicentino ( Italy)
Clément Skladanek, Beaumont Les Valence (France)
Cris Thaison, Burbank (United States)
David Rothwell, Conwy ( United Kingdom)
David Stewart, Louisville (United States)
Dennis Lang, Schmitten (Switzerland)
Durga Raj, Paro (Bhutan)
Eduardo Latorre, Bilbao (Spain)
Elliott McCrory, Aurora ( United States)
Emilio Cabida, Madrid (Spain)
Francisco Alcantud, Porto Velho (Brazil)
Francisco Marty, Boston (United States)
George Oancea, Bellevue (United States)
Germinal Marés i Huerta, Breda (Spain)
Gregor Ingenhoven, Hannover (Germany)
Gido Carper, Hamburg (Germany)
Harish Unnikrishnan, Salmiya ( Kuwait)
Helena Blanco, Halmstad (Sweden)
Helmut Kahr, Großgmain (Austria)
Hirokazu Musashi, Shizuoka-Pre Fujinomiya-City ( Japan)
Ivan Cesar Gevaerd, Brusque (Brazil)
James Gramm, Norfolk (United States)
Jean-Claude Boucher, Amiens (France)
Jim Vouden, Camden (Australia)
Jo Williams London (United Kingdom)
Jonghwa Bae, Yongin (Korea, South)
Kazumi Ishikawa, Nasugun Nakagawamati ( Japan)
Kim Leuenberger, Härkingen (Switzerland)
Kirsten Karius, Obertraubling (Germany)
Lauren Rautenbach (South Africa)
Maria Gomes, Coimbra (Portugal)
Mario Boh, Miramar ( Argentina)
Mike Hsu (Taiwan)
Mo Ey, London (United Kingdom)
Nancy van S, Schaijk (Netherlands)
Oh-My-GoD OMG, Boulogne sur mer (France)
Ojeeez Z, Trivandrum (India)
Oyvind Schei, Trondheim ( Norway)
Paresh Kini, Mumbai (India)
Pat Charles, Camberwell (Australia)
Pat KOFAHL, Phoenix (United States)
Pedro Jarque Krebs, Toledo (Spain)
Prasanna Kumar, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
Rafa Lorenzo, Nigrán (Spain)
Rainer Leiss (Austria)
Ralf Steinbrück, Memmingen (Germany)
Ricardo Alves, Carcavelos (Portugal)
Robin Polman, Hengelo ( Netherlands)
Rohan Pavgi, Pune (India)
Rudolf Moerkl, Atzenbrugg (Austria)
Silvia Sandrock, Edmonton (Canada)
Sonia Braga, Belo Horizonte ( Brazil)
Srinidhi Sampath, Bangalore ( India)
Talitha Hoppe, Santpoort-Zuid (Netherlands)
Taylor Ashley, Bend (United States)
Ugyen Tshomo, ALi Road (Bangladesh)
Wave Faber, Brasilia (Brazil)
Yochi Zwilling, Gezer ( Israel)
Zeus 74, Elche (Spain)

have a great weekend!

Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-06-07 21:01:27
Thank you for all your work, Kujaja!

It will be a great book and it was great fun to be part of this project.

Have a beautiful weekend,
Silvia Sandrock
2013-06-06 21:34:43
Hi Kujaja
I am very proud to have been a part of this wonderful project. Thank you so much for picking my photo as one of the ones to be included in the book. Just to let you know how much this has lifted my spirits. As you may or may not know. I have been bombarded with a lot of bad news over the last few weeks. Some of witch included my best friend Bear, ( my dog) Who was been a constant companion and loyal friend foe more than 10 years. He passed away on the 26th of May. Only to find out that my sister, ( Susan Holdner) whom you my know from her posts on 500px, suddenly passed away in her sleep on May 20th. All of which has been very devastating.
I was to the point, where I thought nothing good would ever happen for me again.
But then I received your email . I am now posting to 500px again and soon will be posting here again as well.
The reason I'm telling you all of this is because I believe that what you do here is a really good thing. Not only are you helping out different charities around the world. But by including my photo in the book and posting the results when you did. You have managed to do what, family and friends here hadn't been able to. And that is making me feel good enough about myself to actually start doing stuff again. And for that I thank you.
Thank you.
Paresh Kini
2013-06-07 16:40:33
We all are proud of you Silvia, hope to see more good shots from you in future....
Happy Clicking
2013-06-05 01:04:08
I am very happy that the people who are in the book are happy.

There are only 30 photos in this pilot book. To the people who are not in the book, it's of course not nice to see others being happy about being in the book and you are not. Please don't be sad and please join this project again very soon, you also did a great job!!!
I first said that we would make a on the fly ebook with the photos you choise your self, this unfortunetaly is not possible any more with the very special design which is made. Some text go over 2 pages, on some pages there are 3 texts refering to the pages within the book. I cant write a programm which does that automaticly.

Since making the book took a rather long time, and there are more books in the process or ending very soon (the night book!!) its perhaps not a good idea to repeat the book this year. But I would really like to do this again with more people....

Oh ... I forgot... our friend Jo who is now in Greece is the only one who didnt upload a highres photo... I vagely remember emailing about this with him.. but I dont find any email with a highre photo... Now normaly I would say bad luck not in the book but Jo's photo and the story about greenwhich is a very good entry which we need... he'll be back on sunday/monday I hope I can get the photo then and after that the first test print will go out.

Thanks all for joining! !!!!

And dont forget the Night photography book we have 15 photos already chosen but thats not enough of course
Also book work for the mystic photobook will now start. ... the idea with texts and photos is really good I think, if some one has an idea who we can glue the mystic book in someway perhaps with texts together pls tell at the mystic discussion :-)

Pat Charles
2013-06-05 00:30:52
Many thanks Kujaja. I am honoured that you have included my photo and appreciate greatly all the hard work that you and Eva have put in.
2013-06-04 21:40:17
Such a pleasant surprise.... Humbled and Honoured to be present in the midst of such beautiful photos..... All the credits go to the energy you put into each project inspite of so little support from us...... A big thanks to Eva for the effort She has put into, to uplift a photo-book into something better, bigger, more eloborate and definitely must more beautiful....
You are such an inspiration Kujaja for the selfless effort you put into each project.... A big Hug to you brother.....
Sonia Braga
2013-06-04 18:33:54
I'm glad! It's an honor to have my photo picked for the book.
If possible and if it is ready, I would like to read the photo's text.
And most importantly, thank you very much and congratulations for this work. You coordinated it so well!
Have a great week everyone!
Ashley Sowter
2013-06-04 17:24:04
looks great
do you want me to shorten my text? it is HUGE compared to other peoples (maybe other than Jo W).
Happy to - even if it is just to fit it on one page along side the photo

let me know kujaja
thanks Ashley
2013-06-04 17:34:46
Hi Ashley,
well you can see it here:
fits perfectly and is very nice to read!
Eva organised the text so that it all fits perfectly, no worries Ashely!

Paresh Kini
2013-06-04 17:15:32
I am happy
2013-06-04 17:34:55
me too Paresh :-)
2013-06-04 16:17:31
Hi All,

One shouldnt show a work in progress till its done, but the book is almost done and I dont want to let wait much more so here it is ... a preview from the "one minute on earth" book:

We need to go through all pages one more time but all is set, the photos are choisen..
You can see the choisen photos here:

Don't be sad if you are not in the book, there are a lot of really good photos which are not in the book, but thats because there were too many photos from Europe and too less from the rest of the world.

have a nice week!


Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2013-06-04 20:18:07
Congrats Kujaja, for leading this project! All the chosen photos are fantastic!
Ashley Sowter
2013-05-29 15:17:27
Hi all
Been distracted
100 euros sounds fine
The save the forest idea is excellent. Count me in
This is potentially true change for the good and a tangible thing that we can do
Great initiative guys
Over and out for now
2013-05-29 12:28:00
Hi All,

a small update. I saw the design proposal of Eva yesterday and I am really amazed. This book is going to be a real really really good looking one. Many other photobooks you see in the internet lately and also our water book mostly look like a summary of photos, this One minute on earth is not like this. Of course because we all added text to the photos this book is really special and will have a super professional design look. With Eva's design we can enter the Liga of proffesional photobooks. The first PDF is being made is an Amazon one. So it will will be at Amazon first (and even get an isdn number) and then at blurb. The price will be much much less as the waterbook.
It will take a few more days though before it is finally finished. Eva does this next to her normal jobs and time is of course limitede then.

I have one QUESTION. With the water book all photos from each person was published and therefor all names where at the end of the book. I would again like to mention all names, but would also like to mention the names of the photographers who are not in the photobook to thank them to for their efforts. Do you all agree?

have a nice day to you all!


(btw the night photography photobook ends in June.. join now if you want to join this project)
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-05-29 13:34:51
Sonds wonderful, Kujaja! Many thanks to you and Eva!

For me both possibilities are ok, mentioning all the names or mentioning onley the names of those who's photos are in the book.

Have a beautiful day

Rafa Lorenzo
2013-05-29 18:20:40
Hi. Kujaja

Ok for me!!
Pat Charles
2013-05-30 03:07:39
Sounds fine either way, Kujaja.
Sonia Braga
2013-05-30 16:55:08
Of course, I agree.
Kujaja, which are the pictures chosen? Where can I see?
Have a great thursday and thank you anEva so much!
Chiara Bettega
2013-05-30 16:59:53
Thanks to Kujaja and Eva, I think all the project is wonderful! Mentioning all the names of the photographers gives a complete idea of how many people where connected by a picture on that moment, so I think it's cool!
Francisco Marty
2013-05-30 17:25:42
Good idea, Kujaja!

Would mention name, where they live (city, country) and UTC zone.

It would be great to add website address where all photos are posted so people can see all the contributions, even those who did not make the book.

Has a decision been made on the organization/charity the proceedings of the book would go to? May be good to include in the book so people know what they are contributing to.

Greetings to all!

2013-05-13 19:50:42
Hi All,

I just spoke with Eva Maria Kroder, she is a photobook designer, and she wants to join and help us with the book design :-)
you can see her work here: under the menu "editorial design" you will find the photobooks she already made.

That's great new I think! I really like her work!

But we will have to wait a little bit before she can redesign what I already made.
The photos which will be in the book I already put together in the photobook, but I want Eva to check and let her also look if she finds a photo better or worse so she can make the best deciscion for the design of the book. So I presume we need to wait for 1 more week before we can do the test printing... sorry to let you wait so long.

About the donation for the book, only Fransisco and Charlotte replied to this theme, if you don't agree please tell me so. Or if you have a better idea please let's talk about the best solution for us all. We can of course leave the donation out of the book like a lot of you suggested but if we can do something I think its good to do so. Oh and by the way I have at the moment 2 versions made in Indesign one for but also a Amazon Createspace version. Perhaps its best to publish first at and for the fans of better paper we can do a bigger book at

have a nice start in the week!

2013-05-08 19:28:56
Hi All,

I have to pack my thing and go now. But before I leave, please have a look at:
I think we have found our purpose and should start buying the Amazonia before others do and kill all life in it. For we will not make enough profit with this book, also the mystical landscape photobook will surve this purpose. Fransisco and I chated at facebook about this, he will look for some legal solution. My profil is public so you should all be able to read it:

It costs 3.500 euros to get 30.000 m2 of Amazonia. It is filled with trees and animals all kind... most people demolish it all and build a wooden house on it... understandable in one way but the Amazonia is the most important source of oxygen for all living beeings. Without Amazonia the air will be thinner.

Before we start selling the photobook I think we shoul think together and look how we can buy the first big part of Amazonia so it will be protected from being demolished. Of course there are organisations who do this, if you drink water here for example you protect 1m2 of amazonia. But I prefer it we do it ourselves. There are rich people in this community and also less rich people, I think we should all raise money together to buy our first blocks of Amazonia not regarding how many books we sell. We are about 700 people here. If only 50% of us would donate 100 euros we get 35,000 euros together so we can start our Amazonia protection programm ourselves with a 300.000m2 part of it. Having this part of Amazonia it will also be good for others to join us and to make OUR amazonia bigger with the sell of photobooks (we could also do more to get all the money we can get but we can think of good other solutions).
It is a poverty of man kind that a forest like the Amazonia is for sale, we should do anything we can to protect it.
@Lauren, I asked you to write the intro of the 1 minute on earth photobook, perhaps you would like to intergrate this into the intro.

have a nice long weekend (if you have one too)


Francisco Alcantud
2013-05-08 19:44:19
The picture is also here :)
huge project, huge idea... maybe someday this world will be better becouse of us, that would be great
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-05-09 11:23:03
Hi Kujaja, hi Francisco, hi all
I would love to participate in this project with a forest photo book and also using the income of the other books for it. And I also would be ready to spend 100 Euros as a start.
Looking forward to the coming projects I wish you a joyful day, Charlotte
Sonia Braga
2013-05-15 16:27:57

I also would be ready to spend 100 euros as a start, too!
Sonia Braga
2013-05-15 16:33:21
Thanks very kind Sonia and Charlotte!

But I see that the amount of people who are fond of my idea is rather low... I'll think of something new...

helena blanco
2013-05-19 16:34:53
Sounds like a great idea!I have for this moment not possibilities to donate that sume of money...I am realy sorry!
Helena Blanco
2013-05-19 22:46:31
dont worry Helena, not enough people want to join here so we leave it and make an own project for this cause. Which is already a project by now called "the forest"
David Rothwell
2013-05-07 15:32:11
Have updated place names in text alongside my photographs for the book. All photographs were taken in Snowdonia National Park, Wales.
David Stewart
2013-05-06 01:05:56
I agree with you, Kujaja, about the difficulty of picking a single moment in the day to find the definitive photograph. I wonder if a photo study entitled "One HOUR On Earth" would provide the necessary flexibility but maintain the "One Minute" spirit. I will post a picture that I took approx. 15 minutes after the one I posted that I far prefer.

On the cropping. Please do. I'm a writer and I've learned to trust capable editors... (though I may not always agree with them ;-)...).

Wave Faber
2013-05-06 00:50:13
Hi kujaja, great news you have recovered your spirits! As this was a common endeavour I am wondering whether it would not be a good idea to include a thumbnail version of all pictures you received for the book (or at least one per person), with the name of the photographer and the place and time of shooting, as that also those who will not be selected for the one / two page pictures will still continue to feel part of the project?

A comment on the basis of my experience with the project: considering weather and light uncertainty, much easier to shoot an urban landscape than a nature one!

Keep up with your good work!

Greetings to all, Wave
2013-05-06 02:32:42
Hi Wave,
we did this with the waterbook. The people who had a thumbnail photo were not pleased with it, some even angry. Two companies are interested in buying a big number of the waterbook I can tell (more within the next two weeks about this super excited story) and for them I need to make another version without the thumbnails if we want to sell.... So I prefer not soing this again even if some will be dissapointed. Some photos which are not in the book are better then some photos which are in the one minute on earth book, but thats because of the story we want to tell. So even if you are not in the book you van still have a super result.

about where to shot, I would love to have had a real rainy day on the 6th of april... but it was sunny... I prefer leaving it up to all where they shoot...but the wheater should be no excuse not to shoot neither urban or naturlandscape one should have a plan b and plan c ...

2013-05-05 23:43:15
Thank you all for your hard warming comments to my rather depressive message! It made me really feel better!!

I am sometimes too emotional and my feelings go very often up and down especially when its about photography.

I would say we will make a photobook copy for us and call it like proposed the "pilot" of one minute on earth. I started this idea and said we need at least 300 photographers. That would be great if we do an other try this year :-)

This assignment was really hard. And if you not knew eeeexactly what you wanted to do from the begining it is high proffesional photography if you just would shot anything in the right moment... just imagine Obama will be in your street from 13:00 till 13:01 and you need a shot which is worthy to be in his photobook... (I love the usa presedential photobooks btw) ... that's a hard one....and we did harder we did landscape press photograpyh!

If you really want to do one minute on earth again this year or at the time we are all ready to shoot the utmost super photo, just post the photo you want to make (at the right time but on anyother day you like) here at this website and all can critsize you just to learn.

There is an add I placed looking for a pro book designer and one wrote me friday, she is woow... I placed the add saying this job will be unpaid, but after 3 designers left the boat I am prepared to pay the designer (which is apropiate I think). If we really want to be pro photobook publishers it will cost us something, but I think this is okay. Compared to the other photobooks "one minute on earth" is the most work for it will have text. I hope she will join us.
The idea of making photobooks is also at instagram but I want to be with you all a level higher then that.

But I do think we have some good photos. And over the weekend I started understanding Indesign and I got it going now (I hope) and am almost done!!!!

For the first time I also cut and croped a few photos, and also had to do some editing (for on some of your photos where dust marks and water lensstains). Two photo I croped, it is Raffa Lorenzos photo and David Stewarts photo, if you have anything against it say so now. Those photos were panorama photos which will go over 2 pages. There are about 32 photos I took (at this moment) all will have two pages but only a few go over 2 pages for not all photos look good on 2 pages, most photos look better if the photo is on one side and the text on the other. At the moment I didnt choise the best of all but like we planed the best from each timezone, with the acception that europe has more photos for there are a lot of good shots there and the most people.

Texts! I really need some more text from: Ojeeez Z, Paresh Kini, Rohan Pavgi,Anna Trandeva, Helmut Kahr and Pat Kofahl... as soon as possible . Some of you already have some but the page looks rather empty with only 1 sentence. It doesnt have to be as long as Ashley or Rudolf wrote.
David Rothwell and Pat Kofahl I need the name of the place you shot the photos.
The presons I mention are like almost with one foot into the book but please don't take it for sure that you are in but without the longer texts you are more out then in... Some fotos I would also take with less text but for some I wouldnt...

I forgot my aunt was english teatcher, I can ask her to prove read.

There are 2-4 photos I need to talk about with others after that I can show you here which photos are in the book before you can order it. I will first go with a blurb bigsize copy so I am sure about the quality, and then use the same indesign file to do an amazon book, just to know how it gets to be.

(by the way I got another funny idea :-) for a book... )

sorry for my depressive message, I am on the track again and running :-)

@Charlotte van Stuijvenberg the middle sized waterbook also cost about that price but with the 20 euros of donation it just got really expensive.
@Paresh I will try both amazon and blurb, but blurb first for they had an indesign file one can use and that is an easier start for me.

Rafa Lorenzo
2013-05-07 22:02:10
Hi Kujaja, of course you can crop!
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-05-05 11:40:49
my comment was interrupted by touching the screen unwillingly ...
I have the following idea for another time: We could take photos all at the same local time, for example 7 or 8 p.m., not absolutely on the same day but maybe inthensame week or so ...

Thank you, Kujaja, for providing us this interesting and beautiful platform and for all your ideas!

Greetings to all and have a beautiful Sunday
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-05-05 12:05:04
I'd like to add something more to my comment: I am working in the book business (bookshop and publisher) and I think if you want to sell the printed book to the public, it should not cost more then 45 Euros. The shipping costs will be added to this which will be quite expensive as well.
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-05-05 11:35:22
Hi Kujaja, Hi all
I still love the idea of OMOE. And I also would look at this as an experiment. The pictures can not be good according to usual quality standards because of the conditions. They have a value because they are documents of photogrphers having taken pictures all in the same minute. For my part I would prefer just an ebook (I also bought the water book as ebook). With this you do not have the deterioration of color quality which is always given when you print pictures. And it is a lot of work to transform the rbs into cmyk systems ...
I have an idea for Another slightly different
Silvia Sandrock
2013-05-04 03:14:02
Hello everyone
I whole heartily agree with Paresh. This was my very first photo shoot of any kind and I don't mind saying I rather enjoyed and felt honored to be a part of such a fantastic project. I'm looking forward doing it again.
Hey we are all only human, there for if we didn't make mistakes then how would we learn and grow? There are things we all know now that we did not know at the beginning. I have no idea if my photo is one of the one the 10, but I highly doubt it. But I do however think that there were very many wonderful shot which I voted on. I love the idea of a slide show on youtube. Call it a piolet project.
But what ever you guys decide please DO NOT SHUT DOWN THE SITE. By the way the only reason I haven't been active here is because my very best friend, my dig Bear is very ill right now and he more than anything or anyone deserves all my attention and love. Cause he's always been here for me unconditionally. At the same time I felt this was important enough to put my 2 cents in.

Best regards; Silvia.
Sonia Braga
2013-05-04 02:41:38
Hello all,
I too agree that it was a great initiative, and there was some pretty amazing pictures too. Just like Ashley and Francisco said, I think it would be a good idea to print it anyway, and try again another time with a form to give a uniform details of the picture. I'm not sure if I speak for everybody who participated, but I would be very interested in getting a couple copies of whatever this book turns out to be.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Paresh Kini
2013-05-03 09:36:09
Hello everybody,
I agree with Ashley but not completely, look as you said amazon does not use good quality paper for printing but its cheap so the final book will cost much less than blurb on the other hand we have 36 photos out of which only 10 have been selected by the professional photographer so if we dont have good image quality then why to worry about the print quality. Lets go with amazon as we had a test shoot before 6th April the same way lets make a sample book for 2013 and work more harder for 2014 with better plans and more people with us. If its not working making a book we can even create a slideshow for people to view on youtube. This year we should not worry about the profit donation, we need to spend the money gained on advertising and publicity through social networking sites and target next year. Gido dont you ever say of closing the site again, you have lead us all till here , you have done a great job.... Hatsoff.....
Pat Charles
2013-05-03 05:46:37
Hello all,

I am with Ashley. Let's look at this time as a pilot. I don't think there is enough to make a worthwhile book from this time. If we do make a book of 36 photos, I'd be surprised if you sell more than 36 copies.

Let's get the word out there and make this much bigger next time and hopefully make it a truly global event.

Francisco Marty
2013-05-03 00:41:17
Dear Kujaja and all,

1. I think OMOE was and is a great project. I keep hearing comments from people who heard about it who are not photographers. There is vision and inspiration in this as Ashley points out.

2. Hard to know what to make of the photographer consultant's comments. People shot in many different weather and light conditions to meet the agreement of the "one minute." What we got is quite genuine, even though it may not meet a cold quality review. Some of the photos can be further adjusted if needed, like Mario did recently. I think we have very nice 24-36 photos here. Once you post the final selection, we can work on optimizing the images before printing.

3. I favor exploring other vendors as Taylor suggests before giving up on the book for this year. We can discuss ways of contributing to the baseline costs so it does not fall only on Kujaja.

4. I think once you have the final selection and book size, we can help each other with the texts. Happy to help with this.

5. We are almost there for this one. Even if it's not perfect, having the book out will be a big boost for OMOE 2014 or if we do it again later this year.

Ashley Sowter
2013-05-02 23:42:37

Hang in there mate!

You are trying to do a wonderful thing here. YOUR vision, inspiration and leadership sparked an international event with a good natured charitable cause behind it. Not everyone gets to change the world...and maybe you haven't yet...but I am sure this is how these things start. congratulations for what you have already achieved in getting (100?) strangers from across the globe united with a common purpose.

My suggestion is that we put this down as a "pilot" program. Ignore the charity this time, the book just wont be good enough. (i received my water book copy this week - it is wonderful). This round of OMOE is not as strong...and thats ok!

How about we print for ourselves as a memento of our achievement. We find a cheap print provider (or one that the members are happy to pay for - personally I am ok with whoever we choose, I will buy a copy). ideally there are no profits, however if they are then they go into a bank account to help find and publicise the next OMOE event

between now and the next one (next year?) we use the best 10 shots that the professional chose as publicity for the idea, in conjunction with the water book, to generate social interest. we hit facebook, twitter, linkedin, flikr, 500px, whatever and generate enthusiasm.

I vote we call this a pilot program, that was successful enough to go again. I think we didnt get a book of sufficient standard due to:
1. not enough people contributing. Need more members
2. poor weather conditions etc for some people (point 1 fixes this i hope)
3. better definition around text intentions. we can build a template for people to fill in to get consistency

how does everyone feel about that?
* pilot program - print for ourselves, call it a success
* tweak it and get more people on board
* try again in 6-12 months

Taylor Ashley
2013-05-02 21:53:10
wow , that was strange , sorry about the multiple posts , not sure how that happened
Taylor Ashley
2013-05-02 21:52:37
what about MPIX or Bay Photo to make the book , I have made books with both those sites , MPIX is the cheapest. Anyway these are good projects , Im sure its a hand full to deal with your self. Delicate some work out to more invested members. Anyway don't give up. Keep up the good work , Im looking forward to seeing the book.
Paresh Kini
2013-05-03 09:37:57
Sounds good....
Taylor Ashley
2013-05-02 21:52:31
what about MPIX or Bay Photo to make the book , I have made books with both those sites , MPIX is the cheapest. Anyway these are good projects , Im sure its a hand full to deal with your self. Delicate some work out to more invested members. Anyway don't give up. Keep up the good work , Im looking forward to seeing the book.
Taylor Ashley
2013-05-02 21:52:27
what about MPIX or Bay Photo to make the book , I have made books with both those sites , MPIX is the cheapest. Anyway these are good projects , Im sure its a hand full to deal with your self. Delicate some work out to more invested members. Anyway dont give up. Keep up the good work , Im looking forward to seeing the book.
Taylor Ashley
2013-05-02 21:52:27
what about MPIX or Bay Photo to make the book , I have made books with both those sites , MPIX is the cheapest. Anyway these are good projects , Im sure its a hand full to deal with your self. Delicate some work out to more invested members. Anyway dont give up. Keep up the good work , Im looking forward to seeing the book.
Taylor Ashley
2013-05-02 21:52:23
what about MPIX or Bay Photo to make the book , I have made books with both those sites , MPIX is the cheapest. Anyway these are good projects , Im sure its a hand full to deal with your self. Delicate some work out to more invested members. Anyway dont give up. Keep up the good work , Im looking forward to seeing the book.
Taylor Ashley
2013-05-02 21:52:14
what about MPIX or Bay Photo to make the book , I have made books with both those sites , MPIX is the cheapest. Anyway these are good projects , Im sure its a hand full to deal with your self. Delicate some work out to more invested members. Anyway don't give up. Keep up the good work , Im looking forward to seeing the book.
Elliott McCrory
2013-05-02 18:48:33
10 out of 36 are good enough? This reminds me of the famous telegram from Groucho Marx to the Friar's Club of Beverly Hills: "PLEASE ACCEPT MY RESIGNATION. I DON'T WANT TO BELONG TO ANY CLUB THAT WILL ACCEPT PEOPLE LIKE ME AS A MEMBER". If my photo is good enough to be included in this lovely project, then maybe the photos aren't good enough. :-)
Rafa Lorenzo
2013-05-02 22:56:53
David Rothwell
2013-05-02 01:53:19
Hi all

Where we at with this project now then? Are we needing a lot text, or just the text which is currently associated with our images.
2013-05-02 10:59:41
Hi All,

to the question, where are we with this project...
I am rather depressed I must say, I dont really know what to do best. A few problems arose which made me not able to choose what to do next.

Problem1: after choosing about 36 photos I let a photographer look at my choises and after that only 10 photos were left which were good to be in the book. But 10 is not enough. So I went back to my about 36 shots and checked the textes to the photos. A few texts are very nice but some are only a one liner with information one doesnt really want to read about. I asked for the texts to level up the overall quality of the book so it would not be really bad that we dont have all have superduper photos... So I cant really defend the quality with texts. (not even thinking about the textprove etc) Then I started just to take more images into the book and got to the old problem of having to many pages which brings me to Problem number 2

Problem 2: I didnt want to make the book very expensive so I wanted to try Amazon. Using amazon probably also isnt a good idea for the paper quality is not so good. But the bigger problem I encountered is that one needs to know Indesign. I have no knowledge of indesign and there for I placed an add to get an photobook designer.... talked with 3 all were interested but had no time to do the book... I tried to do indesign but I had no success ... so presumable we should go back to blurb again, but then blurb is expensive and then the book will only be for us for we would like to see our photos in a book like the waterbook...

Problem 3: So if I return to I need to make test copies again which cost me with the waterbook about 500 euros... I dont want to make this expenses for the quality isnt that high compared to the waterbook. Also The price will be high....

So I can make a photobook (1 size only) which will be just for us, for I dont believe anybody will be interested in it but it will be (depending on the size) at least 60 to 100 euros. I think that is not worthy... pls tell me if you like that or not.

Also I ask myself why am I doing this...
and am considering of giving this website all up and close it down....


Rafa Lorenzo
2013-05-02 12:45:06
Hi, Kujaja!

First of all, NEVER give up, my friend! One Minute on Earth was a great idea, and many of us, all around the world, have spent a nice time on it, and at least me, I want the book!!! For me texts are not so critical, we love photography and a nice image has enough strength, no text needed! And again, I think important thing is our own illusion on the project and our own view of this minute on Earth, external opinions are not so important!
Your 36 winners are, for sure, a great result of the project and I really would like to have this 36 pages book! For me, at least, is worth!

un abrazo from Spain!
Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2013-05-02 17:09:34
Hello, Kujaja.

You are a great guy... your idea is fantastic and many of us, all around the world, have spent a nice time on it, so you should be proud of it! I know it's hard to lead a group of people, but don't give up!!!

I wish I could have done a better work, but many of us have done nice photos!!!

The idea of helping some organization is the most important!!!

Warm regards!
Ashley Sowter
2013-04-23 17:39:11

Bad news I guess. I spoke to my dad and he said the task is too daunting for him to attempt. he also didnt think that any of his students would be up to the challenge. (sorry)

Perhaps, once all the text are in and the final photos are decided, those of us who are native english speaking can proof read and edit if there are major issues. I am happy to help here.

One thing I was wondering is how much text we are planning on having per image. I suggest it should be a similar amount so the book looks balanced. Jo and I have quite a lot. Is this too much?

are we planning on 1 page photo and a caption underneath? 1 page photo and the opposite page with text?

Ive just ordered my copy of the water book, so in 3 weeks time I can see what you guys did for that one

yochi zwilling
2013-04-22 16:16:53
Can you clarify the voting process?
2013-04-22 16:28:44
Hi Yochi,

the bookvote is the vote you get for the "vote best of 3" which is 10 point, the normal vote is also 10 points and a bookcover vote is 50 points, the last one though is not really important for this book for we already knew in front which photo would be the cover photo.

Ashley Sowter
2013-04-20 03:21:34
Hi all,

My father is an english teacher by trade. I have just emailed him to ask if he would be able to proof read the texts, or perhaps better yet, one of his A+ Students who might get a real kick (and career start) out of being "editor" of a book and published.

This could give us access to someone with strong English skills and give them a mention in the credits.

I think someone proof reading and editing the tests is important. especially for many of you, I suspect English is not your native dialect. Translations get a general feel across, but are often poor sentence structure etc.

Would an editor help? - if i can get a volunteer?

Personally I've never written text (of any length) to accompany a photo, so I'd like feedback on my text to see if it is the kind of thing you were after. OR point me at a link that IS the kind of thing you are looking for.

I've got a truckload on at present (as most of you do), but I will offer to tentatively put my hand up to assist with the intro text, if needed

Cover of the book - Yes! Fransisco nailed this!

Elliott McCrory
2013-04-20 05:26:02
I am a native speaker (born and raised in the US). I have no particular editing skills, but let me know how I can help.
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-04-21 01:31:40
I had the same idea that somebody should proof read all the texts and corrrect them. For a book it is necessary that the texts are of good quality.
2013-04-21 23:57:36
Thanks Ashley Elliott and Charlotte,

if you think its important to prove read we should do so. I prefer though telling at the end who's in the book and not. But that would mean all texts needs to be prove readed..
Another possibility is that I only give Ashleys father the excel list of the photos which are in the book and his studends prove read them... I think if Ashleys dad wants to help us out here it would be prefect of course.

To my question if anybody would like to volenteer to find another aid organisation nobody answered...

Have a nive start into the new week!


Francisco Marty
2013-04-22 00:36:32
Hello all!

1. As I mentioned before, happy to translate any text for the photos from Spanish to English. Great idea to have a proofreader and it's great to have Ashley's dad and/or his student help out.

2. One organization that came to mind was United World Colleges ( I attended one of their international schools before going to college and the OMOE reminded me a lot about them. We could contribute to a particular college or scholarship fund. In turn, I think they would be excited to hear about the OMOE project and the book may reach a lot of people.

3. Tomorrow is Earth Day, so I would suggest we be in the look out tomorrow for local or international organizations that may be worth supporting and may be a good match for the book. I'm sure several will be feature in the press.

4. Any thoughts on how to organize the book? Somehow it keeps popping in my mind. A suggestion: Start with the night shots from Australia, then the fishing shot from the Bering Sea, then the US West Coast night shots, followed by Pat's awesome sunrise/early morning shot, then the morning shots in the US East Coast, and South America, then the European and Middle East afternoon, followed by the Rhino's shot and ending with the Indian sunset.

Have a great week!

2013-04-22 16:28:40
Hi Fransisco,

1. spanish would of course be very nice, 2 world languages... but we need to check the length of the final texts first to see if there is enough space

to your point 2.
It is best if we find an organisation which allows us to mention them within the book. Most organisations do not allow you to do so for if this is done mostly they get some taxproblems. But if you say your choisen organisation agrees with this I am happy to take them as charity organisation.

3. yes good idea!

to point4... you idea would be a trip against the rotation of the earth... so you would go back in time somehow...

have a great week and a super earth day too!

Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2013-04-22 20:36:10
I find Franciscos idea to sponsor the United World College very good. Our book illustrates that we are all living on one earth and are part of one humanity. The College seems to teach exactly this knowledge.
2013-04-23 01:34:22
Hi Again,

About the organisation Fransico mentioned, I checked it a bit more now. As it seems most of these are schools are in europe and america total of 7 from the 12 total schools. I prefer not to donate to schools in europe and america. They should be able to take care of themselves. Sorry to say that of course there is poverty also in europe and the usa but this school is about learning more about other cultures. But there are too many childer not going to school at all, and that is more important.
If we want to support a school there are 2 other possibilties. I can inform you soon about this. These were organisations I had in mind for the education book where there were not enough photos and I took offline.

Another thing I was selecting the photos for the book and found that there are hardly any texts along the photos I ordered.... It's not final yet and it will take a few more days. Perhaps its better I show you the photos which are in the close selection so the people who shot these photo can write a little story. I really think it is nessescary to have a small story (about how you got to your location, why you think it was most presentative for this project and if you like tell how you felt) along the photos, this will raise the quality of the book.

With the waterbook we have a collection of photos and if I look at other new magazins this is mostly the case ... its a collection of photos. Normaly this should work out, for example the night photobook or the mystic landscape photobook can live from only photos but for example the flower photobook... the name of the flower in latin and english should be in there .. its not much but people who would like to buy it think in another way sometimes... I think this project really needs a story it will connect the photos together for there is not a lot of connection seen if you just look at the photos.
A photo says more then words, yes true. But this is not just 1 photo the project are all photos :-)

Have a good night or a good new day!

2013-04-19 01:54:42
Hi All,

already a few days ago now that I wrote you here. I put an add in an online designers plattform to get us a book designer, but it didnt work out yet and if not for this book... so I need to do it myself again. The pubish house whom I wrote didnt reply anymore, I already wondered why they did react so quick for normaly it takes ages to get published... and this is also the case.

I just wrote a lot but I need to think again... sorry ... I think was too expensive last time... prices were from 48 till 110 euros and that was too expensive... It might be that the print quality will be worse if we do another company but it must be cheaper... I thought of doing amazon but then just find a company which is in Hamburg who publishes in many different plattforms and isnt expensive either... (I knew this market will grow bigger)

The Cover Photo of the book will be the photo of Fransisco. I first though of changing it but I think Fransisco did a great job and somehow since monday Boston unfortunately became more known as we all wanted to after the bomb explosions. I don't dear changing the skyline of Boston now anymore... but also before this happened I thought its better not to change it... Cheers Fransisco!

The aid organistation. I really need your help, when I get home I am mostly so tired that it's really hard to do something again on the computer. I asked one person to get find an charity organisation but she got ill and still isnt really healthy again. Are there a few of you who would like to look for an organisation. If we dont find any we will continue helping Oliviero, whats of course really good, but it would be better if each book has its own charitiy. I dont know where we are all going to... but just imagine we become so successfull with each book (one day.. I am optimistic) we get so much that Oliviero needs to go and live there to be able to spend all that money in Bangladesh... so who wants to help me?

Intro text. The Waterbook intro text was made by 4 people and at the end edited by Lauren. Who wants to do the intro text?
Ah about the intro text... I will already tell you what I have in mind with the book...

We will start with Australia and end up with Taylors boat, in (about) the middle of the book we will be at greenwich and insteat of in the begining I think it's intersting to write the "intro" and who joined in the middle of the book. So you can start the book from the beginning to the end and from the end to the beginning... at the back of the book we need to explain this...

I didnt read all your texts and I need to add my text too. Pls reread your text 20 times if you wrote it in english and are not english speaking by mother language, and ask your friends to check the text. I will publish it as is. I dont mind grammar or spelling errors but readers do mind.

thats it for today...oh yes I didnt finish the ebook thing yet... sorry... it will take a few weeks before you have the book in your hands but it will be good!

kind regards

2013-04-14 21:03:06
The location ...EXTRA !!!
and it works pretty fine :) well implanted .
a great & exiting project !! Thanks really for this part of ...pleasure...this particular moment...Kujaja...
Francisco Marty
2013-04-14 19:38:38
Thanks so much, Kujaja, for adding the map/location to the photos! And thank you for hosting and leading the OMOE project! It's been a great fun, I've learned a lot from all the members/friends who have participated, and look forward to the photobook and final gallery!
2013-04-14 11:13:31
Goodmorning all,

I made some changes on the website. You can now add the exact position of your shot. Just edit your photo and on the right bottom there is a google maps now.
If you upload a new photo you can now also directly make your own thumbnail on the fly and of course also geolocate your photo.
There is a little bug with the email notification, all get this email from this group I am sorry if you dont want to read this I am working on it.

@Taylor we will of course wait for you, have a good catch
@Paresh good idea, I like it. I am not a video maker myself. But take a look at I find this a very intersting video idea. I dont know how to organise this with the video I could open a new group for this if there are more people intested.

btw our last "one minute on earth" entry is a sunrise in Arazona check it out, it is a super shot from Pat Kofahl check it out:

I am asking a lot of you, first B&W extra version that a story and now I have to ask you to edit your photos from the "one minute on earth" project and geo position it. After all are done I can change the overall geomap.

Thanks in advance!

have a great and relaxt Sunday


Francisco Marty
2013-04-13 20:28:29
Dear friends!

Saw Daniel Quade's embedded time lapse in the narrative of one of his photos which was fun. As part of updating my narrative for the photo, I decided to generate and embed a Google Earth interactive map with the exact location of the shot. I think it is very cool. Take a look: . You may want to try it.

Please take time to go over the photos again today or tomorrow and make your final votes. Pat just uploaded an awesome panorama of Arizona/Colorado!

Awesome photo, story and a great catch, Taylor!!!

Have a great weekend!

Taylor Ashley
2013-04-13 15:42:51
Also the google map still shows me in Bend , OR and my shot was in the Bearing Sea , AK , closest down in Dutch Harbor , AK
Taylor Ashley
2013-04-13 15:35:21
I just want to apologize for not voting yet or getting my photo story in , Im just in the middle of the bearing sea fishing , I run a big commercial fishing boat and have very slow sat internet. anyway I just finished my last full trip 400,000 lbs of pollock and only have another 120,000 k to catch and I will be heading back to Kodiak , AK where I will have full internet and can get to the voting and the photo story for my shots , Thank you all for the votes I have got and I promise I will get to my votes soon , I look forward to seeing everyone's work. anyway just wanted to pass that along , Thank again , Taylor Ashley , T-Vicious Photography
Rafa Lorenzo
2013-04-13 19:49:14
Have a good catch, my friend! many luck!
Francisco Marty
2013-04-13 00:39:11
Just took another tour on the gallery and made sure I had looked at all the photos again and turned in my votes. I think the submissions and voting selections are great and worth the book!

I think we hit some bad weather is some time zones and some people could not make it or self-censored their photos. It would be great for all people who signed up and like the project to vote too.

As other people have suggested and if Kujaja is up for it, I see OMOE as a first year version of what can be an annual project as other people have already suggested. Each year would take place at a different GMT time maybe a bit later in the northern hemisphere Spring or Fall.

Will edit the narrative of my photos over the weekend. Happy to translate narratives from Spanish as needed.


P.S. Kujaja ha sugerido que por favor incluyamos narrativas de nuestras fotos: que nos llevó a elegir el sitio que fotografiamos y las circunstancias de clima, transporte, etc. Si quieren me envían la narrativa en castellano y yo la traduzco.
Pedro Jarque Krebs
2013-04-14 21:28:10
Gracias Francisco, ¿cómo hago para enviarte mi narrativa en castellano?
Ashley Sowter
2013-04-12 23:23:46
Interesting idea about the video Paresh. Its certainly something I would participate in and watch at least once.
Perhaps its best avenue would be youtube with some kind of ad for charity donations?
I think it is something that could be massive in that forum and potentially "go viral", especially if we got media/tv attention
To be honest though the total length of the video (in any format) wouldnt want to be more than 10 mins total duration - to my mind. People's attention span these days of the internet and mobility are limited (aka Gen Y) and instant gratification is the order of the day
If we had 10 sec elements as you described, then that still leaves "60" total scenes, something like 2 per timezeone
just my thoughts coming out as i type.
Paresh Kini
2013-04-13 07:31:24
You are right Ashley, youtube would give us the popularity and maximum viewers i am not aware of how to get advertisements for charity that would be left to Kujaja, the total video length must be less than 10 mins even a 5 mins duration video would be superb. We need media and tv attention as you said but also can get enough popularity through various social networking sites. I am happy for the response i got uptill now....
Silvia Sandrock
2013-04-12 21:59:17
Hi Paresh.

I tend to agree with Kim. I love the idea of time laps videos. But I'm not so sure Other photographers would feel the same way. My only problem would the editing part. But I'm a quick study. So I'm sure it wouldn't take me long to figure that out.
Paresh Kini
2013-04-13 07:37:32
Editing is quite simple in Adobe Lightroom, we have many tutorials to watch on youtube starting from the shoot to editing the video. I am happy you liked the idea and hope you will join us if we start.
Silvia Sandrock
2013-04-12 21:55:18
Hi Kujaja.
When you talk about a Google map about where every ones shots were taken, are you talking about like a street view? or a little higher up?
Also I think a little story as to how, when and where we got to our shots is a really good Idea.
Paresh Kini
2013-04-12 17:21:45
As i was watching the photos from the book OMOE everybody captured beautiful landscapes, they have sky, clouds, greenery, sun... almost everything, so a idea came in my mind why not make 1 hour of Earth, whole concept being the same but this time we make videos rather than images i mean timelapse video. We decide a specific time as we did with the OMOE and all get 1 hour to shoot multiple images, then combine them to make a timelapse video of 5-10sec, upload it and then a final video decided by the jury in which all the video clips from different time zones will be played accordingly. The final video needs to be edited by a proffesional. We can show the whole 1 hour in just 5 secs. I think this would be more fun, at present we have 650 members on the site even if 20 percent join it would be a great project. We are not in a hurry to start this , we have lot of time.. please let me know what you guys think about it...
Kim Leuenberger
2013-04-12 20:59:13
I love the idea, I'm just not sure people that all people that like photography are feeling the same about videos - I do tho.
We could make it a huge project, or also ask some musical artist to join and come up with a video clip "one hour on the earth".
If we do it right and well, it could be huge, that really is a great idea Paresh!
Paresh Kini
2013-04-13 07:43:16
That would be great if some musician joins we can make it huge, we got to make it.... we need to make a people aware, i am happy you like the idea.
Rohan Pavgi
2013-04-13 10:58:52
Timelapse video would be excellent if we traced the Sun in every shot during finalizing concept. a musical score with emotional touch and these beautiful pictures starting from Japan to Alaska would be just perfect :D
2013-04-12 13:21:39
Hi Everybody,

I presume most of you have uploaded their 1 minute of earth photo, if not please do so as soon as you can.
Also if you didnt voted the best of three from you fellow photgrapher please do so.

I think we can make a nice section of the photos we made together. But the idea of getting 24 photos from the 24 timezones didnt work out. Nether the less we do have a lot of timezones and have some really nice shots (I think about 30-35) so I think we can make a photobook.

Since we dont have many photos I would like you to write a small story about how you got to your idea and how you got there on your location. The photobook with all stories of all will make it more personal I think.
If you are bad in english, write in your own language I dont know how we can translate that yet but perhaps its not nessecary.
I hope you like the idea that we add a little text to the photos.

oh I tried making the google maps on the photo edit function and got struck with some other programming problems. I hope I can make it this weekend so we can all show where each photo was shot :-)

have a nice weekend!


Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2013-04-12 20:28:57
It's a pitty not to have the 24 timezones... the idea is fantastic and that's why many of us joined to one. Anyway, I'm sure the final result will be fantastic and the most important is that somehow we are going to help somebody!!! Congrats, Kujaja!
Francisco Marty
2013-04-11 00:01:58
Hi everyone!

Please upload your photos for OMOE if you have not done so yet! Plan is to complete the uploads by Friday. Thanks!

Por favor monten sus fotos para OMOE si no lo han hecho todavía. El plan es tener todas las fotos en la galería del proyecto el viernes a más tardar. ¡Gracias!

Silvia Sandrock
2013-04-11 00:01:32
Well I just went and did my due diligence and voted. But it seems like not everyone has gone to vote.
It is as important to go and vote as the photos we took. So come on everyone go and vote. There are some fantastic photos here.

Also Kujaja, I was thinking, How about if we have a shoot next year we reverse things. Like my shoot could be a daylight shoot?
2013-04-09 13:13:34
Good morning all,

about Kim's NASA Map I think its a great idea, I think you can also get it somewhere else since wheater satalites are everywhere, it doesnt have to be the NASA but can of course.

I also found this article:
I think its very intersting...

have a great day to you all!
Silvia Sandrock
2013-04-09 04:03:36
I love the idea of the map. I'm only sad to see that I seem to be the only one in Canada.
I feel kind of lonely up here. Lol. Maybe more from Canada will post in the next couple of days.
Canada is a beautiful country. It would be great to see some photos from the east to the west coast.



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