Oliviero Masseroli
2016-03-11 23:32:45
I received the proceeds of the sale "Water" books.
My thanks to all the friends who bought the book (449$).
My task will be to invest this donation for the construction of new water pumps in Bangladesh.
The aid project "Water and Rice" continues its path and over the past 10 years has built more than 250 water pumps. We have cultivated the fields in Rangpur and we each have are able to donate more than 150 tons of rice and potatoes.
Thanks and thanks again to all.
Oliviero - "Water and Rice"

PS - Sorry for my english limited
2016-03-06 14:57:10
Hi all people from the water book!

it has been a long time ago that there was some news about the water book. Nothing happened for a loong time. The water book wasn't sold anymore but last month 18 copies were sold. That was quit a surprise to me.
So we got another 449$ profit and I already contacted Oliviero Masseroli andwill send him the money. He told me that he will go back to Bangladesh to build more waterpumps in August :-)

nice to see that our book is still making some profit :-)))

have a great start in the new week you all! And take a look at kujaja, since we made the water book a lot changed and a loooot of people also joined us

dear regards

2013-05-10 20:26:07
Hi all flower photographers,

we also have a mystical landscape photobook project which you can still join for 3 days then the photobook closes. There are some amazing photos uploaded already but if you have some really nice photo you want to have in the mystical photobook please upload now or within the next three days!

oh and by the way I perhaps have some amazing news about the waterbook, two actually. One I can tell already and one I will tell you if all business is cleared out. An example of the waterbook is now at president of the waterworks in Hanburg.... my friend knwos him and he talked about our book with him and he wanted to see it.....the other news is not a fact yet I will tell you as soon as I know more

have a nice weekend to you all!

sameer Karkal
2013-03-22 09:06:31
you are right kazumi, we have to publicizes this book and make people to buy this book, as on it reaches more hands, the more we can rise the charity.. kujaja has done his best to publish this book..now its in our hands how we make this book reach people hands.. i wish to like to say everyone ,whoever is on this book and supported this project, you people have done a great job... if we continue to create a news books which focus on human daily lives..and get it published and make it reach to people hands, to the some extent we can help the needy ones..
Kazumi Ishikawa
2013-03-22 02:40:00
Does it mean that everybody publicizes existence of "waterbook" by one's method?
Telling, for example, a friend in 500px or Facebook. etc...
Such a thing can cooperate.
In addition, I think that the explanation should unify it.
2013-03-22 01:27:52
I made a small page with the story about the book, I am happy for any change suggestions:

I will post a photo tomorrow at 500px with world water day even if its too late for a real event...
perhaps you like to post a photo from the waterbook too and link it to the story page I think thats not bad, but you can do any other link too.
We probably wont make more sales with it, but it is world water day and that is somehow our cause too..

good night you all


2013-03-21 22:15:04
Hi All Water book photographers,

I just heart from Francisco Marty that tomorrow is the Water World day.
What about we do a small waterbook day revival? perhaps we can sell some more copies. This year we only sold 2 copies and thats a bit of a pitty.
Oliviero Masseroli is also back from Bangladesh and he just wrote:

"Thanks to our aid donated through the book was able to carry all the water pumps (18) and help Water and Rice. The seven tons of potatoes had cost around 700 euro and was covered in full by the help of our Water. We were great my thanks is great, as well as one of the many villages and Santal Tribal Oraun"
He already posted a view photos in his facebook profil (and will send me some more photos by email) and we try to get a report perhaps still tonight together so we can make a small extra page with what we all did.

I already posted at twitter about the water book here:
But there was no reaction, I think we are a bit too late.

But never the less if we make the website tonight perhaps we can do a World Water day at any other photo community to make people aware of that day and also our water book?

Tell me what you think

have a nice evening
Kujaja / Gido

2013-02-15 13:10:49
Finally finally the money donated was send to me from blurb!!!!

Somehow the money got lost (of course) and I mailed several times with blurb.com.
Today it got finally onto my account so i can tranfer the rest of the money to Oliviero Masseroli

That really took a long time!

by the way today is a strike at 500px inititated from Tony Gorans
if you like you can upload your photos at www.kujaja.com (or check out the other photobooks we are doing.)
I changed the "photos" section so that only the best photos from 1 day are shown (normaly it is set to 30 days)

have a beautifull weekend to you all!

Robin Polman
2012-12-18 21:13:12
My car broke down..... I'll have (and will) to order the book a little later. DAMN!
Fabulous new book ideas Kujaja, gets me inspired to take the camera.
Phyllis Rachler
2012-12-13 20:18:41
Wow, the new structure looks great! Thanks for making space here for discussion, info and other comments :)
jamal ouguimi
2012-12-13 18:32:34
this is a great and wonderful hard work you doing kujaja thank u very much . hi helena hope u are aall fine..

best regards
2012-12-13 19:04:33
:-) Thank you too Jamal!
Today I also got my books finally. I will send your deserved copy first thing tomorrow! :-)
helena blanco
2012-12-13 17:55:30
Thank you for a wounderful work Kujaja ,I am happy we are helping Oliveiro in his water and rice project.
I am looking forward to see some pictures from him when he comes back.
Together we are strong.
Looking forward for new projects!
There are many things we can help with.
Environment,education,against violence..helping youngsters..etc..
Thank you all sweet and talented photographers that made this possible!
Take care!
2012-12-13 19:02:50
:-) Thank you too Helena!
2012-12-13 17:28:40
We did a great job, we finished our first book and its in the selves of blurb.com!

I presume all already know it but since most of the communication was on facebook I repeat the urls for the once who didn't know yet :-)

You can find the middle sized book at the bestseller list at blurb.com:
a mini book with all photos:
the ebook with all photos:
and the big book here:
its also at itunes but you shouldn't buy it there for 7,50 goes to apple...
(though very nice we did get accepted not all get I read)

A few changes were made at the kujaja.com website be my guest and check it out.
I also opened 3 new books you can join and will open a few more. The time schedules is very long but it always helps to upload first as you can see the people who first uploaded at the water book got more points as the people who came later...

For the new books I will of course send an event invitation at facebook but the communitcation should be at the kujaja.com website so all know what's happening.

Hope you we all join the new books. There will be more books and if you have any suggestion please send me an email

have a happy day!

Kujaja Jaja

Francisco Marty
2012-12-13 18:32:47
Dear Kujaja,

Thank you so much for your leadership on the Water book project! It's been a great experience to see it take shape, get the appropriate foundation to support and see the book take off at blurb.com.

Thank you also for keeping those of us who don't use Facebook updated on the progress of this and other projects through your website and 500px.

Take care,

2012-12-13 19:02:35
:-) Thank you too Francisco! For helping us!



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