World Street Photography 1 (2013/2014)

Cover by Tatsuo Suzuki
2015-02-02 15:21:26
Hi you all,

I have a great but for some a perhaps disappointing message. I just came back from the printing house and we will print a book together if all goes well even on a yearly basis.
For there are already so many photos for the second street photography photo book the printing house is of course only interested in the newer book which has not been published yet. For them it of course makes no sense printing 2 books and printing the elder book is less interesting as printing a new one. I understand and also agreed with them.

Lots of you have also joined the second book and lots of you will also be in the second photo book. I showed a selection of the nominated photos and they were again totally thrilled.

If all goes well the new book can be ordered in April and will be out in June, and hopefully first presented on an exhibition with photos from the book in Hamburg. 15 Photos from the new book will be chosen today and used as commercial for the new book, and to be able to already announce the book towards book stores.

There will be at least 1000 copies of the book sold in Europe and the USA in specialized book stores and if we sell them all it will be an annually book telling the world what's new in street photography around the world. The book will have at least 200 pages and thicker paper, so the postal costs will unfortunately rise but the book price will remain the same. Of course the printing house will also earn something from the book but they will give the book the publicity it needs. The profit we get will be donated to the Ashalayam organisation to 100% (the organisation who gets street children of the streets in India and give them a life of them own, shelter, education and food) which will be around 8000 euros if we sell all books; which makes it the highest donation we ever could give.

If you didn't join the new book now is the time, at the 19th of February 2015 we close the doors for this years book. There is still some time left to join the weekly street competition, get nominated and get into the book. and PLEASE do upload in High resolution without watermarks.

The idea arose to make the above project and or the kisses project, part of the book, we will consider this depending on the amount of selected photos.

I hope you like the news :-)

Ewa Frye
2014-09-23 20:41:03
Yay !!! Got my books ( accidentally ordered too much , but it will make pefrect gifts ) .
The Book looks great , awesome shots , intro by Lauren , all...
Thanks for the note Gido :)
Fantastic job , so proud to be a part of it , Congrats to All and let's keep making a little difference in this crazy world..:)
Kudos to You Gido and everyone involve in Kujaja !

Mike Lee
2014-09-23 23:47:25
Jim Vouden
2014-09-22 08:40:14
Hi All
I have just received my book, the quality of the book is 1st Class and the contents are really terrific.
Congratulations to all the photographers who were published and to all of the organizers who put the project together and made it work.
A big thank you to Gido for the hand written note that was included, it is very much appreciated.

Jim V
2014-09-22 23:13:23
Thanks Jim, happy you like it!

I included a note to all of you whom I know from here, there were of course a lot of names which I couldnt regon as members from her
Chau Doan
2014-09-22 00:57:36
I've received my book, thank you!!!! It's beautiful!
Rafa Lorenzo
2014-09-20 18:42:00
Hi all

just received it, is really amazing! well done all photographers and kj for beautiful edition!

Roza Vulf
2014-09-16 15:40:55
Just got the book! I'm so proud to be a part of it! Great book, great choice of the photos. Amazing work is done. Keep it up, Gido!
2014-09-16 15:55:17
I am Happy to read that you like it Roza :-))

I hope you will all also join the next World Street Photography photobook:
to join already you should all upload your best (and in highres) photos for the weekly street competition. From each competition photos will be nominated and all nominated photos will be juried at the end so we then really get the best of the best street photos .
Robin Polman
2014-09-12 18:39:00
Just laid my hands on my own copy.... an amazing book!
Robin Polman
2014-09-06 18:36:22
It just had to be this way Gido!
julian john
2014-09-05 15:59:22
That si seriously good news. Next step, your own publishing house!
2014-09-05 13:33:27

the present I got today.....
I was at the Gallery/bookstore who bought 5 copies of the WSP book and was lucky to meet the owner of the Gallery.
It had been a few weeks since I wrote him but after a few seconds he did remember and I showed him the book. I was a bit nervous but he was excited about our book and we talked a lot... It didnt take very long then he proposed if we would want to do a big print.... I wasnt prepared for this question I never thought of it and only wanted to go there personally to show the book..
First I thought he wanted a print just to make money with but after I said I really don't like communities like where they print your photo and get rich themselves just for your fame... But then he proposed that we could also do the book and 20% would go to the charity..



... now that is what we of course all want, get published and even do something good with

The only thing we both agreeed on to change with the book is that the title needs to be on the cover, I realised too that it is really hard to promote our book with the cover for people think that is just a photo and not a book.

The Gallary man has a bookstore but is also a printing house, the book will then get an isdn number and will be spread around entire Germany and abroad. He will make some thoughts about printing the book, calculate some numbers, and get back to me.
The greatest compliment he made by telling that they are publishing a street book at the moment theirselves and he looked at our book and said; but this... (poiting at our book) is a totally other league. (meaning a way higher) I added that it is of course easier for us to make such great book for all people in the book have 1-4 of their best photos of the year in it which is way easier as doing a street book all alone so the comparission isnt one. But I admit I loved the compliment ;-)

I am still smiling here and hardly can believe our succes, but let's stay on the ground and see what happenes next...

If anybody doesnt want to be in a big print of the World Street Book please tell me or write me at

So again I told you all, there are still some copies of the manually number first edition to buy, you can now be sure your copy will be worthy a lot if there is a second edition with a few tausend copies...
And if all goes well at the end the World Street Photography group has it's own printing house.... (we already talked about the second edition)

The best present I got today is for you all....

have a great weekend you all!

Gido (KJ)

Francisco Marty
2014-09-05 14:05:49
Great encounter and idea!
Bernhard Grabner
2014-09-05 14:24:22
Fantastic !! :-)
RO karunanidhi
2014-09-05 17:35:51
Wow great news.....
2014-09-05 22:04:38
@Katrin I dint ask for a second edition, I only wrote them an email for 6 weeks or so explaining what we are doing and showed the inoffical video and the photos, after that I got an email back telling me that they want to have five copies for sure. I first wanted to just send them by mail but since I had the day off I thought why not bring them and see how their reaction would be over our book, just out of interest how somebody who sells artbooks on a daily basis would find our atreet book, but that turned out to be a good descision ;-)

for me today was the best present for my birthday I could have imagined :-))
(pls dont gratulate here lots of people get this email)
especially reading that a few people also recieved their WSP copy today and already were so happy and then this comes.... what a great win win win win posibility we have used... all happy who are the book the street children in Kolkata happy and all who got the book happy

to all who particpated and not got into the book: everybodies names are in the book too from all people who joined this project and if not more people would have joined we would never be able to make this such great selection of photos, so all who joined matter too and this is important

me happy viel viel :-)
Victor Alexandre
2014-09-06 15:28:21
This is the reflection of the awesome job Jo and you are doing, a perfect present for your birthday! So many energy in a book from all the community. It's been a while I can't practice as I want the photography and this encourage me to continue even I don't have time! Let's see what is next... big hug!
2014-09-01 01:42:44

all books are now packed and tomorrow I will bring the rest of all packages to the postal office. It took a long time to pack all packages and I will need our car and the trolley to bring them all into the post office (yes that much!)
I checked all books on cracks bad printing glue problems and sorted out 30 copies which need to go back to the printing company and will be reprinted which will take 2-3 weeks again (but we still have a few copies left for people who still want to order now).
This is of course not so nice but I prefer I have to do it instead of hearing that blurb made a bad copy (which happened a lot).
All copies are manually numbered, people who ordered first have a lower number.
I am sure you will all like the book and also be proud!

One copy is on it's way to the Aperture Foundation photobook competition, fingers crossed!
Two copies went to press (let's see what happens!), we were not able to give away a few copies for the blurb copies were so expensive.

It would be nice if you can confirm if you have recieved your copy.

Dear regards and thank you all!

Gido (KJ)

2014-08-30 15:07:05
The first bulk of packages were sent today, it was a lot of work to pack all packages and I am still not done, the other package will be send on monday early in the morning.
To all whom I send the packages I send you an email.


have a great weekend you all!

Gido (KJ)
2014-08-27 21:40:00
Hi All,

the print is done !! and one it's way to me, If all goes well the packages will arrive tomorrow :-))

dear regards

2014-08-26 14:34:39
Hi All,

if all goes well tomorrow the print should be finished and on it's way... If it does I will tell you.

I have a question; for I find the book so good I would like to submit the book to a photocompetition, I am sure you will all agree with it (if we win anything the price will of course be donated) but if you do not agree please email me at

The photobook competition I am thinking of is the
Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards:

if the print will finish in time we should be able to make the dealine of the 12th september ;-)

dear regards


2014-08-19 01:11:04
Hi Street photographers,

Friday I got the last test print and I was unsure. Fortunately friday was a holiday in Bayern (not in the north though) so I couldnt give the final yes. Saturday I went to see a friend of mine who is a proffessional fashion photographer to show him also the final test sheets and we both took a real close look and realised that the last print was even better then the first test book I all showed you. I was unsure theirfor I really was happy to get a proffessional second opinion. So I called the printing company early this day to give a go for all our prints. Of course they want to have as much time as possible to print it but I think I made them clear that we really need to have the book As Soon As Possible which she understood after all the things which happened the last 2 weeks.
If all goes well the book gets send the last week of August if unlucky the first week of september.

Dear regards
KJ (Gido)

2014-08-13 13:16:23
Hi again,

looks we turned around an entire printing company by the discussion of the different printing qualities I recieved this week.
Tomorrow I will get another test print of the street book to make sure if all's well now. I am sure all will go well and after this issue we can say we have a great printing partner, printing our books in highest quality for the lowest price :-)

have a happy wednesday!

2014-08-11 13:48:47
Hi again,

I telephoned with the printing company and I had a way closer look at the real test print and we both saw the differences in the last real test print in comparisson to the photos online. The printing company had to compare the print with the online photos for they of course didnt have the first print I showed you all.
To be sure to see the differences the printing company will now print the first copy again for them selves to be able to see the differences I saw which I wasn't happy with. They will call me later today or early tomorrow and we will continue to discuss this issue. For the printing deadline was today the printing company of course said they can't deliver on time but will deliver as soon as possible.... that is of course not nice but I want to have the best quality for us all we can get I hope you understand.

I will keep you informed the next days.

have a great start in the week !

KJ (Gido)

PS. for all who didnt check our success story in capetown check it out:

2014-08-10 19:16:08
Hi all street photographers

The printing company insisted on sending a real test print before they would deliver the book, for they said they used the wrong printing machine for the one test print we made....It does look a tiny bit different that is true but after comparing this print with the test book both prints have positives and negatives.
I presume they made a digital print for our one copy and the copy you are now looking at is a real offset print which is just a bit different. The offset print looks a bit more Matte as the digital, some details are less detailed in the offset but on the other hand some details are worse in the digital print. Comparing the photos from the offset with the screenphotos I think the offset is the better way to go it I looks more realistic.
you can see the print here:

The print origianally should have been finished on monday but for I was on a holiday and couldnt see and confirm this real test print I presume the book wont be done printing tomorrow... I will call the printing company on this monday and talk with them to speed up the order we all made....

I presume we will have at least a weeks delay....

dear regards
KJ (Gido)
2014-07-22 11:42:57
Hello Street Photographers,

I just got a call from the printing company, they will deliver the print between the 10th and 15th of August which is 1 week earlier as I thought it would be. :-)
I will keep you all informed about the status.

have a great day!

Gido (KJ)
Chau Doan
2014-07-07 03:50:21
I feel so proud... And the book is beautiful, I can't wait to receive it. Thank you!
David Rothwell
2014-07-05 16:43:20
Hey this is a stunning visual of creativity, I love the layout and a big thanks to all those who contributed to making such a fantastic piece of street art.
Ewa Frye
2014-07-04 20:53:27
The book looks fantastic . Love the cover and the pictures there . The video with cat is cool .
Great project , beautiful cause . Very proud to be there among all of You...
My order is placed :)
2014-07-04 12:28:12
Okay I could test the ordering and it works, you can order your copy of the street photobook at:

For we need to collect all orders to be able to get thebook for this price you will have to order within the next 2 weeks to be sure to get your copy of the world street photobook.


dear regards
Gido (KJ)
Bernhard Grabner
2014-07-04 12:35:09
Great ! My order is done :)
Sonia Braga
2014-07-05 02:15:24
Loved the video and very happy to be part of this great project . Congratulations to the entire team on the efforts, generosity and professionalism . Especially to you my congratulations and respect. You are a model to be followed.
I've already made my order, two books, and I'm spreading the photobook among my friends.
Have a great weekend!

BTW: I loved your cat! What's his or her name?
Mike Lee
2014-07-04 05:35:20
I love the book, and shared the video link on my FB page. A number of my friends, including other photographers, wish to buy it.

However, let us not fetishize paper quality. The price of such would be beyond the means of many buyers, and the book profits are intended for charity. The image is what is important, as is the cause, not what paper it is printed on.
2014-07-04 11:05:27
Hi all,

@Mike @Jodie
I think Mike is right here, the paper is really nice but I do know that some people always want to have the thicker paper. We can't have two big productions, if I offer 2 different kinds of paper both books will be more expensive for the amount of total copies sold in each order will go down and therefor the price in total goes up. And as I mentioned the the most important problem is the weight, crossing the 1kg line per book makes a big difference in shippingcosts.

For single persons I could do a seperate single production of the book with thicker paper, but that would mean that the price more then doubles, one print costs around 84 euros plus 20 euros shipping costs plus the donation from mimimum 13 euro makes 117euros for people who want to have a single copy. Though I must say that if we have a 13 euros profit on a 49€ book which is around 26% of the price the preumium book should also have this quote but that means the book would be 129 euros.

Changing the paper quality within the big order would means just like Mike Lee mentioned that the price will get beyond the means of many for the price then will be around 69 euros per book (inc shippingcosts). We have sold many books now and it is a fact that if the price is lower more people buy the book and therefor also the total of donations. "one minure on earth" was sold most but also had the cheapest price from all books.

the video I gave you should be used as a promotional video I'll make another video for that, you can of course use the video like Mike did and show a screenshot to your friends. I don't think it is good to discuss the paper quality in the video, but I am in a time rush here all the time I didnt had the time to do so...

I still need 1 person who wants to do the test order... then I can send the street newsletter out and spread the ordering link....

have a great friday!

Gido (KJ)
David Rothwell
2014-07-06 02:17:01
Well said Mike, that is just the right attitude we should all take towards this. The book is tremendous and there are some real gems in that book that are of exhibition quality. Photographs I would be very proud of myself if I had taken them.

In reply to Gido has the test order been done?
Jodie Taylor
2014-07-04 01:56:34
The video of the book looks great however having made several high quality photobooks myself I would strongly urge you to consider using the thicker paper for a truly wonderful result. I would rather pay a bit more for quality or else have the option to upgrade when ordering. Congrats to everyone. Looking forward to seeing it.
Sonia Braga
2014-07-03 03:50:48
News on Street photography book?
2014-07-03 11:05:39
Yes the test book arrived yesterday!!! IT LOOKS AAAWESOME! congrats to you all, this is really the most beautifull book we have ever made.

I need to prepare the website so you can order the book latest at this weekend (sorry I have so much to do at the moment, privately and also with omoe, the forest book... I didnt finish the order site thats why I didn't told yesterday I would tell you when the order site is ready but since you ask Sonia I of course cant be quit :-)

Yesterday I made a small video about the book you can see here (unwanted featuring fred the cat):

I need to do the video, for the paper thickness shouldnt be an issue. We once had a photobook with the same paper as this book and some people found it too thin, I didn't.
The most important thing about the paper thickness is that if we go to one level better paper quality the postal price will be really really high. At the moment this book I can send 1 book world wide for 9 Euros but if it gets thicker it becomes 17 euros which is way too expensive.
Of course some of you would like to pay this extra money but I can only order this book once with one kind of paper and not 2.
The quality of the thiner (135grams/m2) paper is really really good, I think it is even better as blurb. Also the Cover is perfectly done, I had many covers at blurb which looked really bad so bad that I had to send it back, but with this germany printing company we dont have this problem which is awesome too.

extra special thanks to Brian Sanders, who did all spell and grammar corrections and rewrote the photographers about you text so it became a unity, thank you Brian!
And of course special thanks to Anirban Mukhopadhyay and Soumya Shankar Ghoshal who went to the Ashalayam organisation for us and made a reportage at the end of the book. Also thanks to Eva who did the ground design!
And to Tatsuo Suzuki who did the cover.
The Cover has no title, I just couldnt find a proper place to put a title over the photo, we tried so many positions it didnt look good with title, so we put the title at the back of the book.

The book is dedicated to the childer who live on the streets in Kalkota.

I will use my lunchbreak and tonight to finish the ordering website as soon as you can order I will tell you here and it will be in the newsletter.
If somebody wants to help me test the website by ordering the book first, pls write me a message at

Have a great day you all!

KJ (Gido)
Ritam Paul Chowdhury
2014-06-25 17:51:24
@k j can u inform me how to order and what is the cost?
2014-06-26 02:29:01
@Ritam sorry I had to brainstorm what to write to you...

It is a difficult question. It depends on how much we want to collect as donations.
First consider
- a standard Landscape Blurb book of 116 pages (10×8 inches= 25×20 cm) hardcover hardcover and matte premium paper costs $80.43 for 1 copy and the same in a large landscape (13×11 inch = 33×28 cm) size one for $131.66, both sizes only have glued paper
- The format we will have is A4 landscape (between both sizes -> 21.0 cm × 29.7 cm) , 135 Gramm Matte paper hardcover, and the paper will be stiched and not glued.

The first edition will be 60 copies (unless you order more of course)
Two possibilies

1 copy for 49.99 and two copies for 79.99
gives us about around 1699 euros (60 copies) donation

1 copy for 39.99 and two copies for 69.99
which makes about around 1099 euros (60 copies) donation

Getting to lower then 39.99 would be not really okay considering the donation amount.
Getting more orders as 60 would mean more profit for the street children organisation Ashalayam
If you all order more I will make the first print order of course bigger. The problem with the 100% price is that I don't know how much the postal costs will be. If I take the postal costs within the price the postal costs will be taken off the donation money which can be a large sum, if I add them extra to the book price we need to know the weight of the book exactly.

But if I am right the book should be around 600 grams and if we stay under 1.5kg we can send 2 books in one package as a so called bigLetter which is not a package, so the price stays the same, theirfor buying 2 books can be cheaper and also we wouldn't need the extra package...

I tell you all these details because we are not making money with the book, the only money made goes to the Ashalayam...

The ordering will be a collective order, we will wait 2-3 weeks till all have ordered their book, the total order goes to the printing company, then we wait about 4 weeks perhaps 5 so I get all book which I then will send to you. This way nobody needs to pay too much for the book and I dont need to pay your copies in advance.

What do you think of the prices?

dear regards
KJ (Gido)
Ritam Paul Chowdhury
2014-06-26 08:49:03
the price is fine... just give me a heads on how to make payment, and can you inform me If my photo has been selected for the book or not, coz that will decide i will take 2 or 1.
2014-06-25 17:10:53
Hi All,

I wondered where the test print stays and contacted the printing company.
They told me the book is at the moment printed and is being thread stitched at the moment, the presume the book will be done tomorrow and send away. With luck I get it the 27th or 28th IF all's fine you can start ordering this weekend!!

dear regards
KJ (Gido)
2014-06-06 21:22:33
Hi All,

The test copy of the "world street photography" photobook went to the printing company the copy will be send to me on the 23th of june I am sure that you can preorder the book latest at the 23th of june.
Which photo is in the book can be seen now at:
All photos are in order of appearance, first photo is the cover, and at the end you can see the reportage photos from Anirban and Soumya. I hope you like it.

have a great weekend!

Gido (KJ)
Ewa Frye
2014-06-07 01:37:10
Love the cover photo and all of the pictures look great . I bet it was a hard decision to choose the ones for the book , because they are so many which deserve to be there .
I am just ecstatic that one of mine made a cut amongst so many masters of this genre . What's the most important , all of that it's for a good cause and help others ...
Thank You...
Subhajit Ghosh
2014-06-09 10:37:26
Hi K J,

Please let me know how to preorder the book.

2014-06-09 17:24:51
Hi Subhajit,
as soon as the test print returns from the new printing company and the test print is good you will be able to preorder. 23th june the test print will be done. so then you can also preorder. (it is no use to preorder now if the quality turns out to be bad unless you all want to preorder already. it is also better to show you the book so you will all know what you will get :-)

have a nice monday
Sonia Braga
2014-06-05 05:40:43
Hi K J,
After 2 months, I saw that I need to write about my photo.
Do I still have time ?
Best regards
2014-06-05 11:30:34
Hi Sonia,

that's treu... But there isn't any time anymore. The people who uploaded a photo from them selves which was not highres I couldnt put in, but fortunately the most were printable like yours too Sonia. I also needed a small text about the photographers which most did write, and if not I checked their about text. Your about text was good so I took your about text. And after I had all texts which took quit a while Brian Sanders (Brian is a pensioned english teach living in the UK) took all the texts and rewrote them so the texts became a unit with the same writing style and of course without any spelling or grammer errors. Brian thank you! He did a great job. Some texts he shortened a bit and put them to the point and the texts which were not long enough we made a bit bigger..

No worries Sonia your text and photo look great

have a nice thursday!

2014-06-05 02:40:46
I just ordered the test copy of the street photography book...

It looks so awesome, and I am really excited about the result...
For the concept was changed like written in the newslette for a few weeks ago the book and project changed a lot...
As soon as I can I will show you which photos are finally into the book.

Sorry that this took so long but I think it was worth it. The kujaja website was not really into street photography at the begining but with the website this changed a lot.....

give me a few days and you will see which photos are inthe book

dear regards

2014-03-28 15:21:18

at the moment only 17 photographers wrote a little bit about them selves, but there are more photographers in the preselection.

could you please login and go to this website:

and write a little bit about yourself, we are still waiting to get all texts from all photography (and dont forget to upload a highres squared photo from your self!)

have a great weekend!

2014-03-14 08:41:41
(sorry if you did read the newsletter and now have to read this again)

Important street photobook news - pre selection!!

We are a step closer to getting the photobook printed for a really affordable price, perhaps we will lose some printing qualities but we are looking at a end price of 19,99 or 29,99 euros for a 150 pages book, size 20x25cm offset printing.
Considering that most of our books cost 100 euros and the small 20x25 ones even 80 euros I think we should go for it and hope this will work out fine.

BUT, we need some information of all photographer who joined the street photobook. Therefor we did a preselection of around 200 photos, if your photo was preselected you can see this at the form where we need your information at:

This is very important! PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM: (click, you need to be logged in to fill out the form)

The preselection will change some photos wont be in the book for we need to cut of course the amount of photos to fitt to the page sizes. If the cheap print doesnt work out we have to back to blurb and we will have to take a lot of photos out (depending on the preorders (yes you can preorder soon!) and the quality of the cheaper printing company).

You can also see the PRE selection at: click

The book will be ordered after photographer name and we really need a photo and a text about you and the photos selected, enter your text here: (click)

so back to the street comp (this week Anirban has to do exams so we take over his choice for this week, go for it Anirban get some great notes!)

Anirban and Soumya have visited the Ashalayam organisation in Calcutta last weekend, this reportag will be in the street photobook too and you will be able to see their photos and story very soon :-)

have a great weekend you all!

2013-12-02 08:48:01

Thanks Kumar
you are right the links are all the same sorry! Hope this works out better... so here again the list of chosen photos from Kolkata (street football) (chess) (freedom) (shadow) (monsoon steps) (art of hard work) (up the stairs) (support) (tierd) (work) (colours of Kolkata) (rain bath) (untitled)

Have a great start in the new week!

2013-12-01 17:46:03
Hi all,

Here are the links to the photos which have been chosen by Elisabeth Bott to be printed as a postcard. I just send out an email to all the photographers: (street football) (chess) (freedom) (shadow) (monsoon steps) art of hard work (up the stairs) (support) (tierd) (work) (colours of Kolkata) (rain bath) (untitled)

Dear regards


(dont forget we are continueing the street competition which is curratored by Soumya Shankar Ghosal and Anirban Mukhopadhyay check out: )

Kumar Bagchi
2013-12-02 06:43:46
all the links are directed to the same picture..
2013-11-22 16:14:45

I just telephoned with mrs Elisabeth Bott and talked about the postcards/Calendar from Calcutta and the visiting of the organisation.

They love the idea that Soumya Shankar Ghosal and his friends will visit the Ashalayam organisation in Calcutta end of january and make photos from the live of the children in the organisation and they can come!
The woman on the video (I forgot her name) will be there too and she will show them the organisation.

Mrs Elisabeth Bott will, like said, before choose a few photo from the photos of Calcutta to print as postcards which will sold on chairity raising events in Germany. The profit will be donted to 100% of course, (the photographer name will be on the postcards at the back).
As soon as I know which photos she choose I will mail the photographers chosen.

For the Calendar it is a bit too late, but her idea was to use the photos which are being made in end of january 2014 and with these photos make a calendar for 2015.

I think we are doing something great here :-) and I am very excited to see what will happen in the near future

I wish you a happy and nice weekend!

Dear regards


Oh and dont forget the weekly street photography competition!

2013-11-21 22:57:42
Hi all street photographers,

for the street photography book project is such a success (yes we are still working on it!) we don't want to give up street photography and decided to do a weekly street photography competition.
Check it out here:

Also for we will start a daughter website of very soon it would be great to build up a gallery of the best street photos in the world for this special street photography website of

Like all other competitions the winner is the one with the best votes and 2 photos are chosen by two currators. Anirban Mukhopadhyay and Soumya Shankar Ghoshal will be the currators of this competition.

I hope to lots of you will join this new project and competition!
Show us the streets of the world!

2013-11-08 16:35:02
Hi all Street photographer, (PLEASE READ!)

I have been emailing with the Ashalayam organisation for we already donated some money over the "one minute on earth" photobook. They are really happy with our efforts, and think that the photos we make are so beautifull.

They have a request.

The would like to make POSTCARD and or a CALENDAR from the street photos made in Calcutta.

Now I know there are a lot of street Photographers from Calcutta who joined this project. But not all photos made in Calcutta are "tagged" (keywords added) with the word (see )

I proposed that they can pick photos from this list and I will contact each photographer personally if they want your photo to be printed as a postcard and or calendar. This is a great opertunity I think, for we are a rather small group and we are of course more the photography experts and less the "how to do a charity organisation" people.

The post cards and or calendar will be sold and of course the money will also go to the organisation in Kolkata!!

PLEASE edit your photo if it is made in Kolkata and add the keyword Kolkata to the photo.

I am also trying to get a date for some of the photographers in Kolkata so they can visit the organisation when the german people from the Ashalayam organisation are there in Kolkata. So we can see what happened with the donations and see more of the Organisaiton with some real good photos.

Thank you all for joining this great project!


PS Oh we are still working on the book and I presume it wil be done in december

2013-10-01 03:06:46
.. oh and by the way please all check the photos and give your votes to the photos you really like most, this defenitely helps getting the best photos into the book!

2013-10-01 02:31:55
Wow we did it!

891 photos have been submited to the street photography photobook project, that's a record!
Most of them were uploaded in the last 6 weeks, and there are some really really amazing photos in this selection. It will be hard to sort out all photos and find the most beautifull ones. But I am so sure this is going to be a really awesome book!

It will take a few weeks till this book will be on your selves but it wont be so long as the people of the mystery landscape or night book had to wait. For the people who will go and bring our donations to Calcutta will leave in January, so the book has to be done latest at the end of november.

Depending on the results of the book and the sales,I really think we should repeat this one as a kind of anually book of street photography in the world. For I love seeing those street shots from all over the world.

I want to thank you all for joining this project, thank you thank you!

Keep on uploading your great street shots at this website, your photos are very welcome !

have a great week !

dear regards and thanks

2013-09-30 17:44:31
Hi All,

only a few hours left before the street photobook closes.
I saw there are still street shots which are not connected to the photobook. The photos have to be in the project to be able to participate. Pls edit your photo and select the right photobook project to your photo. If it is not in we can't use it.
If you have friends who didnt join yet, now is the time to upload

have a nice week to you all!

2013-09-24 09:49:46
Good morning all street photographers,

the street project is in its last week now, only 6 more days and it will be closed. I am really amazed how many beautifull photos have been uploaded the past few weeks. I first thought it would be possible to make a streetphotobook for at the beginning not a lot of people joined this project, but this changed rapidly the last few weeks and I think this will be the best photobook we will make this year. I am really excited!

Still it would be great if you help me out with finding more street photographers for the last few days. You might think, the more people join the less change I have to get into the book. That might be treu but we are doing this to make a book with the best photos we can get. If you wont be in the book you still should see it and see how others do it to learn more, street photography is one of the most difficult photography you can do and there is always much to learn about it.

it would be also great if you help me starting to sort out the best photos by voting best of three (or more) and comment on the photos you like most.

I would love to continue with street photography as a book or project also after our dealine so we can also make a streetphotography 2014 book.

Please, if you see a streetphotographer you really like go and ask and tell about our project and invite them to this website to upload their best photos.

have a great tuesday!


2013-09-24 09:49:44
Good morning all street photographers,

the street project is in its last week now, only 6 more days and it will be closed. I am really amazed how many beautifull photos have been uploaded the past few weeks. I first thought it would be possible to make a streetphotobook for at the beginning not a lot of people joined this project, but this changed rapidly the last few weeks and I think this will be the best photobook we will make this year. I am really excited!

Still it would be great if you help me out with finding more street photographers for the last few days. You might think, the more people join the less change I have to get into the book. That might be treu but we are doing this to make a book with the best photos we can get. If you wont be in the book you still should see it and see how others do it to learn more, street photography is one of the most difficult photography you can do and there is always much to learn about it.

it would be also great if you help me starting to sort out the best photos by voting best of three (or more) and comment on the photos you like most.

I would love to continue with street photography as a book or project also after our dealine so we can also make a streetphotography 2014 book.

Please, if you see a streetphotographer you really like go and ask and tell about our project and invite them to this website to upload their best photos.

have a great tuesday!


2013-05-10 20:22:30
Hi all streetphotographers,

we also have a mystical lamdscape photobook project which you can still join for 3 days then the photobook closes. There are some amazing photos uploaded already but if you have some really nice photo you want to have in the mystical photobook please upload now or within the next three days!

have a nice weekend to you all!

Rudolf Moerkl
2013-01-28 00:48:56
well, Thomas.............true and not !
it depends on many things, and even in Germany, which is probably the most stringent law in Europe regarding this issue, there are some "open doors"........
you can find a simplified overview here:
there is a discrepancy between "allgemeinem Persönlichkeitsrecht" and "Kunstfreiheit" .
The vast majority of cases are on VIP´s, public people, etc. and mainly because of showing indescrete scene´s etc...... whatever, but mainly photos, where the photographer wants to make a lot of money with.............what we are doing is soemthing completely different, therefore, I am pretty convinced, we do not need to be scared, unless we post photos of naked politicians, or something like that..........
as said before, if someone wants to make troubles...........he will, and yes that might get problematic, but even then, the worst case is, we will not be allowed to publish this there is no individual "benefit" for the photographer, normally there is also no monetary punishment..........
Thomas Born
2013-01-27 21:44:13
I had a bit a look into the legal aspect of having people in a photo, and it is not so simple I believe. If you take a shot of a street scene and then have to run around to get permission form everybody in the shot is probably even more tricky...
Rudolf Moerkl
2013-01-14 00:26:42
actually there is a number of really great architectural and cityscape work in here, but I guess that does not meet the "theme"
probably the name of the book leads to misinterpretation..........
probably it should be called e.g "100 STREETS"
however, the wiki-link should help anyway.....
2013-01-14 00:30:22
I saw that too...
you are totall right. Perhaps we should tell them all...
2013-01-09 00:28:58
Perhaps it would be good if you check out what streetphotography is about for example here:

or another streetphotography project:
2012-12-20 13:47:18
Perhaps I schould specify the theme better...

I think there should be people on the photo too and should be a scenery with people which happens on the street perferable of a city preferably one photo per city .... I'll put this on the theme rules.
2012-12-14 18:13:41
It would be nice to cooperate with these street photographers:
does any body know them or one of them?



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