Curator of this competition:

End date: 2013-09-15
1. The theme is flowers.

2. On the photo has to be at least one or more flowers.

3. Enter the name of the flower you shot in english and latin, if you dont know the name write it in the description. Check and help others finding the name of their flowers too!

4. Upload at least 5 photos, all others will decide wich is your best of 5 photos you can also put x photos within in one photo.

5. the photos have to be big enough, take the highest DPI you can shoot with. It must be possible to print the photo a4/letter (8.27 x 11.69 inches) and even better would be a3 (11.69 x 16.54 inches). If its not big enough for the book it wont get in. Please upload at least 2500x2500 pixel, more is only better!

6. if you join the project it is NOT a fact that your photo will be in the book. I will take the privilege to finally decide which photo comes in the book (for example if the photo really doenst fit in it doesn get in).

7. it is a competition there will only be 1 book with the best photos will be taken.

8. all normal photography rules rule of course. If people are on the photo you need to have the permission of the people you shot that they appear in the book. I dont want any legal problem with the book.

9. if you upload a photo and drag it into the on the flowers menu on the left you cant take the photo back, please think carefully if you really want to join.

10. flowers is a non profit book and will have a aid organisation which we will suppport with this book, it will be an organisation which is not yet decided which I am open to any suggestion I am open to any suggestions.

11. if you join your photo might be in a book, you have to accept that. And some photos will be used to online in a small version to make commercial for the book and or this website.

13. there will be some more rules but I cant think of any important things at the moment any more.

14. NO LOGO in your photo. Your photo needs to be without logos. Your name and the title of the photo will always be published together.

15. it migh happen that parts of your photo will be cut of if it doesnt fit into the book exactly. This will be done with care and with maintaining the perfect composition. This wasnt done at the waterbook but if this would have been allowed the results could have been better.

16. No borders around your photo.

17. The book will have a maximum of 100 pages, (about) 100 photos (with the best) votes will come into the book.
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