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One Minute on Earth 2013

We all life on the planet earth in all different time zones and different parts of the world. If you read this it will be night in another part of the world or morning somewhere else. Just imagine we will all shoot a photo at the exact same minute from our earth and put them into a book so we can see where we really are and how earth really looks like at that moment we all shot a photo. The book will start in a time zone in the noon and while one goes through the book it will become afternoon evening night and morning again. For our imagination it is hard to imagine that a day is always there within each minute of earth. I would love to take this minute of earth with you together and freeze this moment af a day to realise on what beautifull planet we life in. Our most preciuos value is our earth who we have to defend agains polution, for we only have one earth.

End date: 2013-04-20
1. Theme is "one minute on earth"

2. The photo needs to be shot at an exact given time. The exect time we will vote about.

3. it has to be scape foto where the sky is visible, this can be a cityscape, landscape, seascape or what ever kind of scape

4. try making at least 3 photos at this moment, all others will decide wich is your best of 3 photos.

5. the photos have to be big enough, take the highest DPI you can shoot with. It must be possible to print the photo a4/letter (8.27 x 11.69 inches) and even better would be a3 (11.69 x 16.54 inches). If its not big enough for the book it wont get in. Please upload at least 2500x2500 pixel, more is only better!

6. if you join the project it is NOT a fact that your photo will be in the book. I will take the privilege to finally decide which photo comes in the book (for example if the photo really doenst fit in it doesn get in).

7. it is a competition there will only be 1 book with the best photos and in each time zone not more then 4 photos will be taken.

8. all normal photography rules rule of course. If people are on the photo you need to have the permission of the people you shot that they appear in the book. I dont want any legal problem with the book.

9. if you upload a photo and drag it into the on minute earth you cant take the photo back, please think carefully if you really want to join.

10. one minute of earth is a non profit book and will have a aid organisation which we will suppport with this book, it will be an organisation which cares about the worlds envirnment. Its not yet decided which.

11. if you join your photo might be in a book, you have to accept that. And some photos will be used to online in a small version to make commercial for the book and or this website.

12. You need to go to your accoun settings and choose a timezone so we all know where you are.

13. there will be some more rules but I cant think of any important things at the moment any more.

14. NO LOGO in your photo. Your photo needs to be without logos. Your name and the title of the photo will always be published together.

15. it migh happen that parts of your photo will be cut of if it doesnt fit into the book exactly. This will be done with care and with maintaining the perfect composition. This wasnt done at the waterbook but if this would have been allowed the results could have been better.

16. No borders around your photo.
hope you all join!

The following terms define the conditions that shall exist between Kujaja.com and you (the photographer) for publication of your photo(s) in The Human Condition photobook. By agreeing to these terms, you are giving Kujaja.com your consent to publish your photo(s) in The Human Condition photobook.

Checking I Agree to the Terms and Conditions indicates you have read and understand the terms and conditions below and you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. License grant
1.1 Kujaja.com is hereby granted the right to include and print one of your photo(s) in The Human Condition photobook. You will remain the copyright owner of such photo(s).
1.2 You hereby grant Kujaja.com the right to use your photo(s), both digital and printed versions, for the purpose of advertising and marketing the photobook.
1.3 The provisions of this agreement may not be changed without the written consent of both parties.

2. Relationship of the Parties
2.1 You (the photographer) will not be considered a Kujaja.com employee.
2.2 The relationship between you and Kujaja.com shall be that of two independent parties and either party shall act in its own name and on its own behalf. Neither party may enter into any agreements with third parties on behalf of the other without their written permission.

3. Photographer Responsibilities
3.1 All photos submitted to The Human Condition photobook project must be photos documenting the human condition.
3.2 All photos submitted to The Human Condition photobook project must include a short explanation of the human condition that you are representing.
3.3 There is no date restriction for photos uploaded to The Human Condition photobook project. Photos taken at any time are acceptable.
3.4 Abstracts and digital art will be included as long as conditions 3.1 and 3.2 are met.
3.5 Photobook selections must be high-resolution file(s) of a photo(s) you have uploaded to the Kujaja.com website. The high-resolution file(s) must be ≥ 3000 pixels (or a minimum 240 dpi). Photos that do not meet this requirement on upload will not be considered for inclusion in the photobook.
3.6 Project uploads must be photo(s) taken by the account holder.
3.7 Previous uploads may be used for The Human Condition photobook project. If, however, the photos have been uploaded to a different competition, the image will have to be uploaded again and The Human Condition photobook project option must be selected.
3.8 Upload limit is 20 images per individual account holder.
3.9 Photo(s) with Watermarks or Logos will not be considered for inclusion in the photobook.
3.10 Photos selected for and included in The Human Condition photobook may not be deleted from the website. Additionally, all photographer website accounts will remain active. Website accounts can only be deleted via email request to the website.
3.11 If your photo(s) is selected for inclusion in the photobook and you are less than 18 years of age, you must confirm that a parent or legal guardian has given relevant consent.

4. Competitions and Curators
4.1 Photos will be submitted to one running competition.
4.2 The end date for photo submissions is 5-31-2017.
4.3 Submitted photos will be judged by a team of curators to be announced if The Human Condition photobook project is considered for publication. The curators will be announced at that time.
4.4 A photo must receive a least two curator nominations to be considered for the photobook.

5. Website Responsibilities
5.1 Photobook participants will be notified via email or through the website Discussion and/or website Talk Sections of all updates and changes related to the competition and/or publication of The Human Condition photobook.
5.2 Kujaja.com agrees to print your photo(s) in The Human Condition photobook if one of your photo(s) is selected to be included in the book in accordance with the provisions listed in Section 3 and 4.
5.3 Kujaja.com identifies you as the copyright holder of your photo(s). Your name and photo information will be included in the photobook if one of your photos is selected to be included in the book in accordance with the provisions indicated under Section 7 below.
5.4 Kujaja.com is free to use any subcontractors including but not limited to: publishing houses, resellers, distributers, agents, marketing agencies, and designers, and will handle all contacts with such subcontractors.
5.5 Kujaja.com agrees to inform all subcontractor(s) that the subcontract(s) may not use your photo(s) for any purposes other than to fulfill the task(s) assigned to the subcontractor(s) by Kujaja.com and that the subcontractor(s) may not keep any copies of your photo(s) after fulfillment of the task(s) assigned to the subcontractor(s) by Kujaja.com

6. Compensation and Cost
6.1 Kujaja.com shall pay no royalty, commission or other compensation to you for including your photo(s) in The Human Condition photobook or for using your photo(s) for promotional purposes as stated in section 1.2 above.
6.2 The price for pre-ordering the photobook will be announced at the conclusion of the project.
6.3 The profits generated from the sale of The Human Condition photobook will be donated to one of the website’s charity organizations.

7. Photobook Provisions
7.1 If The Human Condition photobook project result in a photobook, Kujaja.com will print a photobook that will include one or more of your photos if one or more is selected for inclusion by the curators. Kujaja.com decides exclusively and in its sole discretion if any of your photo(s) will be included in the photobook or not.
7.2 Kujaja.com reserves the right to perform any color corrections, sharpening, contrast adjustments, removal of dust-spots, upsizing, downsizing, cropping or other adjustment of your photo(s) as found necessary to achieve the desired photobook quality.
7.3 Your photo(s) may not contain borders, text, watermarks, etc.
7.4 Kujaja.com reserves the right to decide which printing materials to use for the photobook.
7.5 You acknowledge and agree that the colors and appearance of your photo(s) in the photobook may differ from your photo(s) as they appear digitally on Kujaja.com.

8. Acknowledgements and Indemnifications
8.1 You acknowledge that you are the copyright owner of your photo(s) and therefore own the rights, permits, and approvals to such photo(s). You acknowledge that you are granting the rights indicated under Section 1 to Kujaja.com.
8.2 You acknowledge that you have all necessary model releases and necessary approvals from persons that appear in your photo(s) to be used in the production of The Human Condition photobook.
8.3 You acknowledge that you have all the necessary property releases and that you have obtained all the necessary approvals for photographing any buildings or structures that appear in your photo(s) to be used in the production of The Human Condition photobook.
8.4 You acknowledge that your photo(s) do not contain any illegal material.
8.5 You agree that Kujaja.com shall not be held responsible for any consequence arising from a breach of any of the acknowledgements within Section 8.
8.6 You agree to compensate Kujaja.com for all costs, losses and/or damages incurred by Kujaja.com due to or arising from a breach of any of the acknowledgements or agreements within Section 8.

9. Liability and Limitations
9.1 Kujaja.com shall not be liable for any difference between how your photo(s) appear in the photobook versus how they appear digitally if The Human Condition photobook is realized in printed format.
9.2. Kujaja.com will inform its subcontractors in accordance with Section 5.5 above. Kujaja.com does not guarantee any liability for the subcontractors' compliance with such information and/or their use of your photo(s).
9.3 Kujaja.com is relieved from liability for a failure to perform an obligation under this Agreement if such failure is due to relieving circumstance that prevents or makes substantially more difficulty the timely performance of such obligation.

10. Termination
10.1 Kujaja.com shall at any time and for any reason before the photobook has been printed, by providing a notice to you by email, have the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect.
10.2 Once you have signed this Agreement, it is not possible to revoke the license granted under Section 1 or terminate this Agreement unless you receive a written notification from Kujaja.com that the Agreement has been terminated.
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