One Minute on Earth 2013

The idea behind the book

We all life on the planet earth in all different time zones and different parts of the world. If you read this it will be night in another part of the world or morning somewhere else. Just imagine we will all shoot a photo at the exact same minute from our earth and put them into a book so we can see where we really are and how earth really looks like at that moment we all shot a photo.
 The book will start in a time zone in the noon and while one goes through the book it will become afternoon evening night and morning again. For our imagination it is hard to imagine that a day is always there within each minute of earth. I would love to take this minute of earth with you together and freeze this moment af a day to realise on what beautifull planet we life in. Our most preciuos value is our earth who we have to defend agains polution, for we only have one earth.

The test shooting at 23the of april 2013

On the 23th of april we did a test shooting which was really excited. Photo from the test shooting can be seen here. In most parts of the world it was really cold especially in Europe and the United States. So it was a hard job shooting at all. Eventhough we shot for 1 minute my hands were blue from the cold.

A cover idea arose

Along with all shots Francisco Marty made a Photoshop collage from an old clock and a little world photo. This was made from the Boston harbour area. The idea now arose to make several little world photos with different areas like mountains, sand, trees, water, flowers, people and combine those into 1 little world photo along with the clock. So the little world photo is a represantation of the real world.



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