Dave recommends Hold on tight by Helmut Ph. Kluge

Dave recommends Untitled by Wilfried Gebhard

Fa recommends Untitled by Linda Maclean

Fa recommends sun by Xenia Zakruzhnykh

Graham recommends Pluie #3 by Alain Crocq

Graham recommends Images on the run... by Sean Bodin Images

Vladimír recommends Four dogs and one jaguar by Camillo Granchelli

Alain recommends GEWGAWS (2) by Vladimír Popelík

Helmut Ph. recommends Untitled by Dusanka Lazic

Helmut Ph. recommends Mom by masoud alavi milani

Helmut Ph. recommends Amsterdam At Night by Darko Eterovic

Poul-Erik recommends Rainbow by Anita Palcheska

Poul-Erik recommends Illuminances (The Id) (reloaded) by Melvin Rodriguez

Dave recommends promiseorthreat by Fa Rina

Dave recommends Untitled by Katica Kapulica

Dave recommends Profiles by Ermanno Albano

Fa recommends Cats eyes by Idol Good

Wilfried recommends "Drowning in own tears" At times we all experienced this moment by Tejal Mewar

Luigi recommends I'm hungry by Alessandro Rocchi

giampiero recommends Khiva, Uzbekistan, 2015 by Olesia Kim

Saman recommends Piazza del Duomo by Stefano Gallo

Vasco recommends Le moine qui rit by António CARREIRA

Fa recommends Reading in the Museum by Roberto Manfredi

Dave recommends Untitled by Andrey Kulkov

Vladimír recommends Vision of hope by Gobinda Paul

António recommends From above by Joost Geeraedts

DOMENICO recommends State Modern by Graham O'Neill

Vladimír recommends Mann, Irland by Rainer Neumann

Saman recommends Pluie #1 by Alain Crocq

Vladimír recommends Pluie #2 by Alain Crocq

Alain recommends pointofintersection by Fa Rina

Alain recommends American toilet by Bruce Saille

Saman recommends Slippery when wet by Helmut Ph. Kluge

Dave recommends Untitled by Thibaut Goarant

Dave recommends Mann, Ludwigshafen by Rainer Neumann

Dave recommends I'm always here by Ermanno Albano

Vladimír recommends Frau, Saarbrücken by Rainer Neumann

Helmut Ph. recommends Frau, Saarbrücken by Rainer Neumann

Saman recommends (Cologne) by Susana Freitas

Susana recommends Sydney by Gerry Orkin

Susana recommends Greece, Meteora by Thanasis Bullet Bullet

giampiero recommends onthepoint by Fa Rina

Sergio recommends A one child jump from the sky by Fransiscus Heru

Sergio recommends Melbourne by Gerry Orkin

Dave recommends Kindred Spirits by Peter Ydeen

Simon recommends Escape from confusion by Idol Good

Fa recommends gone by Simone C. Sander

Dave recommends Playing with light and shadows by Tejal Mewar

Vladimír recommends The Sound Of Water by Vítor Figueiredo

Melvin recommends - by Robert E Smith

Simone C. recommends Untitled by ROS Jean-Paul

giampiero recommends Railway Station #71 by Roberto Di Patrizi

Dave recommends larch tree by Poul-Erik Riis

Vladimír recommends Untitled by Dino Santos

Melvin recommends Covered trees by Bruce Saille

Poul-Erik recommends Iron and Trees by Peter Ydeen

Peter recommends American toilet (color) by Bruce Saille

Vladimír recommends Havana, Cuba, 2015 by Olesia Kim

Dave recommends mahnung für die zukunft... by don ricchilino

Fa recommends now we know by Dave Binyon