Dave Binyon

Dave Binyon from United Kingdom

Dave Binyon

kj wrote
2016-10-06 20:55:53
I'll resend you a copy, question is if you want wsp2 or wsp3. Since you obviously thought you ordered wsp3 I have no problem with sending wsp3 of course

kj wrote
2016-10-06 13:25:21
check your myorder to see what you ordered
https://www.kujaja.com/en/shop/myorders (listed is the wsp2 book in your order)
if you ordered wsp3 you didnt oder it over the wsp shop
All books are send away insured, it happened to a lot of people that they didn't pick it up from the postal office (for you need to sign for it) and it takes weeks before the postal office then send the book back again. Your order was the third order in the shop, I am positive I send it to you, for I only have a very few copies of the wsp2 book. Are you sure you didn't get a notice from the mail to pick up a letter where you have to sign for?
If not I will have to send you the wsp2 book again and find the tracker number to check out where your package is.


kj wrote
2016-10-06 12:32:35
Hi Dave
I have only an order for the WSP2 book from you which was send away a long time ago, did you not get the wsp2 book?
When did you order wsp3? or did you order by another name?

ShanaRappel wrote
2016-08-22 08:07:10
Thanks a lot Dave for your like, fav. and R... ! Have a great day
PirateArt wrote
2016-07-03 09:40:53
thanks for following, Dave!
Your photos are really special one and I like your style! looking forward to see so good pictures here!
dlharford wrote
2016-06-08 12:27:07
Dave: Thank you so much for your kind comments, recommendations of my work. It is much appreciated.
batsceba wrote
2016-05-06 13:20:07
thanks for your support & R
dtrdyk wrote
2016-04-09 18:33:18
Good evening Dave,
Thank you very much for your votes; appreciate it!
Grtz, Nick
batsceba wrote
2015-12-29 10:10:35

Second curator's choice
Congratulations Dave Binyon!
the moon shots didn't work out
Robart wrote
2015-11-21 15:48:55
Thanks for the kind comments Dave, much appreciated.
I'm based in Washington, maybe meet up for a cuppa sometime

batsceba wrote
2015-10-23 19:50:19
no no :) I love irony, I laughed heartily at your comment. Of course, it was not an answer to you, but a consideration for all ;)


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