Elección del primer conservador
Felicidades Jesús Rubio García!


Castlemanic Castlemanic
A magnificent place shot so magnificently.



La segunda opción del conservador
Felicidades Lynn Duerksen!

Cloudy Day at the beach

Cloudy Day at the beach Cloudy Day at the beach
A place that you could quite easily spend an afternoon just chilling.




Menciones especiales

: An amazing place, an amazing point of view.......................


: This image has so much soul, we are sure someone was looking back at Marsha ?


: We loved how the long exposure creates such a a surreal feel, great photography.


: Playing with the crabs has never looked so good !!!


: Such wonderful tones and textures, another fine piece of long exposure photography.



Ganador del premio Viewers Choice
Felicidades osva Photography!

Competition award In need of...

In need of... In need of...





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