2017-12-08 16:49:19
Hi All,

Unfortunately I had to turn off the video....
somebody made a one to one copy of the website ...
if you would order from there though the money would be transported to somebody else... sad.....
so be aware where you would order the book, only order it on this website!

I guess it should be posstible to let the video only play at this website but I admit I have no clue how to do this....



harish unnikrishnan
2016-10-19 21:30:07

We are all supposed be unseen friends. And if we are, we should be able to speak our mind about any relevant subject.
Not nice to see anyone being the judge and executioner.

Also please remember not everyone would be an expert on understanding and/or speaking English.
2016-10-20 00:56:42
If you have any problems with english language written here, pls ask directly everbody understands that not all people understand everything.

I would propose we end this discussion here and start at the new discussion and all chat about which time would be best at:

Please all accept the terms (which will be changed within the discussion process of course) so all can see who wants to participate.

I am sure we'll have another great OMOE! :-)
2016-10-19 15:12:11
the 10th seems fine to most of us so...
What about we choose the time in the new discussion at:
2016-10-18 23:57:55
sorry this text ist about money and that is of course just a silly thing to talk about OMOE is more then that but if we start a new project I would like to discuss the financial part of it.

@Alfredo Aleandri if we take a publish on demand service a proper good printed book (like blurb) in about the same size we have been making will cost 100 euros. Adding a little profit would mean the book costs more. I don't think that is a good solution.
The printing, packing and sending the books is not a lot of work and since we have a shop this is also easy to manage. The most work is making the book. Of course you all now have the possiblity to start your own shared project (check my projects when you click on your profil icon on the right top) but if the kujaja team does it; we want to make a donation with the book, that is our goal.

With the OMOE 2015 book we made an around 1800 Euros donation (consider we made about 22 euros profit with each book, the rest went down on postal and packaging costs thats means we sold around 90 books) but we also got a big donation which paid for the printing which was of course awesome. If we do a OMOE 2016 book I would prefer that we make it without this donation and would like to raise the price of the book from 29,99 inclusive postal costs to 49,90 exclusive postal costs. We then will presumably less books but will be able to take care of the printing costs and even get a bigger donation in total at the end.

Asuming we only sell 60 books instead of 90 books we then can still get around 3000 Euros sales; taking out the costs of around 1000 euros for a 120 copies print would still get us the same amount of donation. We then again will have 60 copies left and hope those copies will also be sold....

If you all can live with this, and I am sure you can considering the alternative of using an on demand publishing company which costs more then twice, I'll start OMOE 2016
I am also sure we can get more then 60 people to join the project, for there was no OMOE project with less then 120 people, not everybody reads this discussion; we'll send out a newsletter, change the video above a bit textually so we can use it as commercial for this year.

To the rules, the photo should be shot outside, we can leave out the must have of seeing the sky but the project is about the light on earth and shooting the earth within the same moment. Inside taken photos are not allowed, if you cant take an outside photo it is not a reason for not uploading for it is great to see where all were at that minute but wont be taken into the book.

I guess the 10th of december is a good day, it is 2 weeks before christmas and a week after sinterklaas,
On the other hand the 31th of december I personally also really like... cause then we might get fireworks some where :-)

Great so many again want to start the omoe party... I'll open up the project asap

dear regards
Christophe Page
2016-10-19 00:53:05
I think we can all understand the financial aspect of the projet, but it seems like we are slowly coming to a policy of participation fee : if you want to participate to a project, you first have to virtually place an order for the resulting book... Is it the idea ? I thought that the goal of the project was for the participants to give freely their pictures, so a book can be made, so other people can buy a nice book, and so the money gotten from the books, instead of going in the pocket of the photographers, goes to a charity. But it seems like it's becoming a circular thing, where the goal is to get the money from the participants themselves, where they not only have to give their pictures for free, but where they also have to pay themselves for the charity / to buy the book. A sort of lottery for photographers, with a price tag of 50€ on the ticket...
Anne M. Erdogan
2016-10-19 07:30:27
I totally agree with you, Christophe.
The OMOE projects worked well previous years, why changing the process?
I'd be very pleased to be part of it as I did the years before and as a photographer participating into a beautiful charity project by giving my time and my (not too bad) skills for it. My participation will be this and only this. I don't want to be forced to buy the book, I disagree with this.
Martin Sabine
2016-10-19 08:49:57
2016-10-19 09:55:24
where do you read that you will have to buy the book?
nobody will have to buy the book.
Alfredo Aleandri
2016-10-19 10:02:18
In my opinion the proposed price 49,90 exclusive postal costs is too expensive considering the average quality of the (content of) book.
We must be honest: due to the strong project constraints it is hard to have all masterpieces :-)

I know that is for charity purpose but it is important to be honest with buyers/sponsors.

Is it possible to define the book price only when we have all the images and the (digital) final product?
This way we can choose if publish or not the book and define a fair price for its real value.
I think all the photographers will join anyway, also without any guarantee the book will be published.
Anne M. Erdogan
2016-10-19 10:51:26
Well, Gido, It seems that Christophe and I read a text that is no longer here... :)
Under the conditions said above, I'll be part of the OMOE 2016, december the 10th is perfect for me.
2016-10-19 10:59:10
There were no messages deleted Anne
Christophe Page
2016-10-19 11:42:35
Ah, ok. I must have misread your message, Gido, sorry.
2016-10-19 11:45:41
I did mention the new world street photography photo book system where people buy the book before they know if they join in a message for a longer time ago but not in this message.
Paul Hull
2016-10-19 12:10:37
I find it very hypocritical that people who aren’t active and/or rarely post on kujaja now come forward with negative comments regarding this project.

Last year’s OMOE was my first time participating in the project and I only have fond memories about the whole experience. It was a truly unique, worthwhile and thrilling experience from start to finish and I look forward to repeating it again for OMOE 2016.

I sincerely hope that enough people participate in the project, for all the right reasons, and that a more positive and encouraging approach can be adopted by all.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us, all over the world, to unite as photographers and collectively contribute to a charitable cause...both through our photographs and also, if possible, by purchasing the book.

I think the 10th is better than the 31st December, as I imagine that people will be too busy on New Year’s Eve to give the project the attention it deserves. This is only my opinion.
Christophe Page
2016-10-19 12:39:01
I understand your point, Paul, but there's nothing hypocritical there : I love the OMOE last year, it was very happy moment of sharing, of communion, even, with everyone here, and I'd love to participate again, and to get other (new) people to participate, to get these people to also get the chance to feel what it's like to participate to an OMOE with dozens of other photographers around the world. So, even if I don't participate very much to the site anymore, OMOE is still something I care about, and I ask questions.
Anne M. Erdogan
2016-10-19 13:00:25
I don't think that saying honnestly what you think is hypocritical. I took part of already 2 OMOE and was extremely happy to do so, as I will be for the next one. Participating often or not in the usual Kujaja site is another question that has nothing to do with this. There is no judgement to have on what people do or say, unless it's abusive, which is not the case here.

Now, I won't argue anymore with one or another, this is a lack of time and energy. I'll be pleased to join the OMOE2016 if needed.
Alfredo Aleandri
2016-10-19 14:59:20
Given that the 10th of december seems to be ok for all, let's choose the crucial minute! :-D
Batsceba Hardy
2016-10-19 16:58:07
the 10th of december is ok :)
Helmut Ph. Kluge
2016-10-18 18:29:29
Count me in !
Mark Chamberlain
2016-10-18 14:53:31
I'd pre order too
Mark Chamberlain
2016-10-18 14:52:41
Is the issue that some people need some sort of assurance their images are going into the book before that buy?

I'm in for definite if you do it!
Jim Vouden
2016-10-18 11:10:20
I would love to be involved again
Graham O'Neill
2016-10-18 09:10:52
I would love to try to be part of this!
2016-10-18 01:35:56
Okay, just a check.... you want to do an other OMOE and that would be great.... just some financing figures...

A theory; If there are 100 photographers who join and who also want to buy the book, we can make a book with at least 100 photos which would make 3000 euros if the book costs 30 euros (ex postal costs). We'll order 150 copies which cost 1186,20 Euros (so we need at least 40 pre orders). So we could end up with 1813.80 euros profit if all buy the book. Which is for me fine to work 2 weeks on the book and send the entire profit to a charitiy organisation.
It would be great not to have to get a donation to get the print done.
If we are only 20-30 photographers you can imagine that the costs of the book will raise up to 150 euros per book to achieve the same 3000 euros profit.....
So, if we want to do antoher OMOE we need a lot of people who would also buy the book, so the price of the book is not that high and still have the possibility to make a great donation.
Do you think this is possible?


Paul Hull
2016-10-18 07:56:14
You are absolutely right Gido we need more people to make a firm commitment to the project otherwise it just won't be economically viable...which would be a real shame.

I would encourage everyone to participate in this unique and rewarding project and to make that commitment known here.
Alfredo Aleandri
2016-10-18 09:56:02
I don't know if we have enough time to engage so many photographers.
In my opinion, this time we should rely on some self-publishing platform so we will not need pre-ordering. This way we can also sell the digital-only version or cheaper prints like magazines formats.

If the profit amount will not be useful for a charity organization, we can think to donate to kujaja community or buy and donate some previous released book just for a sort of promotion.

Just my thought...
Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2016-10-19 14:08:55
I think it is possible... I'm in!
Saman Ali
2016-10-17 19:37:18
Wonderful job, love it...
Laurent Coust
2016-10-15 13:32:28
that's great ! i assume to do !
2016-10-15 00:20:31
Time is slowely running up... to be able to make a 2016 winter OMOE

Only Rekha replied to the last message in August...

Are there people interested in doing a final omoe winter book?

paulo abrantes
2016-10-15 00:30:20
Hi Gido...
I don´t know 100% for sure if It´s possible for me, just because personal issues, but I think 99,9% sure..., so please count me in.
* *
2016-10-15 00:52:59
Count me in!
Francisco Marty
2016-10-15 01:04:13
I'm game!
We need to pick a day and time!
Francisco Marty
2016-10-15 01:04:14
I'm game!
We need to pick a day and time!
Patty Barker
2016-10-15 01:23:43
I'm in.
Alfredo Aleandri
2016-10-15 09:20:55
Count me in!
Mark Chamberlain
2016-10-15 09:29:58
I'm in too
Mark Chamberlain
2016-10-15 09:32:31
I don't know the printing time scales but if you could achieve before Christmas they make great gifts!!! Just a thought!
Steven Jensen
2016-10-15 10:08:57
Yeah I'm up for this for sure :)
Batsceba Hardy
2016-10-15 15:29:50
yep ;)
Paul Hull
2016-10-15 17:29:06
I'd love to participate again.
Denet Maxime
2016-10-16 20:43:01
Cool ! with pleasure
Anita Palcheska
2016-10-16 21:17:03
Cool. I'm in for winter OMOE.
Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2016-10-17 18:05:20
Only winter images will be accepeted? In South Pole it will be summer... just curious about that!
2016-10-17 18:21:29
Great that many want to do omoe again :-)

@Ivan That would be of course summer in the south.

If we want to make a winter/sommer 2016 omoe there are only a few dates to do so. 21th it is the longest / shortest day (depending on where you are) but that is on a wednesday, next saturday is the 24th which is christmas I think, and the saturday after it is the 31th december.... all not so very great days to shoot I guess
Meteorologicaly winter starts december 1st, so other date can be the 3rd, the 10th, or the 17th.... If we do omoe in january there is a omoe year missing, then there is no omoe 2016....
What do your think?
paulo abrantes
2016-10-17 18:31:45
it will be fine, here, any schedule but the Christmas one..., that is the 24th..., that day I can also shoot cooking and eating :D
Alfredo Aleandri
2016-10-17 20:02:10
3, 10 and 17 are all ok for me...
Anne M. Erdogan
2016-10-17 20:46:48
Sure! I'd be happy to play the game another time! :) Whatever the date will be ok for me, if the theme allows inside shoots if ever on christmas or new year's day.
Paul Hull
2016-10-17 21:33:21
The 3, 10 or 17 should be fine, whatever you decide. Will there be a common theme or challenge, like the sky must be in the shot or just leave it open for the photographer to shoot anything?
Batsceba Hardy
2016-10-17 21:42:35
3,10, 17 are all ok. A commom theme?
Valeria Tofanelli
2016-10-18 09:46:37
Hey! I'm in! The days are ok!
rui correia
2016-10-18 17:52:40
I would also like to participate, the days are good for me!
Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2016-10-19 13:49:45
I agree with the mates, 3, 10 or 17 would be perfect!
rekha nag
2016-10-19 20:28:07
I am in. Last time my nephew bought the book. It was a wonderful experience and I loved it.
2016-08-20 01:14:09
I am Happy the majority also likes the video, I personally love it and have watched it already a zillion times. Thank you Bailey!!

We still have copies left of OMOE 2015, starting a new OMOE session would be of course great but if not all copies are sold it is of course a bit silly. We could of course order less copies but then the profit per book would be way less.
I believe that OMOE is a great idea and each time I tell about the idea and the books we already made everybody says that's an awesome idea.
We should do a winter (north part of the world) / sommer (south part of the world) OMOE book to have all 4 seasons within the OMOE series.

What about everybody who ever joined the OMOE project would invite and get 10 friends to also join the project. That is a hard mission to do so but that would definitely get more people into the project and gets more book sold.
With the WSP books we now want people to buy the book before they know if they are in the book or not, this is of course not possible to do with the OMOE projects for the OMOE projects are done with way less photographers, but give it a thought and think about how we can spread the books more then they have been.

I think that if all get 10 friends into the project and make sure they really will shoot too would be a great and definitely a reason to start a 4th session of OMOE, what do you think?

have a great weekend!

rekha nag
2016-08-20 10:12:29
Is a great idea Gido! Will surely try to get people to shoot for this project! The video is awesome! Thanks to Bailey for all the work that she does for Kujaja! :)
Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2016-08-11 15:28:01
Absolutely stunning and touching video, congrats once more!
Shaul Cohen
2016-07-30 21:33:27
Mary von Zoff
2016-07-30 20:30:32
I applaud this beautiful work in the service of the Other to the other side of the world . Guido thank you , Bailey and all participants in this wonderful book and this superb video !
Mark Chamberlain
2016-07-30 00:41:44
The video is amazing... What a stunning piece of work Bailey amazing
jamal ouguimi
2016-07-29 22:45:12
great work
Ermanno Albano
2016-07-29 20:47:09
Un bellissimo video, tutte le foto magnifiche e soprattutto un aiuto al Progetto che Oliviero porta avanti da tanti anni.
Francisco Marty
2016-07-29 18:40:08
Great news, Oliviero!
We have been able to generate $1200 from sales of the OMOE books in Boston thus far, but still hoping for more with everyone's help, so we can help Oliviero and his team's work in Bangladesh this year.
Bailey's video is an awesome way to revamp the efforts to spread the word about the project and the book!
Take care everyone!
Mariana Moraes
2016-07-29 18:27:30
The video is amazing and very inspiring. Congratulations to all of you!
Oliviero Masseroli
2016-07-29 16:52:01
The video is really very nice. A great job.
Oliviero Masseroli
2016-07-29 16:50:42
Hello from Oliviero.
I'm very excited by watching the video. We human beings are capable of great things with the camera. And we are able to create a bridge with a distant world: Bangladesh.
Just this week I received what was collected through OMOE.
€ 1,700 that will go in aid to build water pumps, toilets and to channel stagnant water.
I will start already in the next few days the work, which will be completed in October and November. Now in Bangladesh it is the monsoon period and there is a lot of rain.
It is not easy to work with cement, but I'll do my best. On my return (in early September) there will be photographs of the work and it will be nice to see our help to become real.
Work will be performed in several villages in the north of the country, in the Rangpur district. I am very happy that our passion has become an important aid.
The people of Bangladesh thanks you so: Donnobat (thanks)

2016-07-29 17:02:54
we also send you 400 or something like that early this year right? that would make the total sum around 2100 euros or not?

good luck and thank you Oliviero!
Alejandra Vidal
2016-07-29 20:48:41
Hi Gido, I talked with you because I ordered the photo book and I am moving out of the address, so far I did not get it, I am moving out to Spain next wednesday, I am worried what is gonna happen if the book arrive when I am out. Do you have a track number to check where the book is?


Alejandra Vidal
Osvaldo Mirante
2016-07-29 13:48:59
I find it beautiful but not enough emotional... only my opinion.. don t take it bad.. but it s too fast and the earth moving I find it too cheap.. it d be better without the earth moving and showing approximately where just mentioning east west nord south etc.. or even nothing... and I have the impression that sometimes we don t see the names very well and the countries... and it s cool to show the time at the last picture but I d put the time at each photo even.. it s bringing a bit more emotions.. 6:10 or 24h10 or 20h10 etc... also maybe write the numbers of participating photographers at some point... in total 100 photographers share their minute together and we hope you could share it with us... by etc...

Anyway easy to write critics when we don t it ourselves but i just wanted to share my thoughts because i find it very beautiful but not emphasizing the real beauty of the moment enough...

Thanks a lot for the video Bailey... i love the concept and I am looking forward to share it

Kind regards
Malcolm White
2016-07-29 13:20:18
Beautiful presentation, very touched. Shared on social media.
2016-07-29 08:37:40
Hi all,

check out the video Bailey made to promote the book :-)

I love it!
Thank you b!!!!
Robert E Smith
2016-07-29 11:08:47
Wonderful - thank you
Christophe Page
2016-07-29 11:40:36
Wonderful ! I directly shared it on social media ! :-)

Something is still bothering me, though, to promote the book : to view the shop, people must first sign in, even before they could have decided whether they are interested or not in buying the book... Wouldn't there be a possibility to have a link to the shop where people can first see the books (and the prices also), and decide next whether or not they will create an account to buy it ? Personally, if I must first sign in before even seeing the items and the prices, I just won't go further... I don't know if that's even possible (without too much hassle), though...
2016-07-29 12:51:36
I'll have to add the video here too and add some more text but this website should already work
2016-07-29 12:52:27
or works too without registering
Robert E Smith
2016-07-29 13:03:23
Thanks - link and video duly shared on social media.
Osvaldo Mirante
2016-07-29 13:55:17
Ah cool Christophe that you mention it... I had comments on my shares that they have first to register etc... thanks a lot Gido for your answers... i ll try the links you add
Christophe Page
2016-07-29 14:53:01
Thanks for the links, Gido !!
paulo abrantes
2016-07-29 19:35:31
this is a really fine job in every aspect. congrats, Bailey and Gido. It was an honor to participate in the project. again, congrats to all the contributors and the team. cheers
Eduardo Latorre Guindeo
2016-07-11 20:49:17
Today I received my OMOE 2015, the end result is really beautiful and beautiful, I want to thank especially the editors, for your time and sacrifice for this project to succeed, and of course to all participants. Forgive my English translator but there is.
Bailey Cooper
2016-07-15 10:43:28
Your translation is fine Eduardo :-) Thank you for taking the time to give us a shout out. We appreciate your kind words and support.
Christophe Page
2016-07-08 21:04:01
Hi everyone... Any news about an OMOE 2016 ? :)

Cheers !
Francisco Marty
2016-07-12 01:36:07
I'm so glad people have enjoyed the OMOE 2015 book!
Please let your friends know. We will like to sell all the books so we can help the best we can the water project in Bangladesh.
As for OMOE 2016, we have no firm plans yet, but I thought we may want to do a Minute around Winter Solstice or New Year this winter as we have done Spring, Summer and Fall thus far, but open to other ideas!
Thanks again to all!
Bailey Cooper
2016-07-15 09:53:03
I vote for winter :-))
Osvaldo Mirante
2016-07-15 10:00:40
Yes Winter is such a goooooooood Idea ;)
Christophe Page
2016-07-15 21:09:57
Yessss ! Wonderful idea ! We should definitely do that !! :-)
rekha nag
2016-07-30 09:53:18
Congrats Bailey! The video is wonderful! Great job from you and Gido. Sharing it on social media. I feel great to be associated with kujaja and for which I am always thankful to you Bailey. :)
Gilles Royer
2016-07-08 14:18:24
Hello from cold Melbourne!

I just received my OMOE 2016 book today, and... wow! what a great achievement. A big thank you to all fellow photographers, and a special thank you for the editorial team - Bailey / Francisco / Gido - you made it happen again this year

Bailey Cooper
2016-07-15 09:57:51
Thank you Gilles. After a few bumps at the beginning, we ended up with something special. Hope to see your uploads to OMOE 2016.
Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2016-07-07 14:38:04
Hi there,

Just received my copy today and I am very happy for the final result... congrats for all the photographers and specially for the OMOE Team (Bailey Cooper, Francisco Marty and Gido Carper)!
Bailey Cooper
2016-07-15 09:56:47
Thank you Ivan. It was such a pleasure working with everyone on this book project. So, raise a glass... to OMOE 2016.
Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2016-07-20 19:06:00
Blessings ;-)
harish unnikrishnan
2016-06-27 09:21:31

I received my copy and looks awesome. Hope this book helps some people in need.

Bailey Cooper
2016-07-15 09:56:00
Yes Harish... time to sell more books :-))
Christophe Page
2016-06-25 23:39:44
Hi Gido & all !

We got our copy of the book last week, and it's really great ! Although we already knew every one of the pictures inside, it was something completely different to see them in the book, and we had a great time going through it, page after page and rediscover the pictures and the texts... Thank you for all the work on this book Gido !

... And as other said : ready for OMOE 2016 !

Bailey Cooper
2016-07-15 09:55:32
Yes, Christophe... something altogether different when you hold it in your hands. So glad you both enjoyed it.
Gilles Royer
2016-06-16 15:17:53
hi there
I was away on holidays, so only just ordered my book, and really looking forward to receiving it - reviews from everybody are great, and I'm so honoured to have been selected
Thanks again Gido, Francisco and team for such a great initiative
Ready now for OMOE 2016 ;-)
Cheers from wintery Oz
Paul Hull
2016-06-02 10:45:00
Just a wee message to say that I received the book at the weekend and am delighted with how it turned out, it is a privilege to be included in the book.

It is also a real pleasure to be able to relive the experience through all the wonderful photographs and descriptions...congratulations and well done to everyone involved in this unique project.
Bailey Cooper
2016-07-15 09:54:18
I agree with you about reliving it. Tom and I went through it together when ours came and really enjoyed it. Can't wait for 2016.
Alfredo Aleandri
2016-05-30 11:34:42
Hello, I'm going to promote the book through my social profiles, is there a direct link (not the whole shop) to buy the book that doesn't require to create an account?

Sometimes people are reluctant to proceed if they have to register...
* *
2016-05-30 17:42:47
Link shared, I have to scythe quality of this year's book is exceptional
* *
2016-05-30 17:43:05
Denet Maxime
2016-05-27 22:35:27

I have the book . Really good work guys!

Just a little thing. I have not received the second book i ordered...
2016-05-30 12:45:47
Hi Denet,

unfortunately there was nobody who ordered 2 copies at once. I also can't find anybody with your name in the list of orders, perhaps you ordered with a different name?
pls write to me at to clear this out

dear regards
paulo abrantes
2016-05-26 00:32:42
Hi Gido.
I received mine today..., wow..., so beautiful..., awesome work..., really awesome...
amazing work.
many thanks, my friend :)
Bailey Cooper
2016-07-15 09:58:28
And thank you Paulo.
Batsceba Hardy
2016-05-25 23:44:01
hi Gido!
I received my copy of the book!
It's really awesome!
Thanks a lot!
Bailey Cooper
2016-07-15 09:58:54
Sounds like you loved the results as much as us. Cheers B.
Alfredo Aleandri
2016-05-25 15:32:30
Hello, I've just received my copy of the book: I really enjoyed it!

The print quality is superb and print color rendition is perfect (judging my image).
Probably the paper weight could be lighter (if this reduces the postal cost), it is extremely thick in my opinion.

I will buy another copy to make a gift!
Francisco Marty
2016-05-25 15:54:21
Grazie tanti, Alfredo!
I'm witness Gido experimented with the paper weight and book size so we would get the maximum quality within the postal weight to keep the price reasonable!
Enjoy and tell your friends and family about OMOE 2015!
Osvaldo Mirante
2016-05-24 20:14:46
Dear Gido

I wanted to tell you that I received the book and I simply love it.

Thank you very much ! and wish you a nice evening

kind regards

2016-05-24 20:18:17
already wow that is very quick :-)

Happy you like the book, your photo and your story is also great

spread the news :-)

Dear regards
Francisco Marty
2016-05-24 20:22:22
So awesome to hear, Osvaldo, and great you love it!

Please spread the word about the book among friends and family! It would be great to sell out!

Greetings to all!

Osvaldo Mirante
2016-05-24 20:33:41
I will do it... count on me ! ;) It s really a superb book.

Cheers !

harish unnikrishnan
2016-05-11 21:09:31
hi gido

i ordered for a copy. please note that even though the payment is made from Kuwait the book has to be delivered to the UK.
please send it so that it reaches the UK before the 15th of June.

btw paypal has an option to input delivery address.
2016-05-16 20:38:28
Hi Harish,
got it, and the book will be delivered to the delivery address you entered.

BTW the books have arrived and will be send off to the ones who ordered the book!!
We hope to sell all books before august so we can give the profit to Oliviero before he leaves for Bangladesh so he can make new Waterpumps there! :-)
I made one mistake though... For the book is white and I don't want to make it dirty the books are all singlely sealed in plastic. But this way we cannot number the books :-(
If you insist on a number I can of course open the book and enter a number but I guess it is easier to just leave the book closed and write the number on the package so you can enter it yourself. sorry for that!

The book looks awesome and after several edits after the test copy it now is really great :-)

dear regards and congrats to you all!!


harish unnikrishnan
2016-05-16 20:51:57
thanks gido. hope everything goes your way.
Osvaldo Mirante
2016-05-17 00:30:28
Book ordered ! Yes ! Thank you very much Gido et al and wish you a nice evening Kind regards
2016-05-09 15:56:31
Hi Gido, I wanted to order the book "street photography 2015" directly to the Editor but when I was at the point to pay, it said to check something about the delivery in my country. I sent them a message. They never answer to me. How can I finalize my order please ? Thank you very much
2016-05-09 08:05:51
Hi All,

it looks like the print is done and is on it's way to me. As soon as the books arrive they will be send to the ones who have ordered :-)

have a great week!

paulo abrantes
2016-05-09 15:07:23
many thanks, Gido
it will be great to see it :)
wish you also a great week ahead
rekha nag
2016-05-13 10:21:53
Hi Gido!
My niece wants to buy this book for me. She stays in US. Can I give her the link to do so ?
Mark Chamberlain
2016-04-15 16:42:42
Hello Gido,

There doesn't seem to be an option to send to the UK...


2016-04-15 17:40:07
Hi Mark,

I guess you are refering to the OMOE book right? and to paypal? If your address at paypal is different then your real adresss just send it in the comments, you don't need to select any delivery address, at least I never heard of it.
Steven Jensen
2016-04-15 07:20:27
Hi Gido! I would love to order one copy but if it takes a month there will be no one home to pick it up as we will all be abroad. Can I order it in a months time? Will there still be copies left?
2016-04-15 08:28:54
Hi Steven,
we ordered 150 copies, I make sure there is a copy left for you in a month :-)
Steven Jensen
2016-04-15 10:30:12
Thanks mate! :)
Christophe Page
2016-04-15 11:26:59
Hi Gido,

I have the same problem : I won't be home until June 1st... How do you prefer that we proceed ?
2016-04-15 17:40:27
No Problem Christophe, I'll also keep a copy for you
Osvaldo Mirante
2016-04-15 20:45:22
Hi Gido I ll order it in two weeks.. can you keep if needed also a copy for me ?

Have a nice weekend

2016-04-15 20:47:02
sure Osvaldo!
harish unnikrishnan
2016-04-08 18:49:18
Hi all

It feels nice to be part of this book which will help a few people better access to water. People walk miles, everyday, to gather few litres of water just for drinking. We take a few steps and twist a tap or move a lever and never give it a thought as long as the water keeps flowing.
How lucky we are!
Hate the thought, but probably one day wars will be waged over water.
Keith Britton
2016-04-08 13:40:48
I have been out of the loop on this project for a long time, I think the mails have been going into my junk box for some reason. How can I tell if my photo is included in the book? thanks. :)
2016-04-08 18:19:41
The photos which are in the book are shown here:
dea regrads
2016-04-05 08:41:01
Hi All,

the second and hopefully last test copy of the OMOE 2015 book went to the publishing house. We had to put some photos together on the pages to be able to reach a better weight of the book (for reducing the postal costs).
This copy should be there this weekend. If it is okay we'll make a big order.
Meanwhile, you can (pre)order your copy now at:
It will take 4 weeks before the book reaches you if you order today (in some countries it of course takes longer).

thank you all for joining!

dear regards

Osvaldo Mirante
2016-04-05 09:12:53
Hi Gido,

First of all I wanted to share with you my feeling. I am so happy to be part of this book. I will definitely order it and look at these photos with an immense pleasure as it will recall me a very good memory.

Thank you for the information and wish you a nice day,

Kind regards,

Alfredo Aleandri
2016-04-05 09:45:59
Great news Gido!
I will order the book, is it A4 or A5? How many pages?


2016-04-05 13:11:45
It is a4 Hardcovered with 170Grams thick paper, 100 pages in total, if all is right 800grams which gives us good postal costs.

Btw the charity we would like to support again would be the Oliviero's waterpump organisation. He will leave to Bangladesh in August to build more waterpumps and we would like to support him again.
I hope that is fine with you again.
For there are several people from Bangladesh who joined the book it would be great if some of them could check Oliviero out and see how things are going when he is in bangladesh :-)

Christophe Page
2016-04-05 14:24:52
Hi Gido,

Great news ! Well done !

When is the deadline to preorder, so it can be in the "big order" ?

paulo abrantes
2016-04-05 15:28:44
I placed my order just now
one question: I did not see any "field" to wrot my postal adress for you to send the package...
Is there a place for that?
thanks and congrats for the amazing job you all are doing in Kujaja
Alfredo Aleandri
2016-04-05 16:35:49
I wrote the address into the paypal submit form, hope this help...
2016-04-05 18:14:34
@Christopher, we got a donation to be able to print right away, but of course any preorder is good to see how many books we are able to sell.
@Paulo & Alfredo, we take the address paypal provids when you order. Paypal does this anyway. If this address is not up to date pls write to

It took way too long to finish this book, again sorry for that!

dear regards
paulo abrantes
2016-04-05 18:48:22
No need for any sorry :)
Congrats for the very well done job, my friend.
Let´s keep this community forward :)
John Harper
2016-04-05 20:58:45
Order placed! Well done for all that hard work Gido, it can't be easy pulling everything together. OMOE 2105 was a fantastic project to be a part of, well done also goes to all those that participated in it.
* *
2016-04-23 16:10:37
Put my order in and thank you for your hard work on this project
2016-02-28 21:36:43
To give you an idea of "a smaller" book like some of you propose:
the above book is an a5 book. Which weights around 500 gram (we need to get under 1 kg to get the best postal conditions), OMOE with 125 grams paper weighs around 800 and with 170 grams paper 1040 gram....
Reducing size means also that the photos are smaller of course. Alternative is reducing pages. The test copy has 130 pages. A few photos I added to the book which were not selected in the first place, taking a few out again and putting around around 20 photos from 2 to 1 page (still an entire a4 page is left for each photo which looks small in indesign but is big if you see it of course) would get at the end to 100 pages that might hopefully get us at a weight of 850-880 gram plus packaging 150 grams perhaps will do it...
but if you all say you prefer a a5 book I don't need to reduce the pages... with an a5 book I am not sure if we should take the hardcover.... the above book feels great but is also harder to open cause of the hardcover... a soft core should read easier...
I bought a very nice street photography book/magazin last week which also had this a5 with softcover and still feels good and is easier to read... ( )

have a great start in the new week!

2016-02-28 21:40:21
an a5 copy will of course also reduce the price OR raise the amount of donations... both would be best...
Christophe Page
2016-02-28 23:25:06
In my own opinion, it's best to have an a4 book with some pictures on one page than an a5 with every picture on 2 pages. If I'm not mistaken, a5 is half a4, so with the a4 book, most of the pictures will take advantage of the a4 format, and only a few will be at the half, which is a5, format. So for the pictures I think It will be better, or at the very least not worse, in a4 ; and for the general look (and feel), the a4 book will be classier than a5.
Gilles Royer
2016-02-29 09:31:27
Hi Gido
First of all, congratulations for all the great work you've been doing. I can only imagine the logistics nightmare of putting the book together.
Re format - I'd stick to the A4 format, but with only one page per photo, and heavier paper
Re cover - I don't mind the minimalist approach, even though I'd add the year of the project. I also like Batsceba's suggestion in another thread re places (or maybe photographers' name) making up the Earth, or spelling out OMOE??
2016-02-28 12:52:53

Hi all,
Yes here it finally is! click:

This is a test copy of OMOE 2015 and it looks great but ... yeah the but... but it is a little tiny little bit too heavy. I printed the book on 170 Grams Paper which is really really great and also on 135 grams paper which we had last year and I really must say we should go for the more heavies paper and less pages. I was too generous with the idea to give almost everybody 2 pages and will have to put 1 photo on one page with your texts instead of 2 pages. The price difference in postal cost is 7 (for the lighter book) euros world wide or 17 Euros world wide. Or I'll make another test copy in a slightly smaller format (17x24 instead of a4) to gain the weight difference.
The test copy of the "from above" book has also arrived. I'll show it later, it looks great but we want to exchange and add some photos to make it even better. The above book is printed also on 170 grams paper but in a5 format and has more pages but weighs of course only half...

What do you think about size and the weight problems?

The cover has no photo on it. For we used to do the earth I found this getting a bit too much and the dark cover from last year gave a bit of a dark spacy mood which doesn't really reflect the bright and happy photos in the book. Also there is of course less a line of photos in the book except that for most photos are landscape kind of photos but not all, I tried an empty clean cover which gives it a bit more classy and clean look.
* *
2016-02-28 13:33:05
The book looks great with just a white cover, I'd say keep the postage cost down but print on the heavier paper. But as my image is in portrait format I guess I only had one page anyway :-)
David Trotter
2016-02-28 14:12:22
I think the cover is simple and classic, bringing the size down makes sense to me, as it keeps the thicker paper, good luck which ever way you go Gido.
paulo abrantes
2016-02-28 16:38:29
I really like the "clean" aesthetics look of the cover :)
Denet Maxime
2016-02-28 20:34:38
The cover is simple and it pick your curiosity. A book smaller is the good way i think.
Kirsten Grawinkel
2016-02-28 22:35:10
Looks really good! Love that simple elegance.
2016-02-18 23:43:51
Just want you to know, 2 test copies of the OMOE book will arrive tomorrow or on Saturday.
These are just copies to find out the weight and the look and feel of the book. The texts were not corrected in those prints and are now. As soon as the copies arrive I'll make a small video as useual and will make a page so you can preorder the book. Depending on the preorders we make an order (like always) at the printing house.
This OMOE book will look different then all others, the cover is white and only has text on it. Also almost each photo printed got 2 pages so the photographers text is on the same page too.

I am totally curious already!
dear regards


Batsceba Hardy
2016-02-18 23:57:49
wow! thanks Gido for all your work! gret news *
rekha nag
2016-02-28 13:24:09
Great job Gido! Just now saw the results and I am there, Soooo happy! Thank you for all the hard work . Cheers!! :)
David Trotter
2016-02-28 14:11:08
I think the cover is simple and classic, bringing the size down makes sense to me, as it keeps the thicker paper, good luck which ever way you go Gido.
2016-02-08 01:16:22
Sorry for having started so late with this book. As you might have known it wasn't easy to get things going while we were doing this book and there were so many things in between and still are.
When we make a book one needs a kind of passion to do the book, for it takes a lot of time and concentration. Especially with OMOE ... like finding the photos in a line all over the world, emailing people who didnt write a text yet or ask for high resolution photos ... all things which aren't nice to do and one really needs to focus on the result. I didn't have this passion the past months to do the book. But the WSP 3 book is already starting now very soon and I had to kick myself to get started... and I did in the moment Mark asked how the progress is doing.
For we all don't do this on the job but all in free time and having a family it is all not very easy to find the time or the energy late in the nights to do the book... Make a decisions isn't my best quality and I have been struggling with the idea of doing the book like we used to do (a few photos and then the texts) or to do each photo on 2 pages with your texts along with it. Knowing that some photos are shot in portrait format and most aren't the idea of having 2 pages for one person is a page with too much white if the photo is shot in portrait.

...BUT the decision has been made now and I did 80% of the book now. After I set all photos, I'll make a test copy and ask the team to correct the texts you wrote. At the time the test print is done we can start the pre ordering. If all goes right, I'll finish tomorrow night, so if we are lucky we can do the real print in around 2 weeks.

For the costs of the prints went down a lot I will also try to make a test print of the above book. :-) also this book is already done but here I choose a totally different format which might not work out as idea...

Dear regards and have a great week!


Francisco Marty
2016-02-08 14:31:22
Great news, Gido!
Thank you for all your work on the OMOE 2015 project and all you do at Kujaja!!!
Osvaldo Mirante
2016-02-08 14:35:40
Thanks a lot dear Gido for all your work and the great news.

have a great week as well

Alfredo Aleandri
2016-02-08 17:15:53
Thank you Gido,
I really appreciate all the effort you put through to make it happen...
Mark Chamberlain
2016-01-17 00:31:41
How's the book progressing all?
2016-01-17 01:11:11
It is slow this time.. sorry for that... but funny you write at this moment while working on the book :-)
Mark Chamberlain
2016-01-17 22:01:24
Thank you for letting me know... Do I understand correctly that I have an image selected for inclusion?
Francisco Marty
2015-10-25 20:52:51
Thanks to all again for all the photos posted. We are still getting some in!

Please take a moment to view and comment on everyone's photos if you have not a chance to do so yet.

We are starting to think about ideas for the book cover. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

Thanks so much!

Francisco Marty
2015-10-22 02:18:53
Hello all!

We will be closing submissions for the One Minute on Earth 2015 next Wednesday, October 28th at 10:10 UK time. This should give any people who has not been able to process and post their images time to do so. Please let us know if you need more time.

Please also take a chance to go over all the entries at least once more later this week so you can opine and vote. Feel free to pass the link to these pages to your friends and post on social media. Also let us know of any potential sponsors for the book and project.

Take care!

Francisco Marty
2015-10-17 21:04:06
Dear friends!

It's been a week since the One Minute and it is so great to see the awesome photos and the great (and sometimes hilarious) stories regarding your adventures getting the photos in many parts of the world!

a. Please take some time to go over all the photos posted and make sure you comment and vote for those you like.

b. Please take the time to edit and upload your photo(s) if you have not done that yet.

c. Please contact Gido at if you have any ideas or specific contacts that may want to sponsor the project.

d. Please share the link to the photos with many people by email or social media!

Have a great weekend and thanks so much again for being part of One Minute on Earth 2015!!!


Araai Ruka
2015-10-15 22:43:26
I have got an e-mail, saying about the picture that I have uploaded in the OMOE, 2015 book. Can some one please tell me what does that mean?

"Congratulations! your photo "Gospel Truth" has been accepted to "The Gallery"!"

What is all about "The Gallery"?
2015-10-15 22:44:34
just check Araai
Araai Ruka
2015-10-15 22:59:29
thanks..I will
Araai Ruka
2015-10-15 23:01:53
ooohhhh my, seriously..that such an honor for me...thank you so much kujaja team..:)
Francisco Marty
2015-10-15 14:19:57
Dear friends,

I am very excited to announce our first sponsor for this year's One Minute on Earth project: La Praline Chocolatier!

Their support will help with the design and printing costs of the project's book and in turn help us direct more money to the charity we will be funding for the relief efforts of the children and families displaced by the current wars. Congratulations to everyone!

a. Feel free you check La Praline Chocolatier Panama, which I had the chance to visit in August, and thank them for their support!(;;

b. We are still looking for more sponsors! Please share the project with friends and acquaintances who may be interested in supporting the project. In last year's project we were able get $9,000 in sponsorships. That in turn helped us to send money to the orphanage in Sough Africa even before the book was ready. in addition, the support helped print a high quality book and sell the project book for a lower price and sell close to 200 copies of the book. In total we were able to send close to $10,000 to really help the orphanage in South Africa! I think we can do even better this year!

c. Gido and I are very thankful for your participation in this year's project and for the awesome shots you have been posting.

Thanks to all!


Francisco Marty
2015-10-15 14:31:44
- Here are the links again to La Praline Chocolatier (the semicolons were integrated into the addresses): ; ;

- Please let us know if you have identified a specific charity to direct this year's project efforts to.

Thanks again!

2015-10-15 17:41:37
So awesome!!!! :-)))
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2015-10-15 19:38:48
This is great!
Robert E Smith
2015-10-15 21:47:47
Wonderful! keep up the great work!!
Ivan Cesar Gevaerd
2015-10-15 22:23:17
Fantastic news, Francisco! Gongrats once more!
Araai Ruka
2015-10-15 23:03:07
great news :D
Aaron Lassman
2015-10-12 15:43:39
I haven't seen a hashtag for this. Am i missing it? #OMOE2015 ????
Francisco Marty
2015-10-12 15:55:54
Good idea, Aaron!
I have been using it, but may be better if we use it consistently through all the photos.
Aaron Lassman
2015-10-12 16:01:06
Well... I'll get it rolling then! Look for it on Twitter and Flickr in about ONE MINUTE.... (see what i did there? :) )
Osvaldo Mirante
2015-10-11 19:56:36
Hello all,

I did the photos between 11h10 to 11h11 here in Switzerland Zürich, but the problem is that the time in my camera was not settled correctly with two hours and few minutes of delay.

is it still possible to upload the photos?

I really apologize and believe me I was outside with my bro and my half to shot this famous pictures from this one minute on earth but then I just look at my SD card and the timing is completely wrong... :(

Wish you all a nice upcoming new week :)

Paul Hull
2015-10-11 20:11:56
I suppose it is up to Gido to decide?

I have also seen postings that do not include the sky, which I thought had to be in the shot?
John Harper
2015-10-11 20:28:10
So did I Paul, I may have chosen totally different subject matter. Anyhow, its the fact that everyone joined in that is important and the rule could be bent slightly I'm sure ;-)
Paul Hull
2015-10-11 20:42:37
The sky and weather definitely affected my choice of shot and I too may have chosen something else if it wasn't a requirement of the project.

It's a hard call, just glad I don't have to make it.
Francisco Marty
2015-10-11 21:00:15
Dear Osvaldo and all,
Yes, please upload the photos!
We take your word about the time you took the photos. Thanks so much for joining! Just mention the time you took them!!
2015-10-11 21:12:57
the first years we used to have a +/-5 minutes error quote allowance. My camera time was 11:12 but as you can see I shot the church and there is a clock there saying it is 11:10, I watched that clock, I changed my exif time for that. There are always some clocks ticking a bit differently.
but if there are really 2 hours difference? that would mean you shot at 13:10? or was that just your camera?

yes we asked to see some sky in the photo, shooting inside a building isn't showing the earth's light as it is in the moment, but just upload your photo. Let's see and think/talk about it when all uploaded their photo.
Paul Hull
2015-10-11 21:46:45
Okay. I don't want to rock the boat and I agree to a certain extent with what John says about being flexible but the more I think about it the more I feel that the sky should be in the shot.

Was it not the case that viewers should be able to easily determine whether the shot was taken during the day or night just by looking at the sky in the shot?

Also, when I read the lengths that some people went to, to get that shot with the sky included it just seems unfair to them.

I also thought that it challenged us as photographers to shoot against the elements of Mother Nature.

I'll go along with whatever decision you make but this is my thoughts on the matter.
Osvaldo Mirante
2015-10-11 22:47:31
Thanks a lot ! No just the camera ... the time was not settled in the camera but while i did the shots i had my watch and was looking intensively at it.

We see the sky :)

Bonne nuit all :*
Bailey Cooper
2015-10-13 09:54:13
I have to go with Paul on this one. The sky is the essence of the project... because the project is all about global time. Time, this sky, defines it. I also agree with his comment about the challenge that was set before us. For many, the skies did not cooperate, so they thought outside the box staying within it.
Batsceba Hardy
2015-10-13 10:24:52
I agree, the sky is the essence of this project.
I was in Milan and not in Berlin, the city in which I am used to take pictures. I looked for something special where the sky was still a protagonist. I think it was the biggest challenge: a photo with the sky of Milan ... ;)
Anne M. Erdogan
2015-10-11 19:45:31
I've uploaded two photos for OMOE, but only one shows the informations about it, (camera, lense, etc... and TIME!!). There's no indication under my colored version. Dos this is an error from me? If so, what can I do to correct this?
THank you for your answer!
Francisco Marty
2015-10-11 21:00:59
I think you can edit the information by clicking on the edit button just below your photo.
Adelbert Ellingsgaard
2015-10-11 15:48:20
Hi. Yesterday I uploaded two pictures for the OMOE 2015 project, but they do not appear anywhere. However when I look into the organizer I can see that I have two images in ONE-MINUTE-ON-EARTH-2015 and the text: Your image will appear soon. Am I doing something wrong?
2015-10-11 16:02:42
Hi Adelbert,
it looks like your image didn't make the upload properly.
The message "your image will appear soon" means actually error uploading...
can you try to reupload it again? thanks!
Riccarelli Alessandro
2015-10-11 17:24:47
Did the same to my account. I had to delete the icon saying "your image will appear soon", then upload my file and then it worked. Try this option if the error persists.
Anita Palcheska
2015-10-11 01:27:30
Well ,I'm so glad that most of you guys did it 😊. I was traveling from Macedonia to Croatia on a VEEEERY havy rain all day without stopping... yet some 'wet' photos came out, you might like 😉... will be able to post them by the end of the week when I come to computer 😉... it's been so nice to be part of this OMOE euphoria 😊.
Francisco Marty
2015-10-11 21:01:56
Wonderful Anita, this is part of the challenge and fun of the OMOE project. Look forward to seeing your photos posted!
Bailey Cooper
2015-10-10 22:18:27
So... of course I shot Chicago. Got on the road Friday at 10:00 am. Drove 8 hours. Ate shitty food along the way. Crashed for 6 hours at a Hampton about 45 min outside the city. It was totally overcast the entire trip, then we pulled into the hotel, the wind started whipping up, feeling vaguely familiar (brrrrr), but the sky was crystal clear and filled with stars. Up at 2 am. Tear ass down the Dan Ryan. Find a parking place 1 block from Millennium Park, walk over, set up, and was, at that instant, accosted by a Park Ranger on a Segue. The scene was straight out of National Lampoon's Vacation... the Walley World part. The park was officially closed, so we made nice with the Ranger. He did make me explain repeatedly what I was doing and why I was doing it and then wanted to know if I would be making any money from the shots because, in his words, "This is copywrote you know"! We had arrived at 3:30 (for the 4:10 shot) so I could find the best angle. In the end, he gave us 5 minutes, period, and we had to wait out on the Michigan Ave. sidewalk until 4:05 am before we were allowed back in. And here's the REALLY funny part. Tom needed to use the bathroom... of the #2 sort, lol. He had no choice (we've all been there, yes) and had to find the most discrete bush in the nearby vicinity. He was hidden by the bushes, but a rat did run out, LOL. I would have done the same thing had I been the rat :-)) Snaps to follow...
Francisco Marty
2015-10-10 22:33:13
LOL! Make sure to write this on the narrative of the ohoto when you post it!
So glad you made it!!
2015-10-10 21:56:31
Thank you all for joining OMOE 2015, congrats to you all, and special thanks to all people having to wake up in the middle of the night!!!!!!!

looking at the photos it is again a totally different view of earth as the last 2 OMOE's which is really great to see :-))
Francisco mentioned 50 photos were already uploaded that's cool. I guess we will have some less photos as last year, but that's fine with me for then we perhaps don't even need to take photos out, we'll see the end result in a week or 2.
Alfredo mentioned it was exciting, yeah I think so too. Knowing other people are shooting at the same moment is special.

Photography has of course a lot to do with time, you freeze the time and make something out of a moment.
For around 2 weeks ago Patrick Janssens and Bernd Drawe wrote me about an idea they have which I think is a great idea and we will try to realize with you all. This idea though is about shooting for 1 year, shooting 1 year about what is happening, events, happenings. Here is a list of examples Bern mentioned which reflect the theme.

1. Patrick Janssens - Tour de France madness - sportive event -
2. DUBA DP - One sun for all - disability (social issue) -
3. Thomas Öhner - Wellcome (refugees welcome) - social issue + world politics -
4. Paul Hull - Not for profit organization - poverty social issue -
5. Bernd Drewe - Seniors - Age (social issue) -
6. Jamal Ouguim - With Palestine - World politics -
7. Darko Eterovic - Never again - Sebrenica - war(politics) remembrance event -
8. Ahmad Alia - Forced entry - event -
9. Daniel Amoral - Boy waiting president of Brasil - event -
10 Brian Sanders - Point of view -

I hope you will all participate in this project too. If it works out we will have a thick kujaja dairy of 2016.
For we want to shoot 1 year we will start at the first of January 2016 and end at the 31th of 2016. It would be great if you would already register for this project so we know how many of you will participate and also like this idea:

Have a great weekend!

And thanks again !!!!


Rafa Lorenzo
2015-10-11 13:40:17
great idea! Count on me!
Bailey Cooper
2015-10-14 07:22:57
Am also interested. Green energy is a hot political topic what with the coming elections. I am in the heart of coal country and would love to contribute to how politics is changing the lives of these generations old coal workers.
Charlotte van Stuijvenberg
2015-10-16 16:10:31
I would like to be part with the theme "the 5 elements (water, air, fire, earth and ether).
Araai Ruka
2015-10-10 21:39:06
Trust me, any strategy or any kinda plan does not work in day light shot, only if you want to shot by depending on nature.

I had some frames/ layouts for the place I went to. But unluckily the time here it was 3:10pm at noon and it's end of the summer here now. On top that its been more than a month, a burning sun ruling on our head. Same goes for today and it was a shiny sunny day with a race of playful clouds. As a result I could not fix what I wanted.

But of course will upload what I have got, to show you how it was on the time here in our country, Bangladesh. Proud to be part this project as like before.
Araai Ruka
2015-10-10 21:39:06
Trust me, any strategy or any kinda plan does not work in day light shot, only if you want to shot by depending on nature.

I had some frames/ layouts for the place I went to. But unluckily the time here it was 3:10pm at noon and it's end of the summer here now. On top that its been more than a month, a burning sun ruling on our head. Same goes for today and it was a shiny sunny day with a race of playful clouds. As a result I could not fix what I wanted.

But of course will upload what I have got, to show you how it was on the time here in our country, Bangladesh. Proud to be part this project as like before.
Eduardo Latorre Guindeo
2015-10-10 21:33:15
Done, a beautiful morning thinking about the end result and the best thing was to know we were together many partners in the land for the same purpose. I thank you from the heart.
Alfredo Aleandri
2015-10-10 21:17:01
We had a rainy day here in Italy (Pisa).
I tried to take an original picture of one of the most photographed place in the world but I'm not sure about the result.
Anyway, It was really exciting, cheers to everyone who participated!
Francisco Marty
2015-10-10 20:16:32
Hello everyone!

So cool too see over 50 photos already uploaded just 12 hours after the One Minute!
Take your time to adjust/edit your photo and to tell all about any cool or unexpected things that happened during your outing for the project!
Come back a couple of times a day for the next few days to view and enjoy everyone's photos!
Thank you so so much for taking part on One Minute on Earth 2015!
Remember that people who took photos on the One Minute can register and upload the photos even after the event.

Take care,

John Harper
2015-10-10 19:53:34
What time was it again? Ok, just kidding...all done, not great, but I'll upload. We had very flat light in my part of the UK. Well done to everyone!
Riccarelli Alessandro
2015-10-10 17:28:05
I've done my bit to contribute!
Patrick Morgan
2015-10-10 16:57:03
Mine's up (and so was I at 4:10 in the morning!!!) it's Minneapolis at 4:10
Sara Biljana Gaon
2015-10-10 16:18:31
Done ! From the top floor of my buildilg ! Life looks ideal from the above...
Norbert Stojke
2015-10-10 16:11:28
Done , my favourite one was taken at 11:11:00 , I hope this is valid 😄. A great idea for a great moment. I am glad to join , the one minute community , looking forward for many good shots , greetings Norbert from Germany !
Christophe Page
2015-10-10 14:40:13
Done. I decided to go downtown to the flea market, and my wife came along, which is wonderful from her : she's not even registered on the website, but she wanted nonetheless to be a part of the OMOE 2015 with me, and was willing to get up "early" (for a saturday) with me to do that. I'm really admirative of her for that ! So we went downtown, weather was really bad for photography, strongly overcast, but we've had a great time doing the job. Now we need to process the digital images, and send the film to the lab for the analog ones, and then upload ! I wil surely upload her picture(s) from my own account too (with her name of course), hope everyone will be ok with that fact. :-)
Lin Zee
2015-10-10 14:17:44
Left home by car at around 5pm to get to my parking location at around 5:30pm. Caught the train from there to get to the shoot location at around 6:20pm. Composed the scene and then took off to do some sunset photos at another location some 5 minutes away. Returned at 7:30pm to set up and took some test shots. Timed about 10 shots to the second. Set my alarm at 8:09pm a minute before the OMOE time. I ended up hitting the remote shutter button a second earlier than planned. Talk about premature shutter release haha. All for a good cause and so very happy to do this.
* *
2015-10-10 15:53:22
Haha, you need to see your doctor about that!
Kevin Haggith
2015-10-10 16:02:22
LOL ^^
Mark Chamberlain
2015-10-10 14:00:47
All done... not what I went out to get as the weather didn't play ball, but Mother Nature presented me with a gem... not sure Ive done it justice but enjoy anyway



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