Terms of condition

By agreeing to the terms of the www.kujaja.com website (reffered as this website) you agree to the following points:

Description of this service

We are here to gether to make photobooks, do online photo events, photo competitions, share our photos, write blogs and photo aritcles, be nice to each other, critique eachother without hurting eachother.
There will be a lot more coming and the website will change from time to time.


Kujaja and this website is a copyrighted trademark, if you want to use logos or anything from this website just tell us, it mostly wont be a problem as long as you use it for promotional perposes.

Uploading photos

If you upload photos make sure:
  1. it is yours and made by you, do not upload photos from others.
  2. it is in you posession, do not upload a photo where you gave away the copyrights to someone or some other company.
  3. it is no promotion for any political party or anything commercial.
  4. it does not contain pornographic content. You may upload nude photos but only if you mark it with it with the nude option while uploading.
  5. it doesnt offend anybody personally
  6. Choose the right size which is shown on this website. You cannot make us responsible if you choose the wrong size (at the moment you can only choose the right size once)
We keep the right to delete any photo without having to mention any reason.

Exclusive uploads

If you upload photos to the exlusive selection make sure:
  1. That the photo uploaded is never been uploaded before
  2. Your photo may not accoure anywhere else, only a thumbnail in nutrual social media comminuties may appear.
  3. You need to choised "exclusive" while uploading or editing your photo
  4. You photo will lose the exclusive status if it is found somewhere else in the internet (uploaded by yourself).

Deleting your account

If you dont want to be part of this community, just delete all your photos from your organizer and write a mail to support@kujaja.com and we will delete your account and the photos you uploaded. But if you joined a photobook, or a photobook project, and got published or at the moment being published we can NOT delete your account anymore. Being in a photobook is a life's comitment.

Photos getting stolen or anything else what happens

We are using the best technics there are at the moment to prevent people from stealing your photos. Still we cannot garantee a 100% theft garantie. Also there presumably will be bugs in this website (please tell us if you see a bug and try to explain what you did do to get the error). Also if people write really bad things you cannot make us responsible for this (Just tell us and we remove the comments texts or uploaded photos). We will always do our best to make things best for all of us. By agreeing to these terms you are aware of this and cannot make this website responsible in any way.


If you want to join a photobook (project, or comeptition mention here as photobook) make sure:
  1. you read the terms to each photobook and agree with them
  2. The terms in each project are different can also chance while the uploading periode is taken place
  3. help us vote the "best of 3" from each photographer
  4. upload a highest highres photo you have. The highres photo wont be shown in the internet and are hidden in the system.
  5. Even if you got the most votes this doesnt mean your photo is in the photobook. The final choose will always be done by us.
  6. You cannot sue us if your photo is not in the photobook
  7. Make a zillion times sure that the uploaded photo is yours, if it is not and we need to remake the book or even have to pay the real photographer we will make you responsible for this and will take legal actions.
  8. We need your full address to make sure that if any legal actions are beeing taken to this website we know who uploaded the photo

Rights to your photos

We do not own your photos, but if you upload them they will be showed on this website in the size you choose them to be showed in.
If your photo is shwon in the wrong size, pls tell us so we can change it but you cannot make us responsible for it. We will only use your photo in the way you agreed to it. Photos uploaded for photobooks, events, competitions or blogs may be used from us in a low resolution (up to 1024px width) to make commercials for the photobook or this website. There is an option while oploading on each photo to say if we may or may not use your photo. If you don't like us to use it for any commercial perpose we wont use it.

Changes to the terms

We can change the terms at any time we want to. We will notify you about any changes by email.


With agreeing to these terms you accept to recieve our newsletter with the latest news and information. All other notifications can be turned off in your settings.
Last updated on October 06, 2013



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