Striped Thought

by: Gianluca Ferrara
made for the competition Street photography (2017/ 2018) - 3


我々 は慈善団体のための写真のプロジェクトを実現するために創造的な力に参加したカメラマンの成長グループです。



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Newsletter 2017-07-23 | Jonathan Higbee's Juxtaposition competition

We are totally proud to announce to you that our 4th World Street Photography Photo book is out now and can be ordered at World Street Photography. The book contains 222 inspiring street photos from 160 photographers from 36 countries. The intro of the book is written by
Michael Ernest Sweet and is a must read! The cover of the book is made by Ed Robertson and the back is made by Michał Orliński
Within the 4th World Street Photography book there is also a selection of the projects “The porch” and “Public Transportation”, both great projects which had been going for years and now found a place in the book. - Jonathan Higbee's Juxtaposition competition