The 4th World Street Photography book is out now!

We are totally proud to announce to you that our 4th World Street Photography Photo book is out now and can be ordered at World Street Photography. The book contains 222 inspiring street photos from 160 photographers from 36 countries. The intro of the book is written by Michael Ernest Sweet and is a must read! The cover of the book is made by Ed Robertson and the back is made by Michał Orliński
Within the 4th World Street Photography book there is also a selection of the projects “The porch” and “Public Transportation”, both great projects which had been going for years and now found a place in the book.

Click here to get the book if you are a member of WSP or Kujaja

Here your friends and none members of WSP or Kujaja can get the book


If you preordered the book, all books are being packed at the moment and all books will be send away to you this week. Depending on where you are it can take up to 3 weeks before you have the book in your hands. If you can't afford the book and are selected for the book please contact us at


With last year's photo book WSP3 we were able to make a profit of 1750.75 Euros! This money goes directly to the German Ashalayam organization who support street children by giving them shelter, food, education and love.



WSP4 Exhibition

The WSP4 exhibition opened at the 22th July at 19:00 and was a great success. Jan Mueller-Wiefel one of the two owners of the Gudberg Nerger Gallery had the brilliant idea to print all photos on gigantic wallpapers. The result is awesome!
All the 222 Photos are exhibited and we will return to the gallery this week to make photos of all photos in gallery. You will be able to see them at the Kujaja Team Account here (click). Please follow the Kujaja Team account to get an email as soon as the photos are uploaded.

You can still visit the exhibition till the 23th of August.
Address: Poolstraße 8, 20355 Hamburg, Germany

During the exhibition, there were a few life streams made over Facebook, you can find them here: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4


Photos from the gallery opening

Jonathan Higbee's Juxtaposition competition

The new World Street Competitions have already been started and of course like any year we will try to do something differently. This year we asked the curators to choose their own theme for a competition. These competitions will run next to the normal WSP competitions. Jonathan Higbee will start this year 2 competitions and the first one will be: Juxta position.

Upload your best street photos that join two or more unrelated elements into one cohesive story. At least one of the elements must include people. Be clever, be creative, and ensure your juxtaposition has a purpose. Leave out the watermarks if possible and upload in HIGHRES, at least 3500px width.

The curator's choices will get a place into the WSP5 book!

Upload limitations
Please upload only 3 photos per month. Each month when the competition is running we will add 3 to the total amount of photos you may upload. So, if you didn't upload the first 3 months you may upload 9 photos. If more than 1000 photos are uploaded we will start a second competition and close the first one.

Click here to see the photos already uploaded and to join this competition