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The fifth World Street Photography photo book is out now and you can order it here

20.777 photos were uploaded into the street competitions, from photographers from 77 different countries to be able to make this years World Street Photography photobook. The book contains 212 great photos from 144 photographers from 35 countries. Congrats to all who joined this awesome project!

Like every year we have to pay for half of the production costs, which is a great deal. We did not yet received enough orders.

None members can order the WSP5 book here (click)

Members can order the WSP5 book in the wsp shop here (click)

Screenshot from Samuel Lintaro Hopf Video


World Street Photography Exhibition Video



Check out this totally awesome video of the WSP5 exhibtion opening made by Samuel Lintaro Hopf and Sofian Bello. The video containts also interviews with Daniele Zarri, Sam Rodgers, Luigi Lauria and Oliver-Parviz Engel. Also check out the Samuel Lintaro Hopf's Youtube Channel: Samuel L Streetlife here (Click)

You can still visiti the WSP5 exhibition till 30th of July. Address: Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Poolstraße 8, 20355 Hamburg. Monday till Friday from 10:00 - 18:00 and Saturdays from 12:00 till 18:00.


A few photos from the WSP5 exhibition opening will find here (click). In the next days all single photos will be shot and shown on the same page.



WSP 1-4 Exhibition


The WSP 1-4 exhibition was a great success. At the "Kraftwerk Bille" there were several Photography exhibitions so a lot of people came and enjoyed the varaity of super great street photography. The WSP 1-4 exhibition will return presumably in 2019. We are organizing a few street photography exhibitions within a building complex in the city of Hamburg. As soon as we know more we will inform you about this. You can see the selection of photos still online here (click). And here you find photos from the exhibition (click).



WSP 5 publications

Several websites publiced articles about the WSP 5 book and exhibition. Here are a few



Relaunche of W-S.P and Kujaja

We will relaunch World-Street.Photography and this year and for the new website we want to present not only a gallery photo and news on the starting page but also a photographer.

We would like you to tell us what street photography is for you, especially within your work.

There are so many definition of street photography which are all correct and everybody has an own opinion about their street photography. It would be great to read from each other what street photography means to you and how you reflect this into your work. It would also be great if you can explain what your work is about and where your focus is.
Along with the text you should upload your best (or use photos from your existing profile) street photos. For there is no extra field to write this you can use the description of your photo.
You can upload 15 photos which you think are your best photos and which represent your work best. If enough people join this project, we will select the photographers which have greatest street photos and also have a line within their work and like the gallery photos they will then appear on a regular basis on the front page. How regular will depend on the amount of people we want to present. From the 15 photos we will select the best for the start page.

There is no time limit to the photos you show, you can also upload photos or use photos from your profile which are made years ago but from which you think they define your street photography.

This is not like the normal competitions where there are 2 curator choices and 5 special mention, there will be several photographers selected. There is also not really an end date for this project, this will be a continues process or end if it is not successful.

Btw, we don’t know yet what we will do with WSP6, but if this works out and is interesting to read we might take x Photographers and present them in the book. But that is at the moment just a though.

Kujaja members who do landscapes or portrait etc there will be separate projects to present your self.

You can find the project here (click)