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We all live on the planet Earth in all different time zones and different parts of the world. If you read this it will be night in another part of the world or morning somewhere else. A Sunset and a sunrise is always there at any minute on earth.

In 2013 on the 6th of April at 13:00 CET+0 200 photographers all around the world clicked on the button of their camera all within the same minute on earth.
From all these amazing landscape photos and stories a photobook was made which was sold with a little profit.

100% of this profit was donated to the Ashalayam Deutschland organisation wich used this money to support a streetchildren center in Kalkota India. You can still buy this book at:
And we can continued to support the street children in 2014 by supporting an orphanage in Cape Town, rebuild their home and helped the children.

Are you ready for One Minute on Earth 2015? join this project (at the end of the bottom of this page) by checking the checkboy and clicking agree.

It will be another great moment for you and for all of us.

This year we will also add a new specialty to the project. More about this specialty will be announced very soon!

Check your timezone here (click on the image):

Are you ready for One Minute on Earth 2015?

One Minute on Earth (OMOE) was the most exhilarating and bonding project at in 2013. It was a crazy proposal that was made. Some took up the idea right away, others were recruited or dragged into it from fellow photographers. Everyone was to shoot outdoors synchronized into the same minute—a collaborative simultaneous worldwide panorama! People chose locations according to what we thought was best for the available light and potential weather forecasts. We had a practice session. We discussed what to do if things did not go as expected. Skill, planning, improvisation and some luck was all in the mix before and during the One Minute: 6th of April 2013, 1300 UTC+0.

Arizona 06:00:00

by: Pat Kofahl

The mood and commitment of all of us was probably best described by Pedro Jarque Krebs when he dissuaded a group of tourists in Toledo from not interrupting what was about to happen: “I was carefully looking at my watch and right at the last second, before it was time to shoot, some tourists came over asking me to take a photo of them! The infallible Murphy’s Law, I thought. I had to tell them I was very sorry, but I was in the middle of a worldwide project that required precise synchronization, but if they waited a few minutes I would be able to take their photos. They were a bit puzzled with my response and walked away...”

New york 8:00:59

By: Sonia Braga

Then the One Minute started taking visual shape as people started uploading their photos into the designated page! And with amazing images, some great stories spiced by last minute creative and photojournalistic decisions that we all enjoyed. We had bad luck in Japan and Korea where a strong storm system made it impossible for our friends there to get out. But earlier or lighter rain provided for awesome night effects in Australia and in the United States West Coast. The sun was setting in India and several friends there played with dusk and their cameras. We were particularly grateful to Pat Kofahl, who drove for a day to shoot the Hunts Mesa (Arizona) at sunrise and by Taylor Ashley, who despite being in the middle of a work-related fishing trip in the Bering Sea, kept his commitment to the project and woke up at three in the morning to shoot the dark sky and sea and his fishing boat, in a wonderful photo that closed the OMOE 2013 book!

Brasilia 10:00:00

by: Wave Faber

The book was published in July 2013 and it has enjoyed a stable popularity in Blurb where it was featured in their first “Free the Book” Newsletter: “Sometimes a photo book can be original just in its idea. Take “One Minute on Earth.” Each photo in this book was taken in the same minute. That’s right, 160 photographers all over the globe came together to create a snapshot of life in one moment. Complete with descriptions from the photographers of what they’re shooting and why, it’s an innovative way of looking at our planet.”

Duernstein 14:00:00

by: Rudolf Moerkl

Mumbai 19:00:00

by: Paresh Kini

We want to invite you to OMOE 2015 and to tell all your friends about it!

We are aiming this year for the 10th of October 2015, 09:10:10 CET+0 which is October 2015, 10:10:10 CET+1 UK time, for the One Minute.

As is the trademark of, the proceeds of the OMOE 2015 project will benefit a specific charity the participants will decide on.

This year we want to do it a little different, you do not have to shoot a landscape, it may also be any other outdoor shot, street, daily life
anything as long as the sky can be seen in the photo
and there has to be a text along your photo from at
least 3-4 sentences,Telling what you were doing, shooting and why.

Sydney 23:00:00

By: Ashley Sowter

We look forward to your participation into another successful, insightful and super fun OMOE project!

OMOE 2015 team:
Francisco Marty
Gido Carper

If you want to join the team, marketing is our biggest issue, tell about one minute on earth to all your photographer friends, go ask at other communities and get them all in.

Also we need a sponsor, if you want to be the sponsor or know a company who is intersted pleae mail us at:

any questions about this project you can put in the discussion or write an email to

We hope lots of people will join this project.

If you want to join you can join already so we will know where we all are on earth at the next minute on earth!


Curator of this competition:

End date: 2015-10-31
1. Theme is "one minute on earth"

2. The photo needs to be shot at an exact given time. The date will be Saturday the 10th of October 09:10:10 am UTC+0 which is 2015.10.10 10:10:10 am in the UK.

3. The photo can be a landscape but it can also be a situation, a street shot, a life photo as long as one can see the sky in a part of the photo.

4. try making at least 3 photos at this moment, all others will decide which is your best of 3 photos (maximum is 5). Photos with the highest votes will be looked at from the omoe team first before they look at other photos to get in the photo book. Commenting and voting does matter, we of course prefer to take the most popular photos in the book for they reflect a bigger opinion then ours, still it can be that a photo with a lot of photos doesn't get in the book. There will not be an explanation why.

5. the photos have to be big enough, take the highest DPI you can shoot with. It must be possible to print the photo a4/letter (8.27 x 11.69 inches) and even better would be a3 (11.69 x 16.54 inches). If its not big enough for the book it wont get in. Please upload at least 3000x2500 pixel with min 240dpi!!), more is only better!

6. if you join the project it is NOT a fact that your photo will be in the book. The Kujaja team will take the privilege to finally decide which photo comes in the book (for example if the photo really doesn't fit in it doesn't get in no matter how much votes you have).

7. all normal photography rules rule of course. If people are on the photo you need to have the permission of the people you shot that they appear in the book. I don't want any legal problem with the book.

8. if you upload a photo and drag it into the on minute earth you cant take the photo back, please think carefully if you really want to join.

9. one minute of earth is a non profit book, the profit of the book will be donated to 100%

11. if you join your photo might be in a book, you have to accept that. And some photos will be used to online in a small version to make commercial for the book and or this website. If your photo gets chosen and printed in the book you can not cancel your membership at, for we need to make sure all photos in the book will remain online too.

12. You need to go to your account settings and choose a timezone so we all know where you are.

13. there will be some more rules but I cant think of any important things at the moment any more.

14. NO LOGO in your photo. Your photo needs to be without logos. Your name and the title of the photo will always be published together.

15. it might happen that parts of your photo will be cut of if it doesn't fit into the book exactly. This will be done with care and with maintaining the perfect composition.

16. No borders around your photo.

hope you all join again!

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